Herringbone Vs. Chevron: Which Pattern is Best for Your Next Project?
Herringbone Vs. Chevron: Which Pattern is Best for Your Next Project?

Herringbone Vs. Chevron: Which Pattern is Best for Your Next Project?

Whenever you think of renovating any part of your home - the first and foremost concern may be the interior decor theme you would love to implement. Tiling your walls and flooring is an economical and long-lasting decor option.

Selecting the right kind of tile may be challenging - As you have a tremendous range of tile colors, materials, patterns, finishes, and styles. This article takes you through the most significant differences between herringbone and chevron tile patterns.


glossy glass mosaic tile


Image 1: Beige Metallic Classic .25X2 Herringbone - Glossy & Frosted - Glass Mosaic Tile - MTO0512


When you think of herringbone vs. chevron for home renovation, these tile patterns create a similar aesthetic appearance. These tile patterns have tiles inclined at a certain angle, look intricate, and are fabulous to restyle different surfaces.


However, some key differences make you think in-depth about the choice of tile pattern - chevron vs. herringbone - for your next home renovation project. Let's discuss the differences to understand which tile pattern is best for your next project:

Chevron and Herringbone Patterns: The Cut and Optical Effect Are Different

While differentiating Herringbone Vs. Chevron, the most critical difference is how tiles meet. 


Image 1 showcases a kitchen backsplash installation using herringbone pattern tiles. As you take a close look, you will realize that the tiles meet in 'one-above-the-other' kind of an arrangement.


Image 2 shows a kitchen backsplash installation using a chevron tile pattern. Here, you can see adjacent tiles meeting in a straight line. 

Both Patterns Create a Different Zigzag Design

You can say that a herringbone tile pattern creates a broken zigzag pattern. In contrast, a chevron tile pattern creates a continuous zigzag design pattern. 


The cuts on these two types of tiles are different. A chevron pattern tile is technically rectangular tile in shape, with its sides at the right angle or perpendicular. However, the tiles are in an elongated trapezoid shape in a chevron pattern. 


Chevron and herringbone tiles are thus not the same in their profiles. This is the main difference in these tiles, at first glance.

A Little Bit of History of Chevron Floor and Herringbone Floor

Both herringbone and chevron patterns were popular earlier for hardwood floors. Herringbone and chevron floors were widely used in European architecture for palaces and churches. The chevron-herringbone floor makes the flooring surface look well-arranged. 


Herringbone style has a history of over 3 centuries. As per interior design history experts, it is more ancient than the chevron floors. Herringbone floors and chevron floors beautify residential and commercial buildings due to their beauty and the rare aura they create throughout the space.


natural marble mosaic tile


Image 2: Gray White Blue Modern Chevron - Natural Thassos Marble Mosaic Tile - MTO0307

Herringbone Pattern Design Idea 1:

The first image shows beige metallic glass mosaics with a glossy finish. The tile's intricate shape and beautiful arrangement bring a beautiful shimmering effect to your kitchen backsplash. This tile is perfect for creating a classic style kitchen decor.

Chevron Pattern Design Idea 1:

The second image shows chevron pattern natural Thassos marble mosaic tiles in gray, white, and blue colors. The pyramid-like appearance and a beautiful arrangement of diamond and chevron tiles in elegant colors will add modernity and glamour to your backsplash and the entire kitchen.

Herringbone Pattern Vs. Chevron Pattern: The Tile Installation Perspective

Installing herringbone and chevron pattern tiles following the ideal technical procedure and using appropriate tools and materials is essential for better durability. The assembly and meeting of these two tile patterns have some differences.


matte glass mosaic tiles


Image 3: Beige Gray linen-look Classic 1X4 Herringbone - Matte Glass Mosaic Tile - MTO0516


Image 3 shows a kitchen backsplash installation using herringbone pattern mosaic tiles. Herringbone planks press against each other. That creates a better locking effect, retaining the tiles in place for a considerably long time.


While comparing herringbone with chevron, the meeting arrangement of tiles differs. The rectangular pieces create a beautiful look similar to a herring fish in a herringbone tile pattern. However, the tiles meet face-to-face in chevron patterns in straight lines.


Image 4 shows a chevron tiles installation. In this case, the tiles meet along a straight line. This chevron patterns arrangement creates a continuous zigzag pattern. However, they lack the locking effect as herringbone tiles. Still, the chevron pattern offers a beautiful aesthetic.


porcelain mosaic tiles


Image 4: Gray Textured  Modern 6x12 Chevron - Porcelain Mosaic Tile - MTOZ0085


Therefore, while installing chevron pattern tiles, it is recommendable to use a strong adhesive or a thin-set with appropriate viscosity.


Ensuring strong adherence of the tiles with the surface adds to the overall durability of the tile installation.


Hiring a professional tiling contractor is better to install both types of mosaic tiles, as the pros know the technicalities in the job well.

Herringbone Pattern Design Idea 2:

Image 3 shows a kitchen backsplash installation using spectacular linen-look tiles. These herringbone pattern tiles bring a classic style elegance to your kitchen. 

The herringbone pattern glass tiles in beige and gray hues go well with the neutral shades on the walls, countertops, and your countertops. Create a harmonious visual appeal by striking a balance between the colors you choose for these elements.

Chevron Pattern Design Idea 2:

Image 4 shows a chevron tile installation mimicking wood flooring in historical buildings. Earlier, architects used a similar kind of pattern for wood flooring. However, these tiles are suitable for many other applications - like bathroom tiling, shower walls, accent walls, and kitchen backsplash.

Your Decor Aspirations and Personal Preference Matter

Your home decor reflects your taste and sense of style. Honestly, choosing between herringbone and chevron tile patterns depends upon your personal preference. Practically, these tile patterns bring various stylish decor aspirations. 


You can try them for herringbone floors, chevron accent walls, herringbone shower walls, and much more. These two patterns make almost any space feel elegant as you create a unique style statement.


handcut glass mosaic tiles


Burnt Orange Modern Staggered Herringbone - Handcut Glass Mosaic Tile - MTOT0007


Explore and experiment with the appearance of the room's entire layout, not just the wall or floor you are tiling. While comparing herringbone vs. chevron, creating a harmonious aesthetic appeal across the whole room is crucial. 


Now, how can you achieve that? - To put it simply, think about the color and finish of the tile, along with the hues on the other aesthetic elements. Matching or contrasting hues on walls, furnishing, carpets, and decorative objects can be the best way to strike harmony.

The Takeaway

The article compiles vital differences in various perspectives for herringbone vs. chevron tile patterns. Along with that, we have covered some fantastic tile design ideas implementing these tile patterns. We hope that the critical aspects of these tile patterns discussed here will help you make a well-informed buying decision.


Browse our exclusive collections of herringbone and chevron pattern mosaic tiles to delve deep and weave mesmerizing decor themes for various parts of your home. Pick suitable mosaic tile from these two patterns for your upcoming home renovation project. 

Ingest innovative tile design ideas in this article. The wide range of variety and the tile design ideas help you take the spirit of captivating elegance to new heights.


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