Cement Tiles Buying Guide
Cement Tiles Buying Guide

Cement Tiles Buying Guide

The types of tiles you choose for various parts of your homes play a vital role in deriving the style statement. If your passion is to bring a traditional or classic look to your home, cement tiles could be the best choice for your home renovation endeavors.

Cement tiles offer some advantages to every aspiring homeowner. Maybe you prefer designs that stand out or even look for the features of the tiles, you would find cement tiles that suit your requirements. You find tiles that suit different applications inside and outside your home.

From gated entries, pools, driveways and exterior floors - to tiles for your bathroom, kitchen, or living room - cement tiles go well in almost every part of your home.

What are cement tiles?

Cement tiles are handmade, colorful tiles used for tiling your floors and walls also. These tiles have a history of about 170 years, as they were initially used in the 1850s in Catalonia. Today, cement tiles are among the most preferred tiles for home decor and renovation ideas across the Americas, Europe, and the other parts of the world too.



How cement tiles are manufactured?

As explained in the meaning, cement tiles are handmade. The manufacturers use cement, mineral pigments to bring color, a metallic mold, and a hydraulic press to make them. Let us take a glance at the manufacturing process:


  • They prepare the mold following the design required for the tiles.
  • The composition carries high-quality white portland cement, fine sand, natural mineral color pigments, and marble in powder form.
  • They pour the pigments at the bottom of the mold, then the marble powder, and then the sand in a predefined proportion.
  • Finally, they use a hydraulic press to form the tile.


Importantly, cement tiles are made with hands, one at a time.

What factors should I consider while buying cement tiles?

Choosing the right tile can be as confusing as selecting a piece of fabric as you have enormous options to choose from. Again, following some steps to complete your homework beforehand is highly recommended. Here are some significant factors to consider while buying cement tiles:


  • Work out your budget

Usually, you keep the consideration of the budget while concluding your purchase. However, it is always better to think in the reverse direction to make the most out of your hard-earned money. Though most of the varieties available in cement tiles are quite affordable, you must set a budget for your home decor or remodel, and break it down to pre-calculate the cost for the tiles you are about to purchase and install.


  • Derive the number of tiles

To determine the number of tiles you require for your installation, carry out the calculations considering the following factors:


  • The Application:

It is practical to use cement tiles for wide-ranging applications. They serve as floor tiles and backsplash for your kitchen, bathroom, living room, etc. Again, you can beautify your exteriors using cement tiles for your pools, patios, driveways, and entrances.


  • Total area to be covered

Determine the total area to be covered calculating it in square feet. This exercise is important to jot down the quantity you need for the installation or remodeling project.


  • The size of the tile

Choose the size based on the area you wish to cover and the aesthetic appeal you desire. Sometimes, smaller outdoor countertops tiles may bring a fantastic feel. It depends upon your personal preference and the personality of the space you desire. Divide the area by the size of tiles to get the number of tiles you need.


  • Think about the aesthetics you desire

Think of the color, designs, pattern, and finish of the cement tiles you select as per the decor elements you would like to enrich in your home. There are tremendous possibilities to explore, as cement tiles are available in wide-ranging varieties.


If your passion is to achieve a modern style, you can choose tile patterns accordingly. Again, a classic look with matt finish tiles also enhances the glamour of your home. Thus, you would find the best tiles as per your aesthetic preference browsing through the product range.


  • Size always matters

Always consider the size of the space you are about to tile and the style you would like to achieve after tiling while finalizing the size of the cement tiles you order. The size of tiles derives from the feel and personality of your space.


  • Select a suitable grout

Grout provides elegant border colors to the cement tiles. You can either create a harmonious look using a grout of a similar color or create a contrast as well. Again, the type of grout also matters. You get sanded, unsanded, epoxy, and furan grout. Always follow manufacturer recommendations to choose the type of grout and the installation process for encaustic cement tiles.

Cement Tile Applications

As mentioned earlier in this guide, you can use cement tiles for various applications. They go well as floor tiles and wall tiles in exterior and interior setups.


  • Floor Tiles

Look out for wide-ranging varieties of floor tiles that suit your interior decor themes, and other technical needs related to the durability of the tiles. Use cement tiles for flooring in the interiors and exteriors as well.




For your bathroom remodel projects, cement tiles would be ideal as they are considerably water-resistant and easy to clean. Create featured walls in the bathrooms or add wonderful backsplashes in the shower areas to beautify the space, giving it a modern or antique look.


