7 Mistakes To Avoid While Selecting Kitchen Backsplash Tile
7 Mistakes To Avoid While Selecting Kitchen Backsplash Tile

7 Mistakes To Avoid While Selecting Kitchen Backsplash Tile

Are you excited about planning the most appealing kitchen design for your new house? Or are you among many homeowners who strive to pick the right kitchen backsplash during a kitchen renovation project? You are at the right place.

You love to have a timeless look with the best layout for your kitchen. To make your kitchen highly functioning and aesthetically appealing, you need to consider the color scheming, tile layout, styling aspirations, and various other elements for the whole kitchen.

Your kitchen backsplash contributes to generating a dramatic look for your kitchen. Your kitchen backsplash ranging from the countertop to cabinets or even the ceiling enriches the overall visual appeal. However, consider the most common backsplash mistakes with tile selection and design synchronization.

Kitchen Backsplash Mistakes that Degrade Your Aesthetics

Mosaic tiles for backsplashes are available in a tremendous range of variety. There are enormous options to pick from. However, the overwhelming choices may lead to common kitchen backsplash mistakes.

This article takes you through 7 common kitchen backsplash mistakes you can avoid during your kitchen remodeling project. If you wish to make the kitchen backsplash the focal point, drill down the possible errors to make informed and wise buying decisions.

1. Making an Already Busy Kitchen Too Busy

If you have a busy kitchen with many dynamic elements, the backsplash for your kitchen should not complicate the overall appeal. Try to avoid a busy backsplash when the other features in the room are making it too haphazard.

You must be wondering what is a 'busy backsplash?' Take a glance at the following kitchen backsplash implementation image.

The glazed ceramic tiles in a linear pattern are installed from the countertop to the bottom of the cabinets. If you run through these tiles up to the ceiling, around the window, and sink - covering the walls - they will make the visual appearance weird.


quartzite mosaic tile


Linear pattern tile backsplash - glazed ceramic tiles - ideal for a busy kitchen
Blue Modern Linear - Glazed Ceramic - Quartzite Mosaic Tile - MTO0004


The kitchen is already crowded with cabinets, utensils, and other elements. Keeping the backsplash zone limited is wise in such cases.

Let's think of another case - to see how intricate patterns look glorious in spacious kitchens.


Cream Modern Arabesque Resin Composites Mosaic Tile


Get an excellent dash of visual appeal by installing arabesque pattern backsplash tiles


The intricate arabesque pattern resin composite mosaics bring a feeling of having a stainless steel backsplash. You can run these tiles up to the ceiling and see the magic.

2. Tile Backsplash with Imbalanced Color Palette

Another common mistake many homeowners make while choosing the perfect tile for a backsplash is overlooking the color palette. The kitchen backsplash should harmonize with the kitchen countertop, cabinets, walls, paint color, and other materials.


Glass Mosaic Tile

Subway tiles in a wood grain finish merge gorgeously with wooden cabinets
Brown Glossy Wood Grain - Modern 3X6 Subway - Glass Mosaic Tile - MTO0334
When choosing the tile for a new backsplash during your kitchen renovations, ensure that the tiles' hues match the surrounding elements. The above implementation image shows the best example - a wood grain finish subway tile amid wooden cabinets and beige countertop.

3. Misleading Style Elements

One of the kitchen backsplash mistakes is overlooking the 'style' you wish to display. Your interior designer may suggest a natural stone tile to enchant a classic look. Most notably, are the other elements suitable for a traditional appeal?  


white gray blue silver mosaic tile

Select modern or classic style tiles per the other elements in the kitchen.
White Gray Blue Silver - Classic 2X2 Arabesque Metallic - Glossy Glass Stone Mosaic Tile - MTO0519


 The above implementation image shows glass tiles that mimic a marble tile backsplash. Consider installing these tiles from your kitchen countertops to the upper cabinet level, choosing white cabinets or open shelving during the kitchen remodeling.

If the individual tile doesn't reflect the classic or traditional style - per the storage arrangements, chimney, and countertop - the overall setup of your backsplash will look awkward.

4. Implementing Monotonous Mosaic Tile Patterns

Not considering mosaic tile pattern customization is one of the significant kitchen backsplash mistakes. Tiling the entire backsplash with the same tile pattern may sometimes bring a monotonous appearance.

Stretch your creativity during the kitchen remodeling planning stage and think of mixing and matching various tile patterns, preferably in the same color.

The implementation image below shows a fantastic example of blending the all-time classic subway tiles with other tile patterns. The execution mixes arabesque, basketweave, and pencil tile patterns.



Give Your All-White Kitchen A Contemporary Look By Customizing White Tile Patterns
White Modern Arabesque - Glazed Ceramic Mosaic Tile - MTO0249
White Classic 3X12 Subway - Glazed Ceramic Tile - MTO0257


Tile pattern customization is the most practical way to try enormous possibilities to beautify your tile backsplash. That automatically makes your kitchen backsplash the center of attraction for any guest entering your kitchen.

5. Mismatching Grout for Glass Tile Backsplash

Not choosing the appropriate color grout is among the common backsplash mistakes that decrease the overall visual aura of your backsplash. The grout lines should complement the tile color and enhance the appeal.

The implementation image below shows glass tiles in a linear pattern and a metallic glossy finish. White grout suits this installation. You can also apply grout lines across the electrical outlets for a homogeneous appearance.


glass stone mosaic tile

Use appropriate color grout to uplift the visual impact of your tile backsplash.
Beige Red White Classic Linear - Metallic Glossy - Glass Stone Mosaic Tile - MTO0266


You can use a darker grout if the tile color is similar. You can try to generate a catchy contrast with the tiles. Your kitchen remodeling aspirations should include exploring and customizing different tile colors and selecting a suitable grout to make your kitchen backsplash look gorgeous.

6. Not Executing a Focal Point

Your kitchen remodeling project is an opportunity to build a dream kitchen. If you don't think of creating a focal point by implementing an exciting kitchen backsplash, you are missing a crucial element in the kitchen design.


Glossy Metallic Glass Mosaic Tile
Black glossy subway tiles help you generate a focal point in your kitchen.
Black Modern 2X6 Faceted Beveled Subway - Glossy Metallic Glass Mosaic Tile - MTO0157
Try some innovative executions, like under cabinet lighting or Mid-Century Retro-Style illumination. Similarly, contrasting colors for walls, cabinets, furnishing, and backsplashes will help you reveal an exciting essence of style for your kitchen.

7. Not Considering Budgetary Constraints

If you don't consider cost-effective kitchen tiles to glamorize your wall space within the kitchen, your kitchen renovation may go very expensive. Firstly, you don't need premium backsplash tiles to have a great look.

Secondly, decide the area of your backsplash to be tiled considering the per square foot price of tiles you choose. You can maintain the height up to the bottom of cabinets to save on tile cost.


Blue Beige Modern Modular Glossy Glass Mosaic Tile


Limit the height of your backsplash to save cost.
Blue Beige Modern Modular Glossy - Glass Mosaic Tile - MTO0506


Think of tiling the backsplash up to lintel level or up to the ceiling if your budget allows. Aligning your design ideas with the budget is crucial to making your kitchen backsplash installation cost-effective.


The following infographic will help you remember these 7 common kitchen backsplash mistakes and guide you to pick the correct tile by browsing through our exclusive collection.

7 Most Common Kitchen Backsplash Mistakes You Can Avoid



To Summarize

The article and infographic cover the 7 backsplash tile mistakes you can avoid while selecting appropriate backsplash tiles. Consider these possible mistakes during tile selection and redefine the kitchen decor by picking the best kitchen backsplash tile from our product range.


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