10 Common Bathroom Remodel Mistakes: The Renovation Checklist
10 Common Bathroom Remodel Mistakes: The Renovation Checklist

10 Common Bathroom Remodel Mistakes: The Renovation Checklist

When you take up a home renovation project, planning is vital. And when you're talking about a remodel of your shower place, the stakes are even higher. Whether you're building a new shower space or just updating your old one, any changes trigger a whole set of questions and concerns.

Bathrooms can be one of the challenging corners in a home to remodel. It can be especially challenging to design a remodeled bathroom with storage issues and limited space. However, with a bit of planning, forethought, and creative thinking, you can make your remodeling project more accessible than you might think. The challenge is knowing what not to do when remodeling your bathroom so that it feels like a special place for you and your family.

Remodeling your bathroom may seem scary, but it doesn't have to be! By avoiding some common mistakes during your bathroom remodel project, you'll have an updated space that feels brand new. Read on to get details on the most common bathroom renovation mistakes.

10 Common Bathroom Remodel Mistakes to Avoid

Observing a fresh new, remodeled bathroom can be the essence of serenity, and the entire feeling is enthralling. If you're planning on redesigning your bathroom in the near future, let's check out the top 10 common renovation mistakes that everyone should avoid and discover some solutions to help you keep your bathroom remodeling project on track and within budget:

1. Overly Long Bathing Space

Many homeowners are in love with glass doors for the bathroom. They seem so modern and stylish, so most remodelers choose this style for their projects. But sadly, not everyone can use glass doors for their bathrooms. Because of the high heat and humidity in bathrooms, the doors are exposed to extremely high temperatures and humidity, damaging or warping them.


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Additionally, the insulated glass walls can make it challenging to find room and clean air to breathe. And if you're planning on installing a shower, then you should know that most shower doors are not meant to be extremely wide. So, this can lead to issues like uneven water pressure and overflowing water.

2. Mismatched Fixtures

Fixtures in your bathroom can be a great source of inspiration for your remodeling project. However, there are some specifics that you should keep in mind while choosing your fixtures.

First, you don't want to choose fixtures that are too dissimilar to each other. This is because it makes your bathroom look too crowded, and crowded spaces tend to be uncomfortable. So, if you want your bathroom to look spacious and inviting, choose fixtures that are aligned.

  • When you install fixtures that don't match your cabinets, it can be a bathroom remodeling mistake. The reason is that you want a unified look when you look at the entire bathroom. A coordinating set of fixtures and cabinetry. This will give the room a unified look.
  • The best thing to do is to take the time to select the right fixtures and cabinetry for your bathroom. If you are unsure, ask a contractor or someone with experience in your bathroom to help you choose.
  • Another essential factor to keep under check is the height of the fixtures. If your remodeling project requires installing low fixtures, then make sure to keep them in mind during your design process.
  • A final thing you should keep in mind is the style and finish of your fixtures. They should match your style and color scheme to create a cohesive look in your bathroom.

3. Incorrect Lighting

Your newly installed lighting fixtures are an important part of your remodeling project. If you choose the wrong ones, then you might end up creating a mess in your bathroom. But, if you choose the right fixtures, then you can make the perfect relaxing ambiance. So, how do you choose the right fixtures?

Decide if you want to install fluorescent, metal halide, or LED lights. In a bathroom, incorrect lighting can cast unsettling shadows and contrast; this is called the 'lousy light phenomenon, and it's a common cause of inadequate lighting in bathrooms.

To fix bad lighting in a bathroom, the first step is to adjust the fixtures and hardware. A poorly positioned fixture or lamp can cast an unflattering shadow or overexpose the walls. Take these into account when choosing new lighting fixtures and bulbs. You can also put up translucent curtains or plant plants to soften the light.

4. Improper Drainage System

A drainage system consists of downspouts and a weep hole at the bottom of your sink. The downspouts should be attached to the outside of your home. They should direct any water that has accumulated outside your home into your drainage system. The weep holes in the sower space should be located at the bottom of the sink so that water can escape through the pipes.

A poorly installed drain may also result in expensive damage to your bathroom and your home. It can lead to serious structural damage to your bathroom. Bad drainage systems also can result in slick floors that can cause slipping and accidents.

Water stains on the walls and ceiling can detract from the look of your bathroom. If there are cracks or holes in the wall or floor around the drain, hair and debris can get trapped in them and clog the drain.

5. Skimping on the Budget

Yes, this might sound like a no-brainer, but it is important to remember that remodeling a bathroom can cost a lot. And, you might get tempted to cut some financial corners because you're tight on budget. You may often get tempted to save some money by choosing a design or a material that isn't expensive. But, this might end up costing you in the long run.

So, before you start remodeling your bathroom, make sure to set aside money for the following: Professional design or architectural plans, the cost of materials, and labor.

6. Incorrect Measurements

If you're looking for the perfect bathroom, you can spend a lot of time considering wall colors, flooring, and furnishings. However, if you want to imagine the finished result in your mind, then perhaps you should think about one of the most critical elements: the measurements.