Use cement tiles to add glamour to the walls in various parts of your homes creatively. It is also practical to use cement tiles as exterior wall tiles. Again, using cement tiles as interior wall tiles creates a different appearance accentuating a modern style too. 


You can create enchanting and eye-catching backsplashes for your kitchens and bathrooms making the most effective use of the designs, patterns, and colors available in cement tiles. Your backsplash tiles generate a rare visual impact helping you to attain the desired accent.


The resistance to high temperatures achieved through cement tiles makes them ideal as fireplace tiles. You can find the right tiles from the range of cement tiles to bring a classic style to your fireplaces. Choosing the correct types of tiles helps you to make your fireplace stand out..


For additions like a kitchen in the backyard, a patio amid the lawn, or a poolside sit-out, cement tiles serve as the most beautiful outdoor countertop tiles. Wisely chosen types of tiles make the outdoor countertops the focus points in your exterior landscapes and other decorative set-ups.


Choosing the best tiles to use as exterior floor tiles is a daunting task, as these tiles need to sustain adverse weather conditions, foot traffic, and still, keep looking alluring. Use cement tiles to beautify your entrances, walkways, and driveways, creating beautiful border elements along with your lawn or plants and much more.


Cement tiles are best suited as exterior tiles. You can make your exterior space look magnificent by adding exterior wall tiles to retaining walls besides landscapes, featured walls adjacent to your pools, walls on your decks and patios, and much more.


Cement Tile Styles

It is practical to bring out the most surprising style statement using the appropriate types of tiles across various parts of your home. Cement tiles are ideal for both antique and modern aesthetics. Keep them in harmony with the other decor elements in the space.


Classic style is trending in the modern era. Apart from the use of antiques, and vintage styling elements, you can also choose varieties in shapes, designs, patterns, finishes, and colors in encaustic cement tiles to suit your styling needs.


If your passion is to express modernity through your home decor, some types of tiles help you derive perfection in modern style. Create and enhance the elegance of your homes using the best tiles for the desired visual impact. Order your concrete tiles cruising through the varieties that suit your application.

Cement Tile Patterns

Encaustic cement tiles are available in various shapes, like square, diamond, and hexagonal tiles. Again, find some special tile patterns to beautify your space.


The diamond pattern on square-shaped tiles brings you the opportunity to explore various possibilities to beautify your space. Use diamond tiles as interior floor tiles to make your rooms stand out. You can also use them for exterior decoration on the patio or for a featured wall beside your pool.


You can choose from some exotic mosaic tiles in the hexagon tiles segment to add spice to your decor. Look out for square tiles with diamond and hexagon patterns on them, and concrete tiles that come in hexagonal shape as well.


  • Tile Patterns

You can attain the perfect modern style, deploying matt finish tiles. The tile patterns help you add a unique persona to your homes, using them for floors, for featured walls, and for various other applications.

The varieties like Moroccon cement tiles and Lili cement tiles bring eye-catching patterns to your floors and walls, making them look glorious. The influence of natural material enhances the appearance of the tiles, and ultimately the area they cover.


Cement Tile Finishes

The encaustic cement tiles are available as matt finish tiles that bring glory and elegance to various parts of your homes. If your passion is to get a neutral, eye-alluring aesthetic appeal to your living room, bathroom, kitchen floor, and various other parts of your home, concrete tiles would be a perfect choice. Order the best-suited tiles to suit your taste and add a touch of modernity to your space.

Things You Should Know

Which are the best and cheapest cement tiles?

A variety of square tiles with different patterns on them and suitable to use for enormous applications are the best and cheap cement tiles. You can choose by narrowing down your search based on price. We offer cement tiles in wide-ranging varieties, at a reasonable per square foot price. The price range of handmade encaustic cement tiles is similar to that of ceramic tiles that are considered the cheapest.

Which cement tiles are best-fitted for interior floors?

A wide range of classic and modern, 8X8 square tiles made of cement are most suitable to utilize as interior tiles for floors. It would be a good idea to utilize these for your kitchen floors, as they perform better even in high temperatures, help you avoid slips and skids, and are easy to clean.

What is the best thickness for cement tiles?

Most cement tiles have a thickness of 5/8”. This thickness is ideal to use as floor tiles. It is important to note that the wall tiles or the tiles used for backsplashes should be comparatively thinner. The application requires lightweight, durable, and slightly slippery tiles to keep them easy to clean.


