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Tile Installation Help: Do we have to start from scratch? (Part 2)

Tile Installation Help: Do we have to start from scratch? (Part 2)

Welcome to part 2 of our previous blog post on whether or not to reuse or tile over old flooring.

In part 1 we covered whether or not we should use reuse old underlayment along with it’s pros and cons. If you haven’t already read through it, we recommend start from here and coming back after!


So we’ve gone over the pros and cons of reusing old underlayment from previous installations. Now the question is - is it ok to just tile over old tile?


Tile over tile - A complicated endeavor

Tiling over existing flooring is a very tricky subject. Previous flooring is made up of a large number of different materials, with different characteristics, different surface treatments, and for different purposes. All of these factors can and will affect  every aspect of your new installation.


Will it bond properly? Will it crack? Will it be able to handle being used as the foundation for your new installation? Of course, this also means making sure your installation surface is leveled will be a little more difficult since it would be made of multiple tile pieces from the previous installation. The environment also could have a huge impact, for example, if you are tiling over old tile in your shower. Now there are 2 failure points to keep in mind when accounting for the long term effects of heat and moisture.


Choose Wisely

It’s safe to say that tiling over a previous installation generally is not a good idea but it is possible. Small areas like backsplashes or sections of feature walls would be ideal so long as the area is free from things like moisture or other elements and you are using proper setting materials according to their manufacturer specifications. Peel & Stick tile products would be great for these situations as well since they adhere directly to most surfaces they are applied to and are relatively thin and extremely lightweight compared to traditional tile.


On the other hand saving time and effort on demolition and removal of the previous installation does not outweigh the risks of installing over the old installation instead. Doing so could seriously compromise and ruin your new installation and result in a costly endeavor. You might also void any warranty provided by the manufacturer of your new tile or setting material used in your installation. So choose wisely - if you decide to tile over a previous installation we recommend getting the help of a professional or someone more experienced if you aren’t yourself.


Trust us, the extra effort will be all the more worth it when you can sit back and enjoy your job well done and be sure that it will last for years to come.


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