2022 Trending Tiles for Feature Wall
2022 Trending Tiles for Feature Wall

2022 Trending Tiles for Feature Wall

If you want to add some pizzazz to your home but don't want to invest much time and money into a large-scale remodeling project, a feature wall is a perfect solution for any room in your house. Consider some of these 2021 tile trends when adding this unique feature to your living space.


Gold, silver, bronze and other metallic shades have a place in the 2021 home, where they can find their way onto the walls. Consider a lively arabesque pattern accented with shimmering shades of gold and silver, such as our MTO0488. This classic design has dramatic appeal when it appears on a wall surrounding a fireplace as the light from the fire dances against it. 

Refined Stone and Marble

In 2021, we see a movement toward smooth, refined stone tiles and a move away from rough imperfection. Whether on countertops or walls, marble, dolomite and pebbled tiles create impressive accent walls. Use marble wall tiles to extend the look of a marble countertop in your kitchen. You can add an exotic flair to your powder room with a wall of polished marble behind your vanity or go all out with tiles of shiny pebbles to cover an entire wall of your nature-inspired dining room. 

Geometric Pattern

Ceramic tiles that create geometric repeat patterns, including herringbone, circles, starbursts or combinations of shapes, create an illusion of depth. Geometric tiles can turn accent walls into artistic statements when they are used to create dramatic patterns. In 2021, tiles can become a medium of self-expression to decorate feature walls.

Contrasting Color With Shine

In 2021, feature walls in muted and faded colors can have a substantial impact. Soft shades of silver and gray or nature-inspired greens and browns will work together to create calming yet intricate patterns as in our MTO0519. Alternatively, oversized tiles in muted colors can mimic the patterns and subtle shade variations of natural stone. Either way, when these tiles receive a glossy finish, they can brighten a room by reflecting light, making them perfect for the wall surrounding a fireplace or opposite a window.

Matte Finish

Despite shiny tiles' suitability for opening up a room, 2021 will also embrace matte tile accent walls, especially ones consisting of unpolished wood and stone. This will speak to the growing trend toward sustainability and homes filled with eco-friendly furnishings and energy systems. Matte tiles that mimic natural elements also create warmth and coziness, which people may crave as they spend more time than ever inside their homes.

Retro Revisited

Late 18th and early 20th-century retro designs' sumptuousness stands alone among the upcoming interior design trends but finds a perfect place on feature walls. Retro-inspired penny tiles, such as our MTO0518, at once create a vintage and modern appeal and work as beautifully on kitchen or bathroom backsplashes as on living room, bedroom or mudroom accent walls. Combining the design with various metallic and earth-toned colors or mother-of-pearl gives this tile design a timeless look that carries well into 2021.  

Subway Shape

Although there is nothing new about the shape of subway tiles, they will dramatically change in scale and color in 2021. White will still be a popular option, but when these tiles grow in size or appear vertically, they become playful and don't fade into the background. Subway tiles combine with jeweled or muted colors, matte or shiny finishes and natural wood and stone to become a highly versatile option to distinguish 2021's feature walls. 

Adding tile to a feature wall is a simple way to completely transform a room. Consider any of our new tile designs to create one or more feature walls that will keep your home on-trend in 2021.


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