7 Stunning Shower Tile Design Ideas That You Will Love
7 Stunning Shower Tile Design Ideas That You Will Love

7 Stunning Shower Tile Design Ideas That You Will Love

Tiling your bathroom serves utilitarian purposes. The tile installation in your bathing space protects your walls from the water damage or alike and simultaneously brings an appealing effect. If you seek the rejuvenation & freshness of the bathroom, remodeling the shower walls and floors is the best way to carry out a space's makeover.

Creating a rare visual interest to make your shower wall a center of attraction needs innovative shower tile design ideas. To help you stretch your creativity, we offer a spectacular range of shower tiles to decorate your shower walls and shower floor.

This article will walk you through the seven best shower tile design ideas to spruce up your walk-in showers. Also, we have compelled a set of diverse interior design themes by implementing different tile materials, patterns, colors, and finishes in this category.

1. Natural Stone Tiles to Add a Touch of Modernity

Pick the most appropriate natural stone tile from our product range to innovatively restyle your walk-in shower space. The implementation image below shows the installation of a modular pattern and glass polished stone mosaic tile. You can choose different tile patterns for the other walls and shower floor to enhance the modern look of your shower enclosure. 


natural stone shower tiles


Natural stone shower tiles: creative use of natural materials to add a dash of aesthetic appeal to your shower enclosure


Natural stone tiles make your shower walls look gracious and stand out from the other setup. At the same time, you can feel amid natural elements when you have these beautiful tiles installed on your rain shower wall. Consider appropriate grout lines to create a harmonious visual appeal for your shower area during your shower tiling project. 

2. Play with the Colors While Installing Glazed Ceramic Tiles

If you wish to renovate a small bathroom, subway tiles can be perfect for executing creative home decor ideas that will boost the aesthetics of your shower space.

creative shower tiles


Creative shower tile ideas by mixing tile patterns and colors.

Charcoal Gray Modern 3X10 Subway - Glazed Ceramic Tile - MTO0348


A combination of black and brown subway tile and an intricate hexagon pattern floor tile will make your tiny bathroom look glamorous. Glazed ceramic tiles are ideal for any wet room as they are highly water-resistant.

You can add an accent to the back wall by installing hexagon pattern tiles similar to your shower floor for a small shelf within the wall. Ensure your bath products and fittings match the tile color scheme for a seamless transition.

3. Add a Unique Twist With Tile Patterns

A featured wall draws attention and makes any part of the home an efficient space. The implementation image below showcases a bathroom with natural variations of tile patterns. When larger tiles cover most shower walls, smaller tiles in different shades beautify an accent wall and shower floor.

linear glass shower tile


Complement glass shower doors by installing large-format porcelain shower tiles and linear shower wall tiles

Gray Modern Large Format 10X30 Glossy Pattern - Porcelain Wall Tile - MTO0450


For a spacious shower area, you can try different shades in a color palette. Create an accent wall by implementing linear pattern shower wall tiles, and install penny round tiles of almost the same color as bathroom floor tiles.

4. Glass Mosaic Tiles Eye-Catching Elegance

Installing white subway tile across the walls of your walk-in shower may be among the popular tile ideas. However, you can add a touch of eye-catching elegance to the bathroom walls by installing broad horizontal stripes of sparkling, iridescent-finish glass mosaic tiles.


iridescent glass shower tiles


Make your walk-in showers the most lovable spaces by installing iridescent glass shower tiles

Black Classic 1X1 Stacked Squares Iridescent Glossy - Glass Mosaic Tile - MTOD0065


The stacked square tile pattern, black color scheme, and intricate tile size of 1X1 inch elevate the aura of white subway tile. You can also try other tile patterns, like the herringbone pattern, to enhance the appeal of subway tile. The creative tile design will add life to your shower walls.

5.Suitable  Color Palette Matters

Choosing a suitable color scheme to beautify the shower walls, shower floor, countertops, other walls, and ceiling in a spacious bathroom is critical. Browse the exclusive collection of shower tiles to execute exciting tile ideas and add a dash of visual appeal to the entire bathroom.


decorative shower tile


Let the natural light enhance the elegance of decorative tile in your spacious shower
Blue Modern Large Format 10X30 Glossy Pattern - Porcelain Wall Tile - MTO0447


Large-format porcelain wall tiles, with a stripe of linear-pattern tiles in gray and white colors, a similar color for floor tiles, countertops, and furnishing in the bathroom, will make the room look gorgeous. Arrange your interior illumination to create the ‘Wow!’ factor.

6. Multicolor Ceramic Tiles in a Rare Tile Pattern

As discussed earlier, ceramic tiles are ideal for wet areas, as they are the least porous tile material. However, if you wish to make the walls more attractive and glamorous, think about using some rarely used tile patterns - like the fan fish pattern as shown in the implementation image below:

Fan Fish Shower Tile


Ceramic fan fish shower tiles - perfect for shower niche


Shower tile in such a pattern and neutral hues look soothing to the eyes and help you portray a unique style element while renovating your shower space. Ceramic tile lasts longer and retains the most beautiful aura of your walk-in shower or even a bathtub provided with a shower.

7. Set the Regal Tone With Arabesque Pattern Shower Tile

Would you like to bring a glimpse of magnificent palaces, curved entrances, and the beauty of Arabian architecture, usually seen outdoors inside? Implementing tile design with arabesque pattern tiles can be a perfect choice!


marble mosaic tile


Marble tiles add a unique style statement to your modern bathroom

White Classic 5X5 Arabesque Glossy - Ceramic Tile - MTO0619


 Combine a large, white, matte-finish ceramic tile with a colorful glass stone mosaic tile in the same pattern. You can install colorful arabesque tiles for a small shelf within the shower wall to make it a focal point within your bathroom.

Along with the seven stunning shower tile ideas above, we have covered more such design ideas through an infographic.

The pictorial representation of design ideas and a brief on execution will help you consider more options while choosing your shower tiles for your upcoming bathroom renovation project. Let's take a glance at the infographic:
7 Most Exciting Shower Tile Design Ideas


The Takeaway

The article and infographic cover different  bathroom shower tile design ideas to help you restyle your walk-in showers and other parts of the bathroom. We wish to bring forth the most innovative shower tile ideas to make your choice of shower tiles easier while renovating your bathroom.

Consider these shower tile varieties and select the most appropriate shower tile to match your design aspirations during your bathroom renovation project.


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