Trending Tiles for Your 2022 Backsplash
Trending Tiles for Your 2022 Backsplash

Trending Tiles for Your 2022 Backsplash

You’ve looked at tile samples, talked to knowledgeable store employees, and put together a budget for the home improvement project that you've carefully planned. Now, you’re ready to choose the tiles for your new backsplash. Tiles, like paint colors, each have their own unique charm, and the color and patterns of the tiles you select can say a lot about both your kitchen and your personality.

Backsplash Trends
  1. White Subway Tiles

White subway tiles, named for their first appearances in subway stations, are a timeless backsplash standard. Glossy white tiles match a wide range of kitchen themes and colors, they are easy to clean, and they last for decades. Finish your tile project with dark grey or black grout for an elegant, high-contrast look. Subway tiles are also available in a distressed porcelain option as well. You’ll get your money’s worth with these, as this particular kitchen look has been trending for the last few years: They likely aren’t going out of style anytime soon!

  1. Bright Mosaic Tiles

If you want your kitchen to reflect your cheerful personality, why not liven it up with a few brightly colored tiles? If you have a small kitchen, bright tiles are especially useful in drawing visual interest to the center of your kitchen as well as creating a fun conversation piece for your guests. Go crazy with color here! Choose red and yellow, blue and green, or even classy, pure shades like black and white.

  1. Geometric Tiles

For all of the Mad Men or The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel fans out there, you will be happy to know that the 1960s clean-lined geometric look is returning in full force. You may have noticed this trend in paint colors — avocado green is returning to walls and furniture, for example — and in sleek décor. Geometrics like hexagons in bold colors will elevate your kitchen to a new level of sophistication while retaining a little bit of fun and whimsy. If you enjoy the look of hexagonal tile, keep in mind that these shapes do not need to be huge to make an impression: If you do not want to make your backsplash the focal point of your kitchen — perhaps your kitchen is a toned-down, all-black look — but you would like for it to blend in with its surroundings, consider using smaller geometric tiles to fill the space while still adding some texture.

  1. Deco Tiles

Deco tiles are larger tiles that can serve as the centerpiece for a backsplash made of subway tiles or smaller geometric tiles. They can, of course, be used for the entire backsplash for a sophisticated, intricate look. You can opt for single-colored deco tiles, or you can choose patterned tiles to create a warm, inviting atmosphere for family and friends. Deco tiles, like subway tiles, are usually made of porcelain, which makes them durable, simple to install, and easy to clean.

  1. Natural Material Tiles

The “modern farmhouse” trend has become quite popular over the last few years. If you have installed a sliding barn door between your kitchen and living room and you have purchased a matching distressed wood coffee table, consider that you can update your backsplash to match without sacrificing the quality of well-made tiles. Tiles made to look like materials from the earth, like wood or stone, can provide the benefits of porcelain backsplash tile while tying in the natural feeling of your preferred style.

Whether you are putting in the tiles yourself or you are hiring someone else to do the installation, know that at Mosaic Tile Outlet, we’ve got you covered when it comes to all different kinds of tile for your home improvement needs. Contact us today to begin creating the backsplash of your dreams.


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