Ceramic Tile Design Ideas for 2022
Ceramic Tile Design Ideas for 2022

Ceramic Tile Design Ideas for 2022

The tiles you select for your home remodeling projects or new installation play a crucial role in protecting your home's floors and walls, while also tying together other elements to achieve a desired interior design theme. Of the various materials used in modern tile manufacturing, Ceramic Tiles have secured a permanent place in tile collections across manufacturers, utilized for its performance and versatility - as well as for its affordability. 


This article will walk you through some of this year's most popular Ceramic Tile Design Trends according to the following criteria:


    • Applications, such as:
      • Ceramic Wall Tiles
      • Ceramic Floor Tiles
      • Ceramic Backsplash Tiles
      • And more!
    • Patterns, such as:
      • Deco Tiles
      • Subway Tiles
      • Herringbone Tiles
      • Hexagon Tiles
      • And more! 
    • Styles, such as:
      • Classic
      • Modern
      • Traditional
    • And Finishes, such as:
      • Glossy Polished Tiles
      • Subtle Matte Tiles
      • Wood Grain Tiles
      • Simulated Stone Tiles
      • And more!


Out of the most comprehensive collections of mosaic tiles, ceramic tiles are considered the most versatile and one of the most durable tile options. Implement ceramic tiles for almost any application: wall tiles, bathroom floor tile, shower tiles, backsplash tiles, as well as many other interior and exterior spaces. The style, pattern, color and finish options in the ceramic tile collection are practically endless.


Let's take you through the most popular ceramic tile ideas for this yer:


What ceramic tile patterns are trending in 2022?


Considering the latest trends for tile patterns will help ensure you choose the appropriate products, and combinations of products, throughout your tile installations. The tile pattern refers to the repetitive shapes embedded in the tile surface. Along with colors and textures, the tile patterns play a vital role in defining the overall look and feel of a space, whether in your bathrooms, kitchens, foyer, or any other space in and around your home.


While discussing the trends in tile shape - hexagon, herringbone, and subway tiles are among the most popular patterns. Hexagon ceramic tiles are available in solid colors and multi-color mosaics, and this modern pattern can help tie together your design theme as a backsplash, bathroom wall or feature wall. The hexagon ceramic tile example below features a subtle glazed finish in a classic beige tone.


classic mosaic taupe glossy ceramic tile


Classic 2X4 Beige Glazed Ceramic Hexagon Mosaic Tile


The hexagon tile shape enhances the overall beauty of the kitchen shown here by visually tying the backsplash to the surrounding countertops and cabinets. Ceramic tile is an excellent choice for kitchen backsplash installations due to its water-resistant characteristics, along with its aesthetic versatility. Along with kitchen backsplashes, this ceramic mosaic tile can be installed in virtually interior space throughout your home.


Ceramic Mosaic Tiles with a Striking Fish Scale Pattern


If the geometry of a hexagon pattern tile isn't what you're looking for, ceramic tile is also available is more organic, flowing patterns - like the interesting Fish Scale pattern shown below. Also known as a 'Fan' or 'Scallop' pattern, this Fish Scale Tile helps you create a wall that demands attention in any interior space. The neutral colors - either in solid color or an array of gray-tones or beige-tones - can inspire you to create trendy styles on your kitchen backsplash or bathroom walls.


circular grey white porcelain mosaic tile


Gray & White Modern Glazed Ceramic Fish Scale Mosaic Tile


The tile shape is a crucial aspect when you aim to create a never-seen-before style, and this example certainly stands out from the crowd. When you think of executing a design vision in your new project, always shop for tile patterns that showcase your unique taste. Coordinating the tile pattern with the fixtures, furniture, painted walls, flooring, and other key elements, will help tie your design theme together and create a space that others will be envious of.


What are the latest trends in ceramic floor tile?


