7 Best Pool Tile Designs & Ideas for 2022
7 Best Pool Tile Designs & Ideas for 2022

7 Best Pool Tile Designs & Ideas for 2022

Each year brings a brand new design trends helping the homeowners to create an overwhelming backyard retreat. Pools are space for rejuvenation, relieving your stress, revitalizing your body and mind, or it can be your party place! Summer pool parties are always on trend!!! The space adds value to the home. With summer approaching, it is the ideal time to remodel or upgrade your pool & exterior space.


Implementing the best pool tiles designs complement your home, and the out-of-the-box ideas can infuse life into the space. Whether your view of the best pool tile is minimalist and ultra-contemporary or mimics a tropical paradise with an eccentric vibe, this article will take you through the design ideas to transform your swimming pool into an outdoor oasis.


glass mosaic tile


Blue Yellow Modern Modular Glossy - Glass Mosaic Tile - MTO0090


Here we have enlisted the seven best pool tile ideas and designs; we also have covered some perfect swimming pool tile ideas to jazz up your fountain installations, spas, and waterfalls. Create the most convincing first impression by adopting the most spectacular pool tile ideas and showcase your taste and style sense.


Let's drill down the 7 best pool tile ideas to create a picture-perfect swimming space.

#1 Pool Tiles that Merge Well with the Waters and the Sky

Glass mosaic tiles with blue shades are prominently used for enhancing the visual impact of swimming pools. Blue is a universally accepted color of the ocean and the sky, and it is indeed a unique perspective to make your swimming pool look soothing under sunlight. Besides, implementing these pool tiles can create a mesmerizing aura amid artificial illumination at night.


The ultimate aim of installing swimming pools in your exterior space is to make significant value-addition to your property and have a place to chill along with your loved ones. A clever choice of swimming pool tile - and half the battle is won! 


Our glass mosaic tile in a modular pattern, glossy finish, and a rare blend of blue and yellow shades add a high-end appeal to your swimming pool. The pattern carrying various shapes and sizes bond together, and an artistic combination of attractive colors brings the feel of a classic resort.


#2 Craft a Vibe Of 'Mediterranean Paradise’ With Feature Wall

If your swimming pool is placed at a lower level from the plinth of your building, you can decorate the vertical space by executing a featured wall adjacent to your swimming pool. Take a glance at the featured wall installation shown in the implementation image below.


metallic glass mosaic tile


MultiColor  Modern 1X1 Squares Iridescent Metallic Look - Glass Mosaic Tile - MTOD0003


The iridescent finish with a metallic look and multiple eye-catching colors on the glass pool tiles make the featured wall the beauty spot within your exterior space. Well-designed illumination focusing on this wall can make your outer space a perfect venue for evening hangouts with your family and friends.

#3 Bring The Classic Tudor With Waterline Tiles

Choosing a waterline tile is tricky - as you must balance the beauty and functionality of these tiles. Porcelain tiles in a deco pattern and a matte finish can serve this purpose. The pool's waterline will be intact and will not create yellow scaling. At the same time, the floral design on the waterline tile, combining black, gray, and off-white colors, will make a unique style statement, creating a ‘royal’ statement. 


Matte Porcelain Tile


Black Gray Off White Modern 6X6 Deco Patterned - Matte Porcelain Tile - MTO0234


This waterline tile is made of porcelain - one of the most durable tile materials for this application. Porcelain is highly dense and has high water resistance. So, the beauty of these tiles lasts for years ahead. Choose these porcelain swimming pool tiles to create a classic outlook.

#4 Let the Blue Hues Create the Magic

Glass tiles in blue color shades can make your summer a blast! Take a glance at the implementation image below. A modular pattern, iridescent, translucent finish, and a touch of modernity through beautiful blue shades create a magical hue to your swimming pool and propel the entire landscaping in the exterior space to new heights.


Blue Modern Modular Iridescent Translucent
Blue Modern Modular Iridescent Translucent - Glass Mosaic Tile - MTO0110


 The decorative arrangement of pebbles in a corner highlights the glitter of swimming pool tiles. This is one of the most astonishing pool tile ideas. You can implement this beside an outdoor kitchen. You can also plan a DIY project using these modern pool tile designs to have a backyard oasis. Transform your backyard into a private tranquil, luxurious space for your own.

#5 Striking A Contrasting Decor

Choosing a classic-style swimming pool tile helps you soothe the vintage-style decor elements. Take a look at the cobalt-blue pool tile in a stacked squares pattern and a glossy finish. 

The stone tile across the periphery of the swimming pool separates the water and these cobalt blue tiles from the landscaping. Along with that, the stone tiles on the exterior vertical side also look fabulous.


Cobalt Blue Classic 1X1 Stacked Squares


Cobalt Blue Classic 1X1 Stacked Squares - Glossy Glass Mosaic Tile - MTO0295


You can see smaller triangles on the steps to enter the pool waters - made from the same pool tiles. The cobalt blue glass mosaic tiles form the waterline and cover a portion of the pool's bottom. The overall arrangement showcases a lovely contrast - soothing to the eyes and the soul.

#6 Experience the Crux Of Tranquility 

Are you fond of pool tile ideas aimed at making your backyard a space to relax and rejuvenate? The pool tile you choose must complement this theme - Right? Here you go! - Light blue, multicolor glass pool tile in a stacked square pattern helps you experience the essence of serenity.


Multicolor Light Blue Modern 1X1 Stacked Squares


Multicolor Light Blue Modern 1X1 Stacked Squares - Glossy Mosaic Tile - MTOD0188


The light blue, mixed with other soothing color shades, add a 'cool' visual effect to your swimming pool. Install stone tiles on the edge of the swimming pool, and install the pool deck around the pool to relax on the recliner sofas and other cozy seating arrangements.


Customize the space by creating a spa-like set-up across the swimming pool. Make your backyard the most sought-after location.

#7 Setting the Aquatic Mood

Diving into the swimming pool whenever you want can turn every day into a Palm Springs vacation. Ensure you decorate your swimming pool using the perfect pool tiles to live those rejuvenating moments to the fullest. 


Glass pool tile in a modular pattern and a combo of cobalt, blue, white, and yellow will help you set that rare 'Aquatic Mood' for your swimming pool decor.


White Yellow Cobalt Blue Modular Glossy Translucent


White Yellow Cobalt Blue Modular Glossy Translucent - Glass Mosaic Tile - MTO0114


As shown in the implementation image above, you can install these pool tiles across the periphery of the pool and water lines. You can utilize engineered wooden planks, concrete, ceramic, marble, or other natural stone tiles or slabs for the deck or patio floor.

Tile materials, such as glass mosaics, ceramic, porcelain, river rock, marble, and natural stone, are suitable for swimming pools, fountains, spas, waterfalls, and other wet areas. You can browse the exclusive swimming pool mosaic tiles collection to explore and experiment with the appearance through more design ideas.


Selecting appropriate pool tiles may be challenging. We created an infographic compiling the 5 most critical selection factors. Take a look at this infographic:

mosaic pool tiles

The Takeaway

The article and the infographic cover some of the most fascinating pool tile ideas to beautify your swimming pools, spas, fountains, and other wet areas in the exterior space of your homes. Whatever design aspiration you have in your mind to restyle your swimming pool, we have suitable tiles to complement your desired color palette, finish, style, and pattern.


Stay tuned for more must-read articles to help you in your home renovation projects or new tile installations. Rely on Mosaic Tile Outlet for all your mosaic tile needs for home decor aspirations.


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