8 Subway Tile Design Ideas: Trending Tile Styles for Your Bathroom Rem
8 Subway Tile Design Ideas: Trending Tile Styles for Your Bathroom Remodel

8 Subway Tile Design Ideas: Trending Tile Styles for Your Bathroom Remodel

When designing your bathroom, not everything has to be a challenge. With the modern subway tile trend, you can bring a refined and classic look back to your shower space. After all, who doesn’t like a little flair? In fact, with just a few tricks up your sleeve and a little creativity, you can give any space an amazing makeover.

Alluring, right? Some people might find the idea of having a subway tile bathroom to be a bit "stuffy" and old-fashioned. But the fact that you can smoothly swap out individual tiles means you can freshen it up as often as you like.

And it is especially true if you're willing to invest time and money in your home renovation project. We've listed creative ways to update your bath with subway tile layout ideas. After all, there’s no reason why each bathroom has to be so conventional! Let's bring out the plunge on the trendy subway tile design ideas.


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8 Subway Tile Design Ideas For Bathroom Renovation

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, there are many things you need to keep in mind. The bathroom is among private rooms in your home, so it's essential that you transform it into something that feels welcoming and comfortable for guests.

Here are some great design ideas for transforming your outdated bathroom into a functional space:

1. Get Creative With Color and Texture

When updating a bathroom, thinking outside the box and using your creativity to make the space feel fresh and new is essential. A color palette used a million times over can make a bathroom feel dated and tired. So, take time to think about what colors you love and what would make the space feel welcoming and relaxing in addition to functional.

You can also try out textures and patterns that will tie the whole space together, like wallpaper, flooring, or even bedding. Textured walls and floors, like the paint used as an overlay or a wrap-around pattern, can make your bathroom feel more lived-in and cozy. With the right wall textures and colors, you can create a space that's inviting and calming.

2. Stick to Neutral Tones for an Effect

Neutral tones of subway tile backsplash design ideas can help to revive it and make it feel more modern. Instead of painting the whole space in a single color, you can opt for a more subtle tone that helps to blend the old and new.

Neutral tones can also create a seamless transition between spaces, like a powder room and the main bathroom. Regarding neutral tones, it's important to remember the rest of your home's color palette.

If your kitchen, living room, and hallway are all neutral tones, a bathroom in those same shades may feel too subdued. Use a darker shade of grey to help to bring in more color, but you should also consider adding accents or accessories that help to brighten the space up.

3. Bohemian Brilliance

If you want to revamp your bathroom using a bohemian vibe, you'll love this bathroom renovation idea. The bathroom is given a touch of rustic charm by painting the walls a distressed blue color with a few salvaged pieces of wood and a vintage bucket to create a chic boho vibe.

You'll also find a few small-scale art pieces around the room to add a bit of color and a pop of personality.

Why it works: The bohemian vibe mixed with the distressed walls and salvaged wood creates an airy and relaxed atmosphere in the room, which is ideal for enjoying a long soak in the bathtub.

4. The Classic Charm

Changing the tile you use on the floor, or the walls can significantly impact the look and feel of the space. Regarding tile, white, grey, and off-white are the most popular options for updating a traditional bathroom.

You can also try out different accent tile patterns to help to bring in a bit of depth and vibrancy or try a different color to help to blend the old with the new.

Off-white and cream-colored tiles are especially popular for updating a classic white bathroom. Blend it with wooden ceiling panels, walls, and floors; you can create a space that feels warm and inviting.

5. ‘Maximalist's’ Dream

If your bathroom is currently "dark," black subway tile can be the perfect solution. Black is bold, dramatic, and visually arresting. It can be used to create a "maximalist's dream bathroom," with stark white walls, a dark floor, and black subway tiles. Black subway tiles also make it easy to incorporate natural light into your design, which is perfect for a small space.

If you'd like to create a more relaxing atmosphere, consider using grey or beige tiles in your bathroom. Grey tones can create a sense of calm, while beige tiles help to make the room feel warmer. Grey and beige tiles also make it easy to incorporate wood tones into your design, which can add a traditional aesthetic to your bathroom.

6. Install a Contrasting Colored Grout

Why should you ceramic tile your bathroom in a contrasting color? Well, it's not just to match the color of your towels and shower curtain. There are a few reasons why you might want to change the color of the tile in your bathroom.

  • The biggest one is that it will make your shower look much cleaner and brighter, especially if you tile your walls in a contrasting color. It is also great to add personality to your bathroom and brighten up a dull space.
  • The incredible thing about grout is that it can go with almost any tile, so you might even want to try and match the grout with the tile you are using to add a little extra color to your space.
  • Also, you can use ultra-thin grout lines that can make a huge difference when it comes to transforming your bathroom. They're easy to clean, they look great, and they're able to withstand heavy foot traffic.
  • A bright white color palette can also make a huge difference. It's easy to go overboard with patterns, colors, and textures, but a bright white color palette is simple, clean, and able to create a bright, airy feel.

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7. Floor-to-ceiling Installation

A floor-to-ceiling white subway tile installation in the bathroom is a design that's going to feel very luxurious and inviting. This elegant look will also feel very modern and sleek. One of those designs would look great in a larger bathroom but could also work in a small space.

You can make the walls more interesting by adding accent tiles that make the room feel a little more functional. You can do this by placing a sink, mirror, and toilet paper holder in the room, so the room feels a little more like a functional space rather than a purely aesthetic one.


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8. The Trendy Minimalist

A minimalist bathroom is another great bathroom remodeling idea. You may be tempted to paint your bathroom walls in a bold color, it's a great idea to keep them more neutral. Regarding the flooring, you might be tempted to go with something bold like wood, but it's also a good idea to go with a lighter-colored tile.

It helps lower the room's overall impact, making it feel more intimate. A minimalist bathroom will feel warm and inviting yet still be very clean and modern. When you change the lighting fixtures, you can add some warm bulbs to help the room feel even warmer. You can also add some plants to help add some greenery to the space.

Bonus Tips: Install Wall Paneling

Wall paneling is an excellent way to add texture and interest to a bathroom wall. You can choose from an array of panel types in order to achieve a look that's both classic and modern. You can install classic paneling with a textured finish that adds a bit of warmth to the room.

You can also choose to go with paneling with a geometric pattern, which comes in various colors and looks great when paired with white cabinets and fixtures.

Why it works: Wall paneling is a great way to add texture and interest to a bathroom wall. Using panel types in both a classic and modern way allows you to make a visual impact in a room that's often overlooked, making it a perfect place for hanging up towels and toiletries.


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Final Thought

If you're tired of your current bathroom design, you can transform your space with these design ideas. You can make your bathroom feel modern and welcoming by simply swapping out fixtures and adding new tiles. Take your design to the next level with the blend of a walk-in shower, a double vanity, and a modern, sleek vanity.

Also, while you're updating fixtures and hardware in your bathroom, you should consider updating the doorknob, hinges, and other hardware. With these design ideas, you can turn your bathroom into a functional and decorative space.


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