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Top 3 Designs in Kitchen Floor Tile for 2022

Tile has long been a kitchen flooring staple due to its durability, affordability and water resistance. But it was never known as a hotspot for clever designs until recently. Over the past decade, tile has gone through an amazing design revolution. Now you no longer have to settle for the typical size and neutral colors of past tile floors. With all-new technology, manufacturers are producing stylish porcelain and ceramic tiles that add the wow factor to your kitchen. Now all you have to do is decide which look you want on your floors. To help you out, here are the top three kitchen floor tile looks for 2021.

Bold Patterns

All types of patterns are showing up in kitchen floor designs, and one of the most popular is the modern deco look in mosaic tiles. This old-world graphic design is the new favorite of interior designers and homeowners alike. The pattern makes a bold statement as it covers the entire width of the tile. A variety of color options are available, from colorful south-of-the-border inspired looks to shades of blues or the ever-popular combination of grey, black and white. If you love the look but want to tone it down a bit, select a distressed matte mosaic design in soft colors like blue and white.

If you prefer a more traditional pattern on your kitchen floor, tiles that resemble terracotta are a great choice and are another top trend for 2021. Now you can have this cozy, welcoming look and still enjoy the lower price and water and stain resistant features of porcelain tile. These tiles come in small or large sizes to fit any kitchen, and you will find them available in dark or light shades of warm earth tone colors as well.

Wood Imitators

Ceramic tiles have mimicked the look of natural stone for years, appealing to those homeowners who wanted a lower-priced and easier to maintain flooring option. Now this art of disguise element has enabled manufacturers to create a variety of tile designs that look exactly like real wood flooring to give you the warm, cozy look of a wooden kitchen floor without the maintenance. Wood-look tiles are available in long planks that will have even your pickiest friend fawning over your new wood floor. For 2021, you will also find tiles that mimic the texture of wood with rustic and distressed features such as knots, scrapes and wormholes for a settled in aged look. If you prefer the farmhouse style or a beachy vibe, choose a tile that imitates a whitewashed wood floor. This choice is also a great look for a small kitchen, as it makes a room look brighter and bigger.

Modern Industrial Vibe

Younger homeowners and urban dwellers are drawn towards a more sleek, contemporary look, and flooring manufacturers have created designs to fit their niche style.  Tile that resembles concrete is a hot trend in modern industrial kitchen designs. They blend beautifully with the industrial features of stainless-steel lighting fixtures, appliances and faucets. Large tiles are especially popular in this look.

As for colors, grey sets the tone in the chic modern kitchen, which is evident in the variety of grey shades available in tile. Often the design combines brown and grey color for a truly neutral floor that still has a contemporary look.

Whatever style of tile you’re looking for, you will find it at Mosaic Tile Outlet. We have a massive variety of tiles available to achieve any kitchen design you have in mind. Use our handy search feature to narrow down your choices, then order a few tile samples to try out the different looks in your own kitchen to find the perfect choice for your home


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