Top 10 Steps to Remember When Renovating Your Bathroom
Top 10 Steps to Remember When Renovating Your Bathroom

Top 10 Steps to Remember When Renovating Your Bathroom

A bathroom remodel can be a great way to improve your home. It can enhance your lifestyle while also increasing the value of your house. However, taking on a renovation is no simple task. There are a few things you should keep in mind to help ensure your bathroom renovation is as successful as possible.

1) Start With a Clear Plan

When you are taking on any home improvement project, having a good plan is everything. Bathroom remodels are not small undertakings. If you want to make sure your project is a success, set a realistic budget, plan your layout and design and source your materials before you start any work.

2) The Right Lighting is Essential

Lighting is essential to interior design. The wrong lights can make a space feel cramped or overly sterile. Consider a dimmer switch so you can change the mood of your lighting to match the time of day. That way you can easily wake up in the morning or relax in a bath at night.

3) Leverage Colors To Create a Sense of Space

Color greatly affects how we perceive space. If your bathroom isn’t the largest floorplan in the world, you can create a better sense of space with some lighter colors. Additionally, try adding natural light for an even more open feel.

4) Use Recesses

Consider recessing some of your bathroom furniture to add extra room. For example, if you want a medicine cabinet above the bathroom sink, place it inside a recessed space. This will make the mirror flush with the wall. The same can apply to your soap dish.

5) Get the Right Flooring

The right flooring can give your bathroom a luxurious feel while also making it easier to maintain. Tile is always a good choice in the bathroom because it is easy to keep clean and dry. Consider a wood- or stone-look tile. That way you can enjoy a more natural, beautiful aesthetic without having the sacrifice practicality.

6) Add Freestanding Elements

Some freestanding design elements can add some extra depth to the room. If you have enough space, consider a standing vase or a similar element. You can use some freestanding practical elements too such as extra bathroom cabinets.

7) Remember Ventilation

It is easy to get caught up in the beauty and fun of design. Don’t forget about the practical stuff, however. Perhaps most importantly, remember to plan good ventilation. A damp bathroom is never a good thing.

8) Consider a Wet Room

Many people are moving towards wet rooms. These are bathrooms that have showers that open to the rest of the room. This can help create a better sense of flow and openness. It is a fun alternative for your bathroom remodel.

9) Use Mirrors for Design

Most people have a mirror above the bathroom sink. This is just good sense. However, mirrors can be so much more. They are great for making a space feel larger. Additionally, they can be beautiful in and of themselves. Especially when good lighting is used with mirrors, they are powerful design elements.

10) Plan Plenty of Storage

You are likely planning some bathroom cabinets. Consider whether you want to add a closet or other storage as well. Part of the key to interior design is ensuring that things can be kept neatly. Well-planned storage can make a world of difference for your bathroom remodel.

Get the Right Tiles for Your Renovation

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