DIY Ideas for Your Spare Tiles
DIY Ideas for Your Spare Tiles

DIY Ideas for Your Spare Tiles

If you recently finished a renovation project involving tile, you may have some spare pieces taking up space. Extra tiles do not need to add to your home's clutter; they can become focal pieces and useful items, instead. You can use these unique pieces in your own home or give them as creative gifts. Here are some ideas to put those spare tiles and scraps to use.

In Your Dining Room

While you may not want tile on your dining room walls, it can still be used in other ways to add color and class to this space. The easiest way to add tile to your dining room is with tile coasters. Most coasters are 3.5 or 4 inches wide, so if your tiles are larger, a snap cutter or wet saw can cut them down to size. To finish your coaster, add a cork layer so they are stable on both wet and dry surfaces.
Your dining room can be even more unique with a tile tabletop. If you have an old table frame you want to revitalize, a fresh stain and tiled top can go a long way. With glass finished or other smooth tiles, you create a more colorful version of a glass-top table that no one else will have. Your table will be as easy to clean as the other tiled areas of your home.
If you are planning a dinner party, small tiles can be labeled with everyone's names as unique name placers. Experiment with different pens and paints to find the one that works best for your party theme. An easy-to-clean, non-porous tile can be reused in this way.

Mosaic Ideas

Extra tiles do not need to be used as single pieces. A quick drop on the floor and you have multiple tiles of unique and abstract shapes. These are perfect for mosaic projects and allow you to mix and match tiles from different areas of your home. When creating a mosaic, there are many color choices you can make. You could create a gradient of tiles from white to black, if you have different shades of gray. With bright colors, you can coordinate your mosaic to fit into the decor of wherever your finished piece will go. Here are some items and locations that work really well with mosaics.
• Window frames
• Garden paths
• Potted plants
• Bookshelf backing
• Around doorbells
• Bathroom backsplashes

Holders and Trays

Large pieces of tile can be cut to size for tea trays and cheese plates. Add some hardware for easy use and you have a unique conversation starter that can last a long time. Large subway tiles are a good size to start with and come in many colors and finishes. If you recently tiled your bathroom shower with sea-green glossy tiles, you may have one or two spares that fit into a beach-themed tea setting.

Smaller tiles can also be screwed into your wall to make coat hooks and other hangers. For exact shapes, you can use that snap cutter from before, or go for something more abstract with the mosaic "drop" technique. Smaller sized pieces are great for hanging keys and jewelry from. If you use leftover tiles from your kitchen as coat hangers in your entryway, you create nice flow and connection between these places.

Never Throw Out Spare Tiles Again

Mosaic Tile Outlet has everything you need for your floor, wall and outdoor tile needs. Any spare tiles or leftover pieces after cutting tiles to size can be used for a variety of DIY projects in your home. If you choose from our newest tiles, you can guarantee a look no one else on the block has.


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