  • While it's easy to assume that a bathroom has plenty of space, you'll find that, in reality, there's only a small amount of space available. This means that it's vital to ensure you choose the right fixtures and fittings that can be easily moved around the bathroom. Another issue that can arise is that too many fittings and fixtures can make the bathroom feel cramped.
  • Before you get started with your remodeling project, make sure to take accurate measurements of your bathroom. It makes it easier to plan & budget your project, as well as to find suitable materials.
  • Make sure to measure the bathroom's length, width, and height. Next, you should measure the distance between the door and the wall.
  • Also, measure the distance between the sink and the toilet and between the shower and the tub. This way, you know for sure that you're remodeling a suitable space, and you can avoid making any mistakes.

7. Not Planning Remodeling Project

You might be itching to start with your remodeling project. Maybe you're excited about the prospect of redoing your bathroom, or maybe you can't wait to see the finished product. But, be careful not to rush things.

If you're planning on remodeling your bathroom with a deadline, then make sure to give yourself plenty of time. This is because remodeling a bathroom is not like other projects that can get done quickly. It takes a while to plan a bathroom remodeling project, select the right materials and create the perfect design.

Not planning a remodeling project is a big mistake. It can be a time-consuming and expensive project that can ruin your home's aesthetic appeal. Before starting the remodeling project, check all the authorities' requirements, such as ventilation space and electrical grounding.

Also, check for any permit required for that project. Sometimes there are some restrictions, for example, remodeling your house with an attached bathroom. Make sure you check for any applicable tax benefits for that project too.

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8. Ignoring the Storage Space

Bathrooms are often used as storage space for clothes, linens, towels, and rugs. This is why it will be important to include enough cabinets and shelves to store these items.

When you neglect this area, you will find yourself with limited space for other things, like your toiletries, seasonal decorations, or exercise equipment. Another matter to pay attention to is the positioning of the sink. Ensure you optimally place them so you can easily access the taps and shelves below.

9. Choosing the Wrong Tiles

When choosing flooring tiles for your bathroom, you must take into account each specific requirement. For example, you should choose tiles with a finish that will make your space look clean and modern and protect the flooring material from stains and moisture.

  • Keep in mind that the tiles should go well with the layout of the rest of the room. If they don't fit the aesthetic of the rest of the décor, your bathroom will look inaccurate.
  • Another thing to note is the dimensions of your bathroom. It's a common mistake to choose a tile that is too large or too small for the space. It results in a space that feels difficult to use.

During bathroom tile renovation it is always a good choice to look for tiles that are easy to clean and maintain. We suggest you choose tiles that can be cleaned with regular household cleaning products. You can explore the wide range of bathroom tiles from the online tile e-commerce Mosaic Tile Outlet.

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10. Not Checking Fixtures' Quality and Durability

Fixtures are a vital part of any bathroom renovation, but many homeowners choose to overlook them. There are diverse things to keep in mind when choosing your bathroom fixtures: quality, durability, and style. You can use a bathroom renovation checklist to ensure you don't make any mistakes.

  • Choose fixtures that are made of durable materials. You can use fixtures with a metal frame or ones that are made of high-quality plastic. Plastic fixtures are more affordable than metal ones and easier to clean.
  • On the other hand, metal fixtures are more elegant and will look great in any bathroom. Ensure that the fixtures you choose suit your bathroom's size and layout. For example, follow the rule of thumb and keep sinks and showerheads in places where they are easily accessible.

Another common problem with bathroom remodels is improper ventilation. It can lead to health problems, including the spread of disease and mold growth. In addition, it can result in condensation buildup and damage to plumbing, fixtures, and the walls themselves. Ascertain that there is proper ventilation in the room.

Bonus: Not Taking Professional Advice

A renovation is a significant change to your home, so it's essential that you take the process seriously. Before you even start a remodeling project, you must talk to a professional about your plans. This way, you'll be able to get a better idea of what works best for your home and budget. During the planning process, a professional can also help you with the following things:

  • Select the best remodeling contractor
  • Help you find the best materials for each room
  • Evaluate the current state of your home
  • Help you create a renovation timeline

A renovation is a significant change to your home, so it's essential that you take the process seriously. Before you even start a remodeling project, it's vital that you talk to a professional about your plans. This way, you'll be able to get a better idea of what works best for your home and budget.

When planning your renovation, keep the look and feel you want your bathroom to have. This will help you make sure that everything in the room matches and complements each other. It will help you create a cohesive look that makes your bathroom feel like a part of your home.

Final Words

There are many ways that make your remodeling project a success. The key is to make sure that you follow all of the renovation mistakes that we have discussed so that you can make sure that your bathroom renovation is done right.

Also, the case of too much trenching and concrete as a bathroom remodeling mistake is neither rare nor exceptional. Too much of a good thing, however, is lame in taste. You could end up going through a lot of money and time if your project goes wrong.

With this being said, there are also plenty of regulations and adequate guidelines to follow regarding bathroom remodeling mistakes. You should also be careful with the amount of tiling and concrete work you do. Too much of either of these could ruin the look of your tile floor, so make sure to keep them to a minimum.

Bathroom remodeling can be an exciting and fulfilling experience. If you follow these tips, your renovation will be a success, and you will love the results!


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