Our Best Shower Tile Ideas to Transform your Bathroom
Our Best Shower Tile Ideas to Transform your Bathroom

Our Best Shower Tile Ideas to Transform your Bathroom

Your bathroom and the walk-in shower is the area you love to visit in the mornings to get ready for the day. How about adding value to space by choosing the most creatively designed shower tile ideas? If restyling your bathroom is on your to-do list, this article takes you through some of the most eye-catching tile ideas with attractive tile patterns, modern styles, and endless elegance.


Our online tile outlet is committed to offering the broadest range of mosaic tiles for various applications, including bathroom and shower tile. We cover an enormous selection of the most stylish patterns, colors, finishes, and materials to help you create modern appeal. Here are our picks for the most appreciated range of modern shower tile ideas:


Beautify Your Bathrooms & Showers with this Classic Cross-Pattern Ceramic Tile 


Ceramic tiles are ideal for shower tile applications as they are dense, water-resistant, and highly durable when continuously exposed to water. We bring a unique twist to the story through the marvelous tile pattern in this shower tile. This unique interlocking tile with an eye-catching pattern is one of the most attractive shower tile ideas available today.


classic cross pattern white glossy ceramic mosaic tile


Classic Cross Pattern White Ceramic Mosaic Tile


The classic architectural style in a marble-like appearance adds a timeless beauty to this tile design and any space its installed in. You can use this tile to create an accent wall inside your bathroom, or to cover the entire shower floor and walls. Whether utilized as a bathroom backsplash tile or shower wall tile, this product can enhance the aesthetic elegance of wet areas throughout your home.


A Beautifully Handcrafted Hexagon Tile


Here is one of the most creative shower tile design ideas that can add a rare appeal to your bathroom and shower spaces. This hexagon mosaic tile features Light Blue and Beige hues in a metallic finish, providing a type of mirrored effect, as highlighted in the images below. 

 modern hexagon light blue beige metallic handcut glass mosaic tile

Modern Light Blue & Beige Handcut Glass Hexagon Mosaic Tile 


The soft, subtle colors contrasted by the shimmering metallic finish can turn any bathroom or shower wall to a dramatic visual statement. The small hexagon mosaic extending from one tile to the next creates a shimmering surface that will take your shower to the next level. All-in-all, one of the most mesmerizing shower tile ideas in our collection! 


The shapes of this handcut hexagon shower tile is great for showers, but can be utilized for an accent wall adjacent to a bathtub, for example. The colors compliment the other interior decor elements in your room, like your bath fittings, cabinetry, paint on the wall, any appliances, and more. For the same reasons this tile is ideal for bathroom areas, it can also be utilized as a swimming pool tile - the possibilities are endless! 


The Timeless Tile Trend: Subway Tiles


We try to innovate and blend various materials in various patterns and colors to create a mix of classic yet contemporary elegance for your interior spaces. While renovating your shower walls, if you desire a balance of classic and modern aesthetics, this dark gray distressed ceramic subway tile could be the perfect choice.


Choose a suitable grout to create a contrasting outline between the seams on your shower walls. The 2.5" x 8" Subway pattern in a neutral dark gray color adds an understated beauty to the space, making it one of the most exciting shower tile ideas offered today.


modern distressed subway dark gray glossy ceramic tile


2.5x8 Dark Gray Distressed Ceramic Subway Tile


The Gray color creates a neutral effect and enhances the shine of your shower and bath fixtures. Because this subway tile is made from durable ceramic, it would also be ideal for any Kitchen Backsplash or Feature Wall. If other tile patterns are a bit too much for your interior design theme, the subway pattern is a style element that stands the test of time. 



Marble Magic to Maximize your Shower Tile Design


Marble has been utilized in bathroom design for as long as people have been building houses. Have you ever considered how beautiful your bathroom would look with every surface adorned in marble tile - from the bathroom floor and walls right into the shower floors and walls? If so, we offer an amazing range of marble floor tiles and wall tiles to make your bathroom the beautiful space you always dreamed of.


The beauty of these tile ideas lies in the materials we use - authentic honed stone and marble from the top quarries around the world. You won't find a more expansive collection of marble mosaic tile anywhere else!  



 herringbone pattern honed stone tile hexagon marble mosaic tile
Classic 1X2 Herringbone Gray & White Milas Marble Honed Stone Mosaic Tile Modern White & Gray 1.25X5 Carrara Marble Hexagon Mosaic Tile



 hexagon marble mosaic tile
Modern White & Gray 1X1 Hexagon Carrara Marble Mosaic Tile Implementation of marble mosaic shower tile ideas


Utilizing the most appealing natural stones, including Milas and Carrara Marble, we have the products to implement even your wildest bathroom and shower tile design ideas. Browse our marble mosaic tile collections to find the perfect bathroom tile and shower tile for your next project.


