Five Unique Ideas for Bathroom Tiles
Five Unique Ideas for Bathroom Tiles

Five Unique Ideas for Bathroom Tiles

Selecting the catchiest bathroom tiles can enhance the feel and appeal of your bathroom, making it a place you would love to ‘visit’ every morning. Here are a few creative ways to experiment with bathroom tiles, to make your bathroom look additionally elegant:



Blend Patterns & Shapes Wisely

Combine shapes and patterns to generate a classy effect. Keeping subway tiles as a backdrop and creating an eye-catching accent wall using intricate patterns, with a vintage styling element boosts the appeal of your bathroom.

Try Vertical Placement for Smaller Bathrooms

If you want to make your smaller bathroom look larger, using a dark-colored mosaic tile, with intricate patterns for a vertical placement would change the overall look and personality of your bathroom. You can bring in a spa-like elegance using this bathroom tile idea.

Exquisite Use of Natural Stones

A glimpse of natural stone for the floor, walls, and other details in your bathroom adds an antique touch to your entire bathroom. Select the design complementing the desired hue, glamor, shades, and the overall visual impact. The natural stones add a timeless beauty. Being durable, these enticing additions last for a lifetime.

Get the ‘Woody’ Aura

As solid hardwood is unsuitable for humid and wet bathrooms, you can bring a twist in the story by choosing mosaic bathroom tiles that imitate the woody color patterns and grain. Adding the ‘woody aura’ makes your bathroom a special place to visit.

Create a Feature Wall Using Penny Tiles

Penny tiles help you create a dazzling and eye-catching feature wall. Choose the perfect color and pattern, either matching the other decor elements or contrasting with them. The feature wall or a partial coverage on any of the bathroom walls with penny tiles glams up your bathroom.


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