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Trending Glass Tile Design Ideas For 2022

Glass tiles are one of the most stylish and eye-catching options in mosaic tiles. If you are looking for a brilliant shining aesthetic appeal in different parts of your home, installing glass mosaic tiles could be the best way to achieve that. Shop from the widest collection of glass tiles available on our online store and get the order shipped to your doorstep for free. Glass tiles can add a unique style statement to the walls in any room of your home. We maintain a massive inventory so the tile of your choice is always ready to pack and ship.

To make glass mosaic tiles, particles are poured into a machined metal mold and heated till they fuse together, creating a homogenous mass. Usually, recycled glass tiles are made using a similar method. The ability of glass to take on vibrant deep color hues, and the various finish options from matte to glossy, make it an ideal material for tiles. Glass mosaics from MosaicTileOutlet are ideal for kitchen backsplash tiles, swimming pool tiles, bathroom wall tiles, shower tiles and feature wall tiles.

Trending Glass Mosaic Tile Design Ideas

Are you planning a home remodeling project or discussing interior designing ideas with an architect or designer? If so, this article is for you. Along with many other decorative elements that beautify your home, it’s time to think about glass mosaic tiles as an option with infinite design potential. Add a modern glamour to any of your rooms by installing our glass tiles, with options available to tie together any interior design theme.

Let’s take you through some of the trending design ideas that you can easily implement using our glass mosaic tiles:

Let’s be honest – Nobody denies the significance of a kitchen in your homes. In striking a balance between a kitchen that looks glamorous but has all the functional features you and your family need, choosing the right tile for tile backsplash would be one of your top priorities – right? The same goes for your bathrooms – the wall tile you choose for your bathroom and shower needs to be carefully chosen based on both aesthetics and performance.

From our collection of glass mosaic tiles for bathroom and kitchen backsplashes, we’ve selected two trending tile design ideas to highlight below. The idea here is to break up a larger space on the wall with glass tiles that feature smaller, 2″ x 2″ mosaics in attractive patterns, colors, and finishes. The wall behind your stove doesn’t have to be boring. Shop for these tiles today to add a modern flare to your interior spaces.

Hexagonal Glass Mosaic: Black is the New Black

Glass mosaic tiles with a hexagonal pattern bring a stunning modern appearance to any wall in any room of your home. When you install these tiles on your kitchen backsplash, for example, the way the glass tile absorbs and reflects light makes it the focal point of the entire room. Moreover, the black and gray colors give a unique personality to your kitchen and beautifully compliments your cabinets and appliances. This design idea is practical for a DIY renovation project or new construction.

The image below to the right was shared by one of our satisfied customers (check out the MosaicTileOutlet Look Book for more):

modern hexagon black glass mosaic tile

Black Faceted Hexagon Glass Mosaic Tile

The pattern and the color of this glass tile also generate a pleasant contrast with other features of your kitchen, like the walls, countertops, appliances and cabinets. These gorgeous glass tiles can take your kitchen backsplash from a drab, boring surface to an eye-catching discussion starter.

Arabian Magic in Stunning Colors & Shine

Here is another trending tile design based on a timeless pattern: Arabesque Glass Mosaic Tiles can add elegance and brilliance to any kitchen backsplash or bathroom wall. Arabesque is defined as “an ornamental design consisting of intertwined flowing lines, originally found in Arabic or Moorish decoration.” This pattern draws from the awe-inspiring ancient Middle-Eastern architecture yet still facilitates a modern, classy look.

classic 2x2 arabesque white silver gold metallic glossy glass stone tile

Metallic White, Silver & Gold Arabesque Glass & Stone Mosaic Tile

The image above to the right was shared by one of our satisfied customers (check out the MosaicTileOutlet Look Book for more). In this image, you can see the same Arabesque tiles installed on the facia of the countertop bar-height seating area. This creates a cohesive vertical surface from your flooring to the backsplash beneath the cabinetry, an innovative way to bring a modern and eye-catching visual appeal to your kitchen. Shop for these tiles today and make your design vision a reality.

Beautifying Bathrooms with Linear Glass Mosaic Tiles

The bathroom is another significant part of your home as you perform your wake-up and bedtime rituals here, among other essential life activities. When it comes to making this room beautiful AND keeping it safe from water-related problems, Glass Tiles can easily satisfy both of these requirements. Glass is naturally water-resistant material, and this combined with its ability to take on infinite colors and finishes, make glass tile a consistently popular choice.

Take a look at the image below showcasing an implementation of linear glass tiles with a contrasting color combination of white and gray with an outlined-edge detail. The staggered, somewhat random placement of the gray modules amongst the white tiles adds eye-catching visual interest to the bathroom wall.

linear white gray glossy metallic glass mosaic tile

 White & Gray Modern Linear Glass Mosaic Tile

As for the colors, white is a reemerging tile trend in 2021. Today, homeowners often like to follow a modern, mostly-white design theme throughout their interior spaces. A contrasting touch of gray or black, like the linear mosaic tile shown above, goes well with such interior design. Apart from bathrooms, you can create accent walls in almost any part of your home using these glass tiles.

Grabbing attention through a unique accent on walls in every room is also a popular interior design trend today. Whether installing tile in your bathrooms, spas, swimming pools, or any other part of your home, glass tiles support your ideas through their attractive patterns, colors, and finishes.

Subway Tile with a Twist: Glass Wave Mosaic Tiles

Subway Tiles are among the most popular trends yet again for 2021. But how about giving the traditional subway pattern a twist with our unique Glass Wave Tile? You can create a beautiful alternative to traditional brick walls with an organic non-linear design. The subway wave pattern implemented in the photo below is just one potential way to utilize these unique subway tiles.

6x12 subway wave white mosaic tile

6X12 White Molded Glass Subway Wave Mosaic Tile

One of our customers has installed this glass tile vertically on a bathroom backsplash, creating a soothing flowing pattern. For a similarly unique appearance utilizing both glass and marble stone, check out our Modern Wavy White Glass & Thassos Marble Mosaic Tiles. This combination of brilliant molded glass and honed natural stone is an ideal bathroom tile, and is also more than suitable for kitchen wall and backsplash tile.

Stylish Swimming Pools & Spas

In the hot summer months, your swimming pool might just be the most popular hangout for family and friends. With our vast collection of glass pool tiles, you can create an outdoor oasis that your neighbors will be jealous of! In the example shown below, one of our customers installed an accent wall adjacent to the swimming pool that continues into the pool itself, creating a cohesive and eye-catching visual surface.

blue iridescent metallic look glass mosaic tile

1X1 Multi-Color Iridescent Glass Mosaic Tile

A multi-color glass tile in a 1″ x 1″ square pattern and iridescent finish adds glamour to the swimming pool and surrounding area. Browse our entire collection of Swimming Pool Tile here for more inspiration, and use our intuitive filter functionality to narrow down the options and find the perfect pool tile for your next project.

The Bottom Line

Glass mosaic tiles are perfect for wide-ranging applications. Glass tile is available in a tremendous variety of colors, patterns, finishes, and styles. This article covers the top 5 glass tile design trends in 2022 to present some beautiful and innovative design ideas.

We hope the trends covered here would inspire you to creatively execute your remodeling projects or new installations. Shop for glass tiles at our outlet to get the best varieties that suit your aspirations. We offer free shipping for all your orders, including the complete range of glass tiles.


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