Ceramic is a tile material most common in wall tiles, but there are a few options for ceramic floor tile that are worth considering for your next interior floor tile installation. Get the suitable ceramic mosaic tiles for a rustic, traditional look that makes your room elegant and stylish. The ceramic floor tile below is the newest addition to our decorative or DECO-styled Spanish tile collection. These tiles are produced in recurring patterns for flawless and seamless installation. This Mosaic Floor Tile has blue, white, and black colors in an eye-catching octagonal shape with a matte finish.


deco pattern blue black white ceramic mosaic tile


Classic 8X8 Blue, Black & White Deco Pattern Ceramic Mosaic Tile


If you're looking for a bold pattern to complete your foyer floor, sunroom or in front of fireplaces, this ceramic floor tile is an excellent option to consider. The geometric pattern with contrasting colors continues seamlessly from one tile to the next, easily transforming the interior space they're installed in. 


Let's get bubbly with this modern circle mosaic! 


Achieving a trendy look for any space in the home can be extremely challenging. It can often feel like all tile offerings are similar, and finding something that stands out and challenges the all-too-common geometric patterns isn't always easy. Enter our penny-round circle mosaic tiles - a collection that goes against the 'norm' and creates a bubbly, fun aesthetic in any interior space.


contemporary circular grey white porcelain mosaic tile


Gray & White Glazed Ceramic Penny-Round Bubbles Mosaic Tile


This is indeed a trendy look in 2021, encompassing contemporary styles with a touch of modernity. This ceramic tile is ideal as a kitchen backsplash, bathroom wall, or a feature wall in virtually any room in your home. The 'bubbles' mosaic in a versatile gray and white color palette takes the appeal of your decor to the next level through a catchy and stylish design.


Are subway tiles still trending in 2022?


Subway has been a widely popular tile pattern for decades and, with its standard rectangular shape, the brick-wall appearance that subway tile creates is one that will likely never go out-of-style. The tile innovators who design our mosaic tiles have created some new products in the space that bring a bit of excitement to this long-standing tile trend. 


classic subway brown glazed ceramic-tile


Classic 3X12 Brown Glazed Ceramic Simulated Wood Subway Tile 


Here is a wood-look ceramic tile in a subway pattern, bringing the aesthetic appearance of your walls close to nature. Subway tiles with unique textures and finishes, like this example, can bring exceptional elegance to any interior space. You can implement this wood look subway tile for your kitchen backsplash, bathroom walls, or virtually any other interior space. The color, texture, and tones make the overall appeal timeless - and without sacrificing the performance and affordability that you've come to expect in ceramic tile.


New Arrivals Driving Future Trends


A beveled subway tile in a gray color with a distressed glossy finish can create a new dimension to any space. The unique beveled shape grabs the attention of any guests entering the space. These modern subway tiles go for both residential and commercial applications, recommended for all interior walls including backsplash, bathrooms, features and fireplaces


modern 4x12 beveled subway gray distressed glossy ceramic tile

Modern 4X12 Gray Distressed Ceramic Beveled Subway Tile 


How about a unique tile pattern that mimics textured wallpaper? You can create a unique, bold accent on any wall by installing this unique "linen-look" subway tile design. Linen-Look is a great way to give some dimension to any room, and this Modern Ceramic Subway tile will go well in any indoor Wall Application. Beautiful Big Format Subway tiles like this are always in style!

modern 4x12 beige linen look subway glossy ceramic tile


Modern 4X12 Beige Linen-Look Ceramic Subway Tile


 Wrapping Up


In this article, we covered the latest trends in ceramic tiles to help you make an informed and wise purchase decision. Ceramic tiles are best fitted for floor tile, wall tile, fireplace tile, pool tile, interior and exterior application. Carefully review these ceramic tile trends and consider where you will utilize these tile options in your home during your next renovation projects.


Mosaic Tile Outlet presents well-designed ceramic tiles and other mosaic tiles to help you shop for the most-suited tiles as per your preferences. Choose us as your preferred mosaic tile shopping destination online today. Happy shopping!


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