A Beginners Guide To Choose The Right Pool Tile Color
A Beginners Guide To Choose The Right Pool Tile Color

A Beginners Guide To Choose The Right Pool Tile Color


Having swimming pools in the front exterior home landscape or as a backyard oasis is a pride for homeowners. The swimming pool is a perfect place for you and your loved ones to relax and rejuvenate by beating the summer heat. If you plan to hire an experienced installation company to install a fully tiled pool, the most critical factor in choosing suitable pool tiles is the color.


modular pattern glass tile


Modular pattern glass tile used as waterline tile.


This beginner's guide takes you through some crucial elements that influence the choice of pool tile colors. If you wish the tile installation to enhance the value and visual appeal of the entire pool, go through this article thoroughly before selecting pool tiles.

Let's reveal the reasons and ways for selecting pool tile colors:

Why Do Pool Tile Colors Matter?

Swimming pool tile installation has many design aspirations to consider corresponding to the placement of your swimming pool. We can divide the overall pool tiles per their function and areas of swimming pools they cover:

  • Waterline tiles
  • Pool wall tiles
  • Pool bottom tiles
  • Pavers and floor tiles for pool deck
  • Pool periphery tiles


Another significant aspect is creating a harmonious appeal that merges well with the surroundings. Let's consider some examples:


  • Is your swimming pool placed amid greenery and natural plantation or lawns? - Green color will be perfect for such a swimming pool.
  • Is your swimming pool situated beside another water body, like the ocean, a waterfall? - Consider tiling such a pool with blue pool tiles.
  • Is your swimming pool placed between natural stones, muddy, and earthen elements? - Try colors like brown, yellow, gray, and black.


Choosing the right pool tile color helps you complement the surroundings well. For instance, glass pool tiles in blue add a shimmering effect to swimming pools open to the sky.

How To Choose The Right Color For Swimming Pool Tiles?

Mosaic tiles are available in a wide-ranging variety of materials and colors. Pool tiles matter when creating a unique aesthetic aura out of your installation. Let's go through some crucial considerations to select all the tiles in a swimming pool with the best possible colors:

What Do You Want Your Basic Swimming Pool To Look Like?

From a designer's perspective, the first and foremost consideration is the resulting tonality of your swimming pool derived from the tile for your swimming pool.

A large pool installed in a splendidly ample exterior space requires a reflection of the sky and a resemblance of the ocean in the pool water. Blue is a universally accepted tile hue for such pools to achieve a uniform appearance.

You can choose similar tiles for the pool periphery and pool deck. Another option is to use pavers and exterior floor tiles for these applications.

How Can You Select Pool Tiles Based On Your Illumination Aspirations?

While choosing tiles, you must consider your illumination scheming as an essential tool. Prefer tile colors like gray, black, and multicolor pool tile with an iridescent or frosted finish if the swimming pool has well-designed artificial lighting.


Similarly, if your swimming pool has ample natural lighting in the exterior space, consider blue pool tiles, white pool tiles, and other colors near the blue hues - like green, aquamarine, cobalt, yellow, and brighter colors.

Complementing Surrounding Space For Outdoor And Indoor Pools Through Tile Color

Depending on the surroundings, the most beautiful pool tiles will be blue, white, brown, yellow, and green for outdoor pools. Larger tiles cover more square foot areas, and it would be easy to clean pool tiles.

The most popular pool tile for your pool in the interior space is natural stone pool tiles - as they add a natural element and go well with the interior decor theme. Prefer highly slip-resistant tiles for pool decks and bottoms to prevent slips and falls.

You can also have waterline tile across the pool waterline and leave the rest of the pool walls untiled. The pool waterline tiles protect pool walls from scaling and mineral deposits - and add a unique dimension to the entire pool. Various tiles suit this application and help you save tile costs by covering the less square foot.

If the frequent users of your swimming pool are kids, then consider intricate tile patterns imitating jigsaw puzzles in attractive colors.

Why Are Blue Tiles Preferred For Swimming Pools?

Blue mosaic tiles are the most beautiful tiles for swimming pools as they mimic the color of the sky and the ocean and enhance the visual appeal of blue pool water. Notably, water absorbs yellow, brown, and orange colors. However, the blue swimming pool tile makes the pool water look transparent.

Blue swimming pool tiles and other tiles in similar colors or combinations - such as green, aquamarine, turquoise, and cobalt make the swimming pool tile installation alluring. Therefore, swimming pool tiles in blue are the most popular pool tiles.

Blue is the best color for pool waterline tiles. At the same time, if the pool tiles are blue, it is the best grout color for pool tiles.


Ideal Pool Tile Colors In Different Tile Materials

Swimming pool tiles must be water-resistant to retain the appeal and functionality of the pool longer. Choosing the most appropriate color according to the pool tile material is vital. Let's analyze which pool tile colors suit different materials:


  • Glass Pool Tiles

Glass pool tile is among the most durable, stylish, and the best pool tiles - as glass tiles are available in different eye-catching finishes. You get glass tiles in glossy, frosted, polished, iridescent, metallic, and translucent finishes.


Blue Glass Pool Tiles


Glass tile in blue and green colors makes the swimming pool look glamorous
Blue Green Classic 1X1 Stacked Squares Glossy - Glass Mosaic Tile - MTO0084


 Prefer glass tile in blue, aquamarine, green, turquoise, cobalt, gray, and multicolor varieties for a fascinating dash of aesthetic appeal.

  • Stone Pool Tiles

Stone pool tile adds a natural touch to your pool tile installation. Prefer stone tiles in black, gray, and brown colors. You can try other stone pool tiles, like travertine tiles or limestone tiles.


  • Marble Tiles

Marble tiles in white, black, and gray in different patterns bring royale elegance to your swimming pool.


  • Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles in white, blue, brown, beige, gray, green, turquoise, and aquamarine are excellent for swimming pools.


  • Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles in blue, green, gray, silver, black, brown, and red help you portray a unique style statement. Install porcelain tile in these colors choosing the appropriate tile size to spruce up your swimming pools.


Here is an infographic to summarize various pool tile color selection criteria. We intend to help you understand and remember these pool tile color choosing parameters to make an informed buying decision while picking pool tiles for your upcoming pool renovation project:



things to consider while selecting pool tile colors


The Bottom Line

The beginner's guide covers various aspects to help you choose the most suitable pool tile colors. We hope that the technical criteria covered in the article and infographic will provide a different perspective on designing and selecting pool tiles.


Browse our exclusive collection of swimming pool tiles to go through the wide variety. Consider the factors to choose the best pool tiles for your upcoming pool installation or renovation project.



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