Arabesque Tile Backsplash Design Ideas for Your Kitchen
Arabesque Tile Backsplash Design Ideas for Your Kitchen

Arabesque Tile Backsplash Design Ideas for Your Kitchen


Interior design for your kitchen may be a challenging task, as you wish to strike a balance between glamorous looks and excellent functionality. You want to design a user-friendly layout for better efficiency, making the most effective use of the available space. Installing an Arabesque Tile Backsplash could be a great way to make your kitchen look glamorous. 


Beige White Modern Arabesque - Glazed Porcelain Mosaic Tile - MTO0118


Beige White Modern Arabesque - Glazed Porcelain Mosaic Tile - MTO0118 

Honestly - the kitchen backsplash is always the most crucial part of your kitchen design theme. The backsplash serves protective and decorative purposes. Your kitchen backsplash is in the normal visual range, and that’s why it is among the most noticed segments in the kitchen. 

From an interior design perspective, selecting the most appropriate tile variety for your kitchen backsplash is critical. The Arabesque tile pattern is trending due to the excellent visual appeal it creates. However, you need to choose an arabesque tile backsplash with a color combination, material, and finish to complement the overall decor theme you implement for the kitchen.

Let’s find how you can implement various backsplash design ideas using arabesque pattern tiles:

Beige & White Glazed Porcelain in Arabesque 

Mosaic tiles using glazed porcelain are among the most beautiful and durable tile materials. In similar fashion, arabesque tiles made using glazed porcelain, which is available in a glorious combination of white and beige creates a delightful neutral visual appeal. 

The primary colors are white and beige. You can install a white countertop and wooden kitchen cabinets around the backsplash and below the countertop for a glamorous look. The color and finish of this arabesque tile backsplash surely will complement your ceramic crockery and utensils in a wood grain finish. 

This arabesque pattern mosaic lets you implement a complete interior design theme to make your kitchen where everybody would love to spend time.

Resin Composite Mosaics for Exquisite Modernity

All-white is a timeless kitchen design theme most homeowners dream to implement for their kitchens. We help you achieve the most elegant white visual appeal. Thanks to our designers who apply innovative technology to bring out the most eye-catching yet soothing white arabesque tile varieties for your kitchen backsplashes.


Beige White Modern Arabesque - Glazed Porcelain Mosaic Tile - MTO0118


Modern Cream Arabesque - Resin Composites Mosaic Tile - MTOE0014

 Our resin composite mosaic tiles in the cream white color shade and arabesque pattern looks fantastic for a kitchen backsplash amid an all-white kitchen set-up. The texture and gloss of the mosaic tiles grab the attention of every visitor. 

The design theme will be complete with a white countertop, wall paint, kitchen cabinetry, electric fittings, and white kitchen flooring. These white elements will make your kitchen an elegant place that soothes your eyes and soul.

The Metallic Aura in an Arabesque Tile Backsplash

Would you like to add a glittery, dazzling touch to your kitchen? The best way is to install 2X2 arabesque metallic glossy glass stone mosaic tiles that beautifully combine white, silver, and gold colors. 


White Silver Gold Classic 2X2 Arabesque - Metallic Glossy Glass Stone Mosaic Tile - MTO0488


 White Silver Gold Classic 2X2 Arabesque - Metallic Glossy Glass Stone Mosaic Tile - MTO0488

These elegant mosaic tiles in arabesque pattern bring together the shine of natural stones. These tiles are suitable for other walls in the kitchen apart from your kitchen backsplash. 


You can create a continuous look by installing these eye-catching arabesque tiles below the countertop, as shown in the image. White cabinetry, countertop, contrasting wood grain kitchen flooring, and furnishing make the overall kitchen design idea glamorous. Provide proper illumination to the arabesque tile backsplash to make it look more attractive. 


You can implement these beautiful tiles in any other color combination. These mosaic backsplash tiles complement various decorative elements in the kitchen.

The Marble Magic for a Classic Delight



Gray White Modern Arabesque - Glossy Carrara Marble Mosaic Tile - MTO0212

Carrara Marble Mosaic Tiles in arabesque pattern and a glossy finish adds a glimpse of classic decor theme to your kitchen backsplash. The pattern takes us to the typical Arabic and Moorish architecture of an ancient era. However, its implementation amid contrasting blue cabinetry helps you highlight the beauty of your arabesque tile backsplash.


These arabesque pattern mosaics come in gray and white colors to display a neutral tone. A marble or similar countertop in white will create harmony with the backsplash elegantly. 


You can also think of white cabinetry to implement an all-white kitchen. The visual appeal of Carrara Marble Mosaics, enhanced with the beautiful, wavy, curvy, arabesque pattern, helps you achieve a classic kitchen decor theme effectively.

Multicolor Gloss of Glass Stone Mosaics

 White Gray Blue Silver  Classic 2X2 Arabesque - Metallic Glossy Glass Stone Mosaic Tile - MTO0519

White Gray Blue Silver  Classic 2X2 Arabesque
- Metallic Glossy Glass Stone Mosaic Tile - MTO0519

As seen in an earlier design idea, metallic glass stone mosaic tiles help you deliver a rare elegance through glitter and shine. When you choose glass stone mosaic tile in an arabesque pattern, the beautiful curves replicating creepers and flowers make the kitchen backsplash catchy in many ways.


This arabesque tile backsplash displays a beautiful color combination. The hues like white, gray, blue, and silver make the backsplash tremendously attractive.


You can install these arabesque backsplash tiles up to the bottom of the cabinets. Installing these tiles from the countertop to the ceiling is also practical. Your stainless steel exhaust ducting, white countertop, cabinetry, and brownish kitchen flooring will merge well with this kitchen backsplash.


You can also keep your cabinetry, countertop, and flooring blue or gray. That will create a different kind of style statement. Ensure that the kitchen backsplash would only have a catchy, vibrant visual appeal. Keep the arabesque tile backsplash as your reference point. Then, weave your interior decor creatively around the multicolor, glossy, glass stone mosaic.


Apart from these fascinating backsplash design ideas, you can choose the best-suited mosaic backsplash tiles from our exclusive collection. You get arabesque pattern tiles in various attractive colors, materials, finishes, and styles.


The Bottom Line

This article covers the five best arabesque tile backsplash ideas. We hope that the design ideas and the best arabesque mosaic tiles discussed in this article will inspire you to restyle your kitchen effectively. Choose the best-suited arabesque tiles from our collection and implement creative kitchen backsplash design ideas to take the elegance of your kitchen to new heights.


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