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2022 Bathroom Tile Trends

2022 Bathroom Tile Trends

Is remodeling your bathroom on your cards this season? The most crucial task would be to decide on the kinds of tiles you want for your bathroom walls, shower enclosures, or a backsplash. The color, texture, pattern, size, and finish of the tiles do matter. These factors influence the overall aesthetic appeal of your bathroom.


white taupe beige glass polished stone mosaic tile


Earlier, choosing tiles for bathrooms was all about durability, water resistance, ease in installation and maintenance. Yet, bringing out a unique personality of the space has been an emerging trend these days.


Be creative and choose a variety of mosaic tiles for different surfaces in your bathroom. For instance, the Glass Polished Stone Mosaic Tile makes your shower extremely appealing when wisely combined with other patterns and colors in mosaic tiles for bathrooms.


Take advantage of the variety available in mosaic tiles to redecorate your bathrooms, giving them an all-new glamor. Bathrooms are the spaces where you enjoy liberty at its highest levels. So, never let that place be a cornered space at your home, where you need to spend some time. It’s time to rejuvenate and refresh, enjoying the alluring feel of being in your bathrooms! The magic happens when you choose your bathroom tiles wisely.

A Glossy Metallic Twist to Subway

Using subway-patterned tiles has been a tradition for bathrooms. However, there is nothing wrong with experimenting with new colors and finishes to add elegance to your bathrooms. Isn’t it? Our Glossy Metallic Glass Mosaic Tile offers you an opportunity to get an industrial cum modular styling element to your bathroom walls or backsplashes.




The beveled edges and the exciting color shade make this variety perfect as your next bathroom tiles for remodeling your bathrooms. These tiles are water-resistant and require minimal maintenance too. Again, the glossy finish adds a touch of modernity to the aesthetics of your bathroom.

Wise Inclusion of Geometry

Geometrical patterns look stunning and catchy. Your bathroom walls get a new persona with a vibrant touch as you choose a geometric patterned bathroom tile for your backsplash. How about using a durable porcelain mosaic tile, glazed to perfection, with an aqua-like, soft, blue color? Your bathroom backsplash looks astonishing after installing these tiles.


The herringbone pattern enhances the overall appearance of your bathroom. Using this pattern could be a fantastic example of including geometry on your bathroom walls with a sensible approach.





Moreover, there are many more patterns and geometric shapes to choose from available at our outlet. Feel free to plan out a variety of combinations according to various significant factors, like:

  • The size of your bathroom, 
  • The overall theme you wish to follow for the interior, and of course,
  • Your personal preferences for the finish, color, and even material.

3D Grabs the Attention

If you are interested in making your bathroom a place you would love to visit, adding spice to its aesthetics is always the key. The trendier way to remodel your bathroom, to make it look a bit more catchy and astonishing, could be using 3D creatively on your bathroom walls.




Though the 3D pattern on these tiles seems complex, these tiles are surprisingly easy to install. Place them as a backsplash for your shower, washbasin, or your bathtub. The intricate pattern makes your space look truly grand and alluring at the same time.


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Whatever your style or choice may be, you can count on Mosaic Tile Outlet’s massive variety of mosaic to fit any style you have in mind. Simple, neutral, traditional or modern, we’ve got you covered.


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