Add Pizazz to Your Stairs With These 2022 Riser Trends
Add Pizazz to Your Stairs With These 2022 Riser Trends

Add Pizazz to Your Stairs With These 2022 Riser Trends

If you are looking to spruce up your home with a new look this year, you should consider giving your stair risers a makeover. Many homeowners never consider this component of a staircase to be a design element. As such, they overlook the possibilities risers provide in adding some pizazz to the room. This is especially true when your stairway is in a prominent section of the house, such as the entryway or living room.

Design Options
Many people opt to paint their risers. This can be a quick option for adding a splash of color to your room. The challenge — as anyone who currently has painted risers knows — is that it is really difficult to keep the paint looking fresh. The risers get hit a lot as people climb the stairs. Shoes and feet leave their marks, and, eventually, the paint begins to wear.

Another possibility is to use wood or laminate planks. These are more durable than paint, and they give your home a traditional look. However, your options for design and color are limited.

One final choice is to use tile on your risers. With this option, you get durability and a nearly endless array of design choices. Tile can withstand the heavy traffic your staircase gets on a daily basis. It is also easy to clean and maintain. The potential for color, pattern and material combinations are only limited by your imagination and your own personal preferences.

Tile Trends
Tiling stair risers is a hot trend in home design, and it shows no signs of slowing down in 2021. Your staircase can become a beautiful and chic focal point, rather than an element that blends into the background or, worse yet, is an eyesore. No matter what your tastes are, there are tile designs to match. While you can certainly use the same tile pattern and color the whole way up, the current trend is to mix it up a bit.

Different Color, Different Patterns
To make your staircase really stand out, go bold! Choose tiles that have different patterns and colors. Make sure the colors are complementary, and the tiles should be made from the same or similar materials. You can be creative with shape and pattern combinations. Mosaic tiles provide you with the variety you need to turn your risers into geometric art. When your steps are made from a solid-colored material, they accent and frame the risers, giving them an eye-catching appeal.

Same Color, Different Patterns
If you prefer subtlety in your décor, have no fear, there is an option that may suit you and still turn your staircase into a showcase! Select a color that will stand out in the room where your stairs are located. Even white can be a good choice if you have a contrasting color on the steps as you would have with a rich, deep wood grain. Once you’ve chosen your color, look for multiple patterns in that color. Select a few of your favorites and rotate through them, using one pattern on each riser.

Tile Materials
When it comes to selecting your tile, you should know what material you want your tiles to be made from. Each type of material has a different look, feel and texture, so this aspect is important in your decision-making process. Some great options for stair risers are tiles made from:
• Cement
• Stone
• Ceramic
• Marble
• River rock

Endless Tile Options
Mosaic Tile Outlet is the place to shop when it’s time to spruce up your stair risers. Our selection of tiles gives you a wide variety of choices in materials, colors and patterns. We offer free samples and free shipping, with prices that are up to 50% off of retail outlets. Explore Mosaic Tile Outlet’s inventory and contact us today at (833)766-7242, or by using our online form, if you have any questions.


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