7 Things To Bring With You When Visiting a Tile Showroom
7 Things To Bring With You When Visiting a Tile Showroom

7 Things To Bring With You When Visiting a Tile Showroom

A home or office project that includes tiles may seem daunting if it involves too many choices. Visiting a tile showroom to see and feel its offerings is the best way to begin the selection process. Planning your visit and bringing along the following will ensure you make the best decisions that meet your project's requirements.

1. Your Space's Dimensions
Before visiting a tile showroom, remember to take the dimensions of the space you plan to tile. Knowing how many tiles you will need for your project will help you narrow down your choices by considering only tiles in the appropriate size to impact your space significantly.

2. The Surrounding Wall Colors
The tiles you choose will undoubtedly come in contact with the surrounding walls. Be sure to bring along a swatch of the wall paint; this will allow you to see precisely how it looks with the tiles you like. You can also bring home tile samples to compare with your walls, but having a paint sample will help narrow down your tile choices.

3. Inspiration Pictures
Flip through some magazines or peruse some design websites and note any tile colors, textures, shapes, and combinations that appeal to you. You might also consider images of objects or interiors with decorative patterns or colors you admire to help the showroom staff make recommendations. Reviewing these materials will not only help narrow down your choices; it will open up new possibilities for your consideration.

Conversely, if you know you do not want to consider any particular options, be sure to bring along pictures, samples, or descriptions that will give your tile consultant an understanding of anything you dislike.

4. Actual Room Photos and Plans
The most efficient way to describe your space when visiting a tile showroom is to show a picture of it. You might also bring blueprints if you are undertaking new construction. Unless you have perfectly proportioned walls consisting of straight lines and without awkward corners, inconsistencies, or interruptions, a photo is the best way to translate any challenges the tiles must overcome. Pictures and room plans may also allow consultants to raise issues you may have overlooked, such as intense natural light or dark corners.

Room photos that include furniture, window treatments, and wood stains that will remain in your room can ensure that you choose a complementary tile that does not clash with them.

5. Countertop Samples
Bringing an image or sample of a countertop near or against the walls you intend to tile will avoid clashing colors, textures, or finishes. They will also help your tile consultant understand any installation challenges.

6. Your Budget
It is necessary to plan your budget before your first visit to a tile showroom. Doing so will save time and allow you to focus on the tile options that suit your financial requirements. You don't want to fall in love with a tile and later discover that it far exceeds your budget. Knowing the maximum amount you are willing to spend will keep your project moving along without delay.

7. Another Set of Eyes
Consider bringing along someone you trust to offer input and suggestions. A trusted friend or designer could see things that escape your notice if your focus is on one criterion, such as color. Suppose you have difficulty making decisions; having someone by your side whose judgment you trust can be invaluable to make your showroom visit more enjoyable and efficient.

Tiles come in an overwhelming array of colors, sizes, shapes, and patterns. Your visit to a tile showroom will be most productive if you take some time to prepare beforehand and bring along anything that can help you make your decision. For guidance about choosing tiles for your home or business project, call us at 1-833-7MOSAIC (1-833-766-7242) to schedule a time to meet with one of our design consultants.


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