Dare To Try Metallic??
Dare To Try Metallic??

Dare To Try Metallic??

If you’re looking for an iconic tile design in your home, find out why many designers are turning to metallic tiles, grout and other design features. Compare common designs, applications and benefits of this type of tile today. Explore great deals on floor tiles, wall tiles and tile accessories when you shop online.

Benefits of Metallic Tiles

There are many different materials and designs you can choose to incorporate metallic tile in your home. Stainless steel is a great option for bringing a clean, modern look to a home. Choose a unique metallic color to tailor your tile to match your existing interior design.

This material is surprisingly affordable and is far more durable than glass or other soft tile options. Metallic alternatives are resistant to heat, stains and moisture, so they’re a perfect option for kitchens or bathrooms.

Metallic tiles can be installed on your ceiling, walls or as trim pieces. Install a brilliant mosaic in your living room or add an accent line or wall to your bathroom for an updated look. Cutting and installing these tiles is similar to glass, stone or ceramic tiles, so they are compatible with DIY or professional installation projects.

Dynamic Material Options

Stainless steel is just the beginning. This affordable, sturdy material used to be the most common option for a metallic look. Now, however, there are many unique metal colors and finishes to bring together for a unique look:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Copper
  • Bronze
  • Brass

Compare more luxurious options with more unique or everyday designs. Gold is a look best used conservatively to bring out bold lines and shapes. Copper or brass can be used as trim details or as an entire wall or ceiling for a great fusion of modern and rustic elements.

Once you’ve selected the ideal tile option, consider the type of grout you need to complete a mosaic or to pull together your separate kitchen design elements. Metallic grout uses a pop of metallic brilliance and offers the same water protection in between your tiles.

Inspirational Design Ideas

Use a clean line of stainless steel tiles for an elegant kitchen backsplash. A copper tile wall in a bathroom makes a dramatic accent wall for a more rustic interior design. Just like other types of tiles, metallic tiles can be used in virtually any area of your home. Even metal ceiling tiles can be a great way to add light and visual interest to a room.

Metallic tiles work best as an accent wall or trim detail. Use this unique material for a backsplash, doorway or intricate pattern in softer, more natural tile designs. It’s easy to make a striking and memorable contrast between stone and metal tiles.

Factors to Consider

While metal is a durable and stain-resistant material, there are some factors to consider. First, be sure you choose an alonized metal in a wet area. Without this procedure, your tile surface may stain, rust or otherwise be compromised by high levels of moisture or direct contact with water.

Most metallic options use either a metal cap or a metal piece cover over a ceramic underlayer. This means you’ll need a tile saw to safely cut your material. A professional installation team will have all the tools you need, but for a DIY project you’ll need either a hand saw or motorized saw. Don’t attempt to use a tile scoring tool, as this can damage the metal finish.

Shop for Metallic Tiles Today

Few tile options offer the same vibrant coloring and unique visual touch. Shop for metallic tiles today to get started on a unique mosaic, backsplash or accent piece. Enjoy high-quality materials at Mosaic Tile Outlet to use in commercial or residential projects for a timeless look.


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