Custom Mosaic Tile Patterns To Personalize Your Space
Custom Mosaic Tile Patterns To Personalize Your Space

Custom Mosaic Tile Patterns To Personalize Your Space

Have you often lingered upon the thought of exhibiting your nifty and sophisticated style bursts but are quite not sure where to start? And you also may want to get rid of the monotonous designs or space decor ideas. Right? 


To make your home and the outdoor spaces a head-turner masterpiece, custom mosaic tiles are the go-to decor ‘props’!! To hit the core of your style choice, you can combine multiple mosaic tile patterns to have a unique accent and create your dream home space. Customizing patterns helps you avoid a ‘humdrum’ appearance across your backsplashes, featured walls, and even flooring.


Besides, mosaic tile patterns come with diverse materials, attractive colors, and shapes; it provides you the endless possibilities of blending the patterns with personalization to execute beautiful decor themes. As per your preferred choice, you can create an eye-catching mid-century Retro-Style living space, a fancy energetic kitchen with vibrant colors, or a lavish bathroom with relaxing tile hues that can be the showstopper.


This article takes you through some creative custom mosaic tile implementation ideas to beautify various parts of your home. Let’s find out how you can play with the mosaic tile patterns to add value to your home decor:

Gray White Modern Linear Glossy Tile

Customized Mosaic Design With the Penny and Linear Tiles
Gray White Contemporary Penny Round Bubbles - Glazed Ceramic Mosaic Tile - MTO0208
Gray White Modern Linear Glossy - Glass Metal Mosaic Tile - MTO0142

Custom Penny Tile Mosaic and Linear Tiles for Kitchen Backsplashes

You plan for an all-white kitchen and select white countertops and cabinets to have that relaxed, soothing visual appeal across your kitchen. Wait! That’s not all! How about combining custom penny tile mosaic with glass mosaic tiles in a linear pattern, in gray and white colors?


Refer to the image above to understand how penny tiles in gray and white will make the kitchen backsplash look to appease. To get an excellent visual appeal, combine penny tiles with linear glass mosaic tiles in similar colors.


Custom glass mosaic tiles in gray and white with a glossy finish  merge excellently with the linear pattern tiles and the other interiors of the kitchen in white and gray. That way, you can get contemporary and modern styles for your kitchen decor.

Add Sophistication to Your Kitchen with Custom Tile Patterns

Restyle the kitchen backsplash by stretching your creativity and combining custom glass mosaic tiles of different patterns. As shown in the image below, try combining and customizing:


  • Gray glass mosaic tiles with a metallic glossy finish at the center
  • Gray glass mosaic tiles in a subway pattern surrounding the hexagon tiles, and 
  • Separating them with molded linear glass mosaics in gray color


Custom tile design with a unique idea to combine patterns

Custom Tile Design With a Unique Idea to Combine Patterns
Gray Glossy Classic 2X6 Subway - Glass Mosaic Tile - MTO029


Installing different tile patterns of glass mosaic tiles in gray color and a metallic glossy finish will bring the sophisticated statement to the kitchen backsplash. The customized installation of mosaic designs makes your kitchen backsplash eye-catching and elegant.

Glorious First Impression Through Custom Mosaic Artwork

Installing an accent wall or feature wall in the living space combining a rectangular pattern in white with molding glass mosaics and beautiful metallic golden borders is a fabulous decor idea. As shown in the image below, you can strike harmony by arranging your furnishing and other decoratives in similar hues.

Molding Natural Glass Tile

Combine Subway and Pencil Patterns to Create a Subtle Final Design
Yellow Gold Metallic Modern 12X0.5 Liner - Molding Natural Glass Tile - MTO0351


The classic style decor with a mesmerizing accent on the wall brings the serenity all together. These abstract designs can display your personal style. Along with that, the eye-alluring color palette adds to the magic and magnificence of the overall aura.


Take inspiration from this amazing detail to add life to your living spaces. Decorate other parts of your home by creating a stunning and bold accent through custom mosaic artwork. Some mosaic tile patterns highlight the inspiration from the architecture of the Middle East, Spain, France, and the Mediterranean regions.


To have a clear picture of the quality and appearance of mosaic tiles, you can order samples first. If you like the tiles, complete the process of calculating tile quantity and then place your order.

Aquatic Themed Bathroom Backsplash with a Touch of Customization

Do you intend to create relaxing yet luxurious bathroom decor? Customizing mosaic tile patterns help you attain a refreshed visual impact for your bathrooms. Your grooming sessions will be more pleasant as you have aquatic theme decor for your backsplashes.


Customize bathroom backsplash for a beautiful look

Customize Bathroom Backsplash For a Beautiful Look 

Blue White Modern Linear Glossy - Glass Stone Mosaic Tile - MTO0309

Blue Modern 4X8 Subway - Glossy Glass Tile - MTO0310


The image above showcases the implementation of glass mosaics in blue color and a subway pattern along with stone mosaic tiles in blue and white in a linear pattern. The custom mosaic tile patterns help you redesign the wall behind your mirror in the bathroom.


By installing these tile patterns in blue and white, you bring the hues of the ocean, sky, and a peaceful aura to your bathrooms. The difference in finish and texture on these tiles enhances the attractiveness of your bathroom backsplash. Feel the gush of freshness as you enter the bathroom by having a lovely backsplash in blue and white.

Invigorated Appeal for Shower Wall & Floor

Milky white subway tiles in a matte finish, Carrara marble mosaics in a hexagon pattern, and gray-white hues add a classic style statement to your shower enclosure. As shown in the image below, install subway tiles in white for shower walls and Carrara marble hexagon tiles for the shower floor.


Art of customizing patterns to beautify shower wall

Art of Customizing Patterns to Beautify Shower Wall

 White Classic 3X10 Subway Matte - Ceramic Tile - MTO0346

 White Gray Modern 1X1 Hexagon - Carrara Marble Mosaic Tile - MTO0480


The twist in the story is the addition of a hexagon pattern within the traditional subway wall tiles. 


The rectangular opening in the wall may be used as a storage space to keep your bathroom essentials. The gray-white hues and an intricate hexagon pattern in that small space elevate the charm of your shower wall.

A Unique Style Tone with Arrow Pattern Floor Tile

Choosing a unique tile pattern for your flooring can change the appeal of the space. The image shows an installation using custom mosaic floor tiles. 


The arrow pattern tile in a hexagonal shape, the parallel arrows on the floor tile in black, gray, and white colors, and the criss-cross installation of these tiles to match the edges create an eccentric vibe for your flooring and the entire room.


Glamourize any rooms by installing arrow tiles for flooring

Glamourize Any Rooms by Installing Arrow Tiles for Flooring

Gray White Black Modern 9X10 Arrow - Porcelain Mosaic Tile - MTOE0030


These 9-inches x 10-inches hexagon arrow tiles are made of porcelain - one of the most durable tile materials. 


Porcelain tiles can sustain moderate to heavy foot traffic. This tile variety has anti-skid properties.If you have kids or elderly members in your family, this tile is a ‘sure to go choice’!


To Sum Up

Custom mosaic tile patterns bring many innovative tile design ideas. This article covers a few creative tile design ideas to enhance the value of various parts of your home. Try mixing and matching mosaic tile patterns to develop new themes for your home decor. 


Browsing through our exclusive collection of mosaic tile patterns will help you get creative custom mosaic tile ideas for your upcoming home renovation project or a new installation. Restyle your home by implementing glorious imaginative tile design ideas!


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