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2019 Bathroom Tile Trends

2019 Bathroom Tile Trends

When it comes to bathrooms most tend to be a little bit more reserved or conservative in their styling.“Simple” might be a more accurate description. It’s easy to just pick a simple tile that blends with your current color palette, verify that it is appropriate for wet, shower areas, and then call it a day. 

If you really think about it though, your bathroom is probably the one room you have the most freedom to go crazy with your renovation and choice of tile. The bathroom is the perfect place to have its own mood, vibe, and theme - why not take advantage of that? Don’t play it safe and install the same or a similar tile as the rest of your home - live a little - make it a room you want to visit, not just a room you need to be in.


Subway Tiles… Are in?

It’s easy to lump subway tiles in with the old or played out tile options. But if you have a creative mindset, it’s easy to see there are endless possibilities - especially today when subway tiles have evolved past just being simple 3” x 6” tiles. Subway Tiles now come in a variety of sizes and finishes. Not to mention these are perfect to mix and match to create a nice brick pattern you are unlikely to find anywhere else. You can switch it up with your installation by installing it in different directions & orientations creating new patterns, borders, even a sense of direction within the confines of your bathroom.


Texture Dimensions

Did someone make a law to require all tiles to be flat, rectangular, or square? No? I didn’t think so either. So why aren’t more people taking advantage of the emerging new shapes popping up at the market. Hex shapes, herringbones, arabesques, etc - you know exactly which ones I’m talking about. These tiles are also coming in new unique finishes and textures. They come in raised or “caved,in” finishes that provided a sense of depth with 3 dimensional perspectives and also with more detailed features mixing in smooth and rough textures which bring an organic and more natural element into your home. Maybe it’s time to take a break from the same old beige, smooth, flat tiles that dominate most “renovated” homes.


Matte All The Things

Glossy finishes will always have a place in any home. Their features allow them to provide a more dramatic affect - bringing out color in varying intensities and brightening rooms as well depending on the amount of available light being refracted and reflected from their surfaces. 

But matte finishes provide a more refined experience. Filling rooms with a less harsh presence, being overall less prone to smudges and reflections. Their low sheen making them much easier to maintain. Overall they exude a type of reserved and mature elegance that gloss finishes can’t compete with. Matte finishes don’t need any of the flashy and bold characteristics of gloss, it’s unspoken sophistication alone is enough to speak for itself. If you are seeking, classy, sophisticated, and low maintenance - matte is for you. 

On the other hand, who says you can’t enjoy both gloss and matte finishes together to create an all new experience with each complimenting the other?

 We’ll leave that up to you.


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