5 Modern Tiling Design Trends That Should Last Beyond 2020
5 Modern Tiling Design Trends That Should Last Beyond 2020

5 Modern Tiling Design Trends That Should Last Beyond 2020

It’s always difficult to discern the difference between a short-term fad and a long-lasting trend. If you’re not careful, you may end up with a fad-inspired design that’s already out of fashion by the time installation is done. By picking a trend, though, you can stay at the forefront of modern design that ages like fine wine into something newly classic.

To help separate the fads from the trends, we’ll walk you through five modern tiling designs that we expect to last. Make sure to read on before you realize your newly installed tile design doesn’t fall by the wayside.


Disguised Tile

One of the main advantages of tile is that its design can resemble practically anything:

  • Concrete 
  • Fabric 
  • Marble slabs 
  • Modern metals 
  • Natural stone 
  • Wood planks 

This means you can mix the advantages of cozy, warming natural woods or fabrics with the durability of tiles. It also means that instead of plunking down a budget-breaking amount of marble to achieve that elegant look, you can go with marble-looking tile as a cost-effective yet distinguished option. Marble-looking tile can be especially effective in master bathrooms or kitchens.

Concrete-looking tile is especially popular in 2020. It’s modern, industrial, and can make any space a touch hipper than its current look.


Decorative Tile

To add personality to any space, decorative tile should do the trick as the design possibilities are practically endless. Looking to add a bit of texture? Look at decorative tiles! Want a splash of color? Decorative tiles are a smart choice. Needing some dimension or depth to create a sense of more space? Again, decorative tiles are the way to go.

Another benefit of decorative tiles is you don’t need to go overboard to make them pop. Some tiling behind a bathroom vanity or on the kitchen backsplash can add just enough of a modern concept without it completely taking over your space.


Hexagon-Shaped Tile

When most people picture tiles, they likely imagine the classic squares. Hexagon-shaped tiles, though, are constantly evolving and can add a fun, geometric design to what can otherwise seem staid and unadventurous. This type of tile is also a wonderful way to incorporate texture and add depth to a wall, and when you match them with some three-dimensional art, you can transform an entire space. Mixing solid colors and patterned hexagon tiles can also help reinforce a color scheme and capture the attention of guests.


Marble Tile

Picking marble as a modern design may be a bit of a cheat as marble rarely goes out of style. But if you’re looking to pick a design that’s popular now and whose design will last for a while, it’s hard to go wrong with this design.

Modern tiles can also be fairly large, which helps to capture the feel and look of slabs of marble. With the advancement of inkjet printing technologies, you can also craft your own marble designs to create strong, bold designs that will impress guests and leave them wondering how you could afford so much marble.


Sleek Tile

The future moves fast, which is why sleek designs are considered especially modern. Sleek, modern tile designs can add elegance and subtle design touches that allow splashes of color to really pop. While some may dismiss this style as somewhat cold, we prefer to think of it as a canvas that opens the possibilities of personalization and customization. That is, you can make this tile design really work for you as you swap out seasonally inspired accouterment like vases, pillows, or towels.


Modern Design

Installing new tiling can update a home’s look and keep it refreshed and modern. Get started today with tile samples through the Mosaic Tile Outlet to help determine what design options look best in your home.


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