Ensure the use of a penetrating sealer (before and after grouting) during the installation to make encaustic cement tiles extremely durable for various applications.

How to clean cement tiles?

While cleaning cement tiles outdoors, the better way is to use a soft-bristle brush to sweep away dust. Again, for interior floors, you can sweep and mop floors regularly. Make sure you are using low-pH cleaners to avoid chemical itching and other significant damages to the cement. Again, the softer cleaners are safe on your hands too.


Make a routine to wash your cement tile floors at regular intervals of one or two weeks. Thus, the stains won’t settle down. The chemical and the apparatus used for cleaning should never be harsh on the tile texture. The person performing cleaning should wear the necessary safety gear.


For backsplashes and cement tile bathrooms, frequent cleaning would be recommended to avoid stains and watermarks.

Cement Tile Composition

The process of how to make cement tiles explains the main ingredients. Cement Tiles consist of a particular type of cement, sand, marble powder, and pigment to add color. Generally, the manufacturers mix 1 part of cement, with 1.5 part of sand, and 1 part of marble powder.


The use of natural stone (marble) adds strength to these tiles. These ingredients go as layers in the handmade mold. Then, a hydraulic press is used to apply sufficient pressure to form the cement tiles.


There is no firing cycle involved in making cement tiles, as in the case of ceramic tiles. The use of hydraulic press ensures high quality and durability in these tiles for years to come.

Cement Tile Pros and Cons

While buying tiles for your new home or even for any renovation project, it is vital to analyze both sides of the coin. Going through the merits and demerits of cement tiles helps you make an informed decision. So, you can place your order confidently, after peeping in to the technical factors:


What are the benefits of cement tiles?


    Following are the benefits of cement tiles:


    • Variety

    Cement tiles are available in a wide range of varieties. You can choose based on the desired application, color, pattern, finish, and style. You would find the right tiles to suit any of your home renovation needs.


    • Versatility

    Cement tiles are the most ideal materials for a wide range of applications. You can use them like floor tiles, wall tiles, tiles for feature walls, backsplashes, bathroom tiles, pool tiles, fireplace tiles, and more.




    • Durability

    Cement tiles are the most durable tiles due to the manufacturing process, ingredients, and load-carrying capacity.

    • High Quality

    They are among high-quality tiles that last for years when installed and maintained properly.

    • Ease in Maintenance
    Cement tiles are easy to maintain. Regular cleaning and timely repair keep them intact for years ahead.

    • Eco-friendliness

    Cement tiles are made using natural materials and through an eco-friendly process. They don’t cause contamination or any kind of damage to the environment.

    What are the drawbacks of cement tiles?

    • Heavy

    Cement tiles are heavier compared to other materials. So, you need to consider their weight before remodeling attempts.


    • Limited in Sizes

    Cement tiles may not be available in large-format tiles, rectangular tiles, and other artistic sizes and shapes.


    • Thicker

    They are considerably thicker. So, you need to fine-tune your installation process for wall tiles accordingly.


    • Need to be resealed frequently

    To avoid damage due to water, cement tiles need frequently sealed, using a recommended sealer.


    • Can’t resist lower temperatures

    When your exterior tiles face freezing temperatures, cement tiles may not be the right tiles for the application.

    How to Tile a Floor

    Following are the simple steps to tile a floor:

    • Clean and prepare the floor
    • Layout considering the tile size
    • Roughly lay tiles from the center
    • Spread thin-set mortar using a notched trowel
    • Set your tiles in place
    • Cut and install tiles in the corners
    • Apply the right kind of grout using the recommended method
    • Clean the residue grout and other substances

    Would you buy cement tiles online?

    Buying cement tiles online is indeed a good idea as you can avoid traveling through busy roads to visit cement tile shops physically. You can shop for the desired variety of cement tiles, cruising through the categories, like colors, patterns, finish, and applications from the comfort of your home.


    The reputed shopping portals arrange to send samples, and as you would be satisfied with the quality of cement tiles, you can place your bulk order. The shipment is delivered to your doorstep in a professionally packaged bundle.

    Where can you buy all types of cement tiles?

    You can rely on the most reputed online retail and wholesale shopping portal for mosaic tiles, Mosaic Tile Outlet for all your cement tile requirements. You can browse through an exciting collection of cement tiles, choosing ‘SHOP’, then ‘MATERIALS’, and finally choosing ‘CEMENT TILES.’


    Considering the selection factors discussed earlier, you can cruise through the product range categorized as per applications, colors, patterns, and finish.

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