3 Ways To Create Mid-Century Designs with Tile
3 Ways To Create Mid-Century Designs with Tile

3 Ways To Create Mid-Century Designs with Tile

Mid-century styles might bring to mind images of avocado green throw pillows and minimalistic furniture on peg-legs. Or, if you’re familiar with it, , AMC’s award-winning drama Mad Men, which was set in 1960’s New York City at the height of the mid-century modern, or “mod” style wave. This design trend is all about color, shapes, lines, and a lack of clutter. Here are three suggestions for incorporating your own mid-century designs into your home with tile designs in a way that won’t break your budget:

  1. Look for Geometric Designs

    Florals and small patterns are out, and large, flashy shapes are in. Mid-century style is all about creating a simplistic elegance by using geometric lines and colors. You won’t want to get stone- or wood-look tile to accomplish a mid-century look, because anything textured or muted will look odd in a home that is leaning toward the mod design trend. Both glossy tile and matte will work in your favor here, but if you want to add drama to your home’s look, be sure to search for large, colorful patterns like diamonds or pickets. You don’t have to stick with rectangular tiles, either: try using geometric shapes, like hexagons or chevrons. When laying geometric tile, you might either want to consult an expert or practice laying out the tile in several different ways before you choose to adhere it to the wall or to the floor. Keep in mind, it’s not as easy as laying subway tile, which is meant to look like a stack of bricks.

    1. Add Pops of Color

    Mid-century design is anything but bland. Use flashes of color throughout the house by adding tile that boasts fresh, geometric designs or bright hues. These tiles are not made to hide behind a door or a kitchen cabinet! Though certain colors might seem outdated, many mid-century styles are making a comeback: when you use bright colors in small doses, they will not overwhelm your living space (or your eyes). For a fresh look, try orange, brown, pink – which was especially popular when tiling mid-century bathrooms – and chartreuse. That last one, though, might be an acquired taste! When you pair these mid-century modern bright tile colors with 2020’s white, grey, and otherwise muted walls, the results will look quite interesting and inviting - but not overwhelming or too "out there".

    1. Utilize Subway Tiles for Clean Lines

    Subway tiles, with their clean, geometric lines, are an excellent choice for any high-humidity areas, like kitchens and bathrooms. Create a mid-century getaway by tiling your shower with both subway tiles and an additional hexagonal design on the bathroom floor, like in this stunning example. We are proud to offer several different colors and patterns of subway tile that are both durable and easy to install. For beginning DIY tilers, subway tile might be your best bet if you are set on creating this new look by yourself. Subway tiles, because of their everlasting popularity, will look good in 10 years and will likely blend into the rest of your house – even if you decide down the road that you would rather decorate your space differently.

    Mid-century modern style, with its bold patterns, clean lines, and love of hexagonal designs, is not for the faint of heart. If you want to do a complete home makeover, great! We’ve got you covered with all different shapes and patterns of tile. If you would rather add this design to your home in small doses, that’s ok too. Whether you want to refresh your home’s décor for practical purposes or if you simply want to pretend that you live in the world of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, contact Mosaic Tile Outlet to discuss how we could help you achieve your design goals.


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