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2019 Mosaic Tile Color Trends

2019 Mosaic Tile Color Trends

Top Color Trends for 2019

Home decorating is more than just furniture. The colors you choose for your floors, walls and fixtures also play crucial roles in creating an overall aesthetic. While it’s important to make choices that reflect your personal style, keeping an eye on new trends in design and color can help get the creative juices flowing.

Some bold colors dominated 2018; the Pan-tone “Color of the Year” was Ultra Violet, after all. While rich jewel tones may continue, here are the four top color trends we’re seeing for 2019.

1. Daring Combinations

If you can’t pick a favorite color, this could be the trend for you. You can transform any room with wall tiles of different colors and shapes. Trade in monochromatic shades for a more artistic approach and combine any of your favorite colors.

2. Playful Patterns

Patterns are another way to get in all of your favorite colors. With mosaic tiles, it’s easy to create eye-catching, creative and elegant patterns. From floral to art deco, the color options are nearly endless.

3. Upgraded Classics

Some materials, such as ceramics, will always be on trend, but even these classics go through evolution's. For 2019 we’re expecting to see a switch to dark colors. To create a dramatic look, go with bold green or black. For a sophisticated touch, go with gray or glossy finishes.

4. Throwback Pastels

Just when you thought pastels were solely the domain of kids’ rooms, they appear to be migrating into other rooms as an alternative to neutrals. The retro colors are soft and toned down, creating a pleasing environment. Try out lilac, tea rose, peach orange, celery or lemon yellow for a change.

When it comes to design, the right color is the one that makes you feel comfortable in your home. For guidance on selecting tile patterns and colors, contact Mosaic Tile Outlet today. Our team of experts can help you choose a design for your walls and walk you through the details of caring for your natural stone tiles so you can maintain whichever color scheme you choose.


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