Hexagon and herringbone marble mosaic tile is ideal for shower tile, including shower floor tiles. Marble floor tile is extremely durable and will look great for years to come. Installing either or both of these patterns in your bathroom spaces will add elegance to your spaces. Along with bathroom and shower tile, our marble mosaic tiles are also a perfect choice for kitchen backsplash tile. 


Add Wood Grain to Bathroom Walls with this Modern Glass Mosaic


Installing planks of wood on bathroom walls may not be the most practical choice. However, you can bring the feel of wood to your bathroom wall tile without using actual lumber, which would not fair to well in wet conditions. Our wood grain glass mosaic tile with a modern linear pattern provides the appearance of real wood with the durability and water-resistance of a glass tile. With the various shades of and simulated wood grain, this recycled glass shower tile will help your bathroom stand out! 


linear brown glass mosaic tile


Modern Linear Brown Wood Grain Recycled Glass Mosaic Tile


This is among the most unique shower tile ideas available from our outlet. The appearance of wood is coupled with the durability of glass mosaic tile and a beautiful texture, making this a great choice for your next project. Along with bathrooms and showers, this product is also and ideal kitchen backsplash tile, matching wonderfully with wooden cabinetry and hardwood flooring.


Using a suitable grout while tiling would enhance the natural appeal leaving eye-catching accents. A wood grain appearance creates a modern appeal without the compromises required with actual wood. Buy this wood grain tile from our outlet today and enjoy free shipping on every order!



Bring Brilliant Blue to your Showers with this Pillowed Glass Mosaic Tile


Blue glass mosaics are an extremely popular choice for swimming pool tile. However, a modern blue glass tile like this example is also ideal as bathroom tile and shower tile. This blue tile features a "pillowed" square pattern with contrasting color shades of blue, black, and white. The square pattern is softened withed radius edges for a unique appearance.  


pillowed squares blue black glossy translucent glass mosaic tile


Modern 2X2 Pillowed Squares Translucent Blue Glass Mosaic Tile


This is among the best shower tile ideas to make your bathroom a space one that you and your loved ones will love to spend time in. The pillowed shapes of these shower tiles help in creating a stylish accent, and the interlocking tile design makes installation easy. Install this modern blue glass tile in your bathroom and shower areas to immerse yourself in a soothing aura. Like all tiles in our exclusive collection, enjoy free shipping for your next bathroom tile project! 



Shades of Beige: Porcelain Mosaic Tile with an Arabesque Pattern


Attractive beige colors alternating white in a modern arabesque pattern make these porcelain mosaic tiles one of the most appealing shower tile ideas available today. Porcelain is among the most durable tile materials, similar to Ceramic, making this arabesque tile perfect for bathroom and shower applications. With the timeless Arabesque pattern inspired by Arabic architecture, these shower tiles demand attention and enhance the appearance of any space.


modern linear brown white glazed porcelain mosaic tile


Beige & White Modern Arabesque Glazed Porcelain Mosaic Tile


This tile is ideal to create an accent wall adjacent to your tub or vanity, or installed as bathroom backsplash tile as shown in the image above. The alternate neutral colors create a unique visual interest without being overbearing or clashing with other fixtures and finishes. The shapes and the colors work in perfect harmony to bring balance to your bathroom and shower walls.


Use a suitable grout to highlight the contrast in colors and enhance the texture of the porcelain tile. Along with bathrooms, this arabesque mosaic is also a great choice for kitchen backsplash tile. Browse our exclusive online collection today and enjoy free shipping on every order for your next bathroom tile project.



The Takeaway


Our online retail store offers a wide range of shower tiles. We encourage our customers to derive numerous creative shower tile ideas. You can shop for modern and traditional style shower tiles with various patterns, colors, finishes, and materials to remodel your bathrooms.


In the above article, we cover some of the most appealing and appreciated shower tile ideas. We intend to help you achieve your dream bathrooms by installing suitable tiles from our interior shower tile collection. Buy our tiles and implement the most attractive tiling installations to take the glamour of your bathrooms to the next level.


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