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Terrazzo Tile Trends

In today’s market, terrazzo designs are everywhere. This beautiful style with vibrant colors and striking mosaic patterns has appealed to people for centuries, and it’s making a big comeback. Terrazzo tile is no longer just for floors. This amazing product when applied throughout a home is like a work of art.
Tiled showers, countertops, backsplashes and accent walls are design features that add stylishness and value to any home. Terrazzo tile is a great choice for these areas because it maintains visual appeal over time and is durable. Here are some things to know about terrazzo tiles and why they are a popular home décor product.

What Is Terrazzo Tile?
Terrazzo is a composite material created in mid-15th century Venice, Italy. Pieces of marble fragments were placed in clay to make terraces giving the tile its name. Modern homes typically use precast tiles made from these components:
• Marble chips
• Granite chips
• Glass chips
• Shell chips
• Epoxy Resin

The chips combined with an epoxy binder result in glittering and colorful patterns that suit all types of surroundings. Designs and colors range from bold to subtle, but all of the tile combinations have a striking appearance.

Why Is it Trendy?
Terrazzo tiles were a popular flooring option for years, and they have newfound appeal as a multi-purpose design element. The attractiveness of mosaic tiles stands the test of time in any space. Whether you love a rustic, traditional, transitional, shabby chic, industrial or minimalist home interior, terrazzo patterns are made to compliment your style preferences.

Terrazzo tiles on kitchen countertops and backsplashes are the current chic in design choices. They look beautiful and provide a durable surface. These tiles are as sturdy as granite and offer better color combinations given the composite details.

Terrazzo tile walls are trendy because of their design functionality. They give any room a matchless focal point. You can choose a simple, yet modern, monochrome style, an artful mosaic or an interlocking pattern to change things up. A tile outlet has many selections to choose from to get the styles you want.

Is it a Good Choice for Home Design?
A terrazzo surface lasts anywhere from 75 to 100 years which makes it the perfect choice for residential or commercial use. Here are some other important reasons to install these tiles:

1. Easy to maintain: This is a low-maintenance tile option. With periodic cleaning and polishing, the brilliant luster is easily restored.
2. Cost-effective: This tile is installed with adhesives and grout, so it’s a cost-efficient choice. Terrazzo is also a timeless look, so it retains its visual appeal for years to come.
3. Design flexibility: The design capabilities are limitless. The shapes, patterns and colors make these tiles perfect for customized designs, and they work in large or small spaces.
4. Environmentally friendly: Terrazzo tiles are often made from scrap materials, so they are eco-friendly products. These tiles are a good choice for people who want a “green” home interior.
Italian artistry has been popularized in design schemes for many years. While terrazzo tiles are a current trend, they are unlikely to go out of style soon due to their beauty and resilience.

How Is the Quality?
While maintaining the look of their original design, today’s tiles are built-to-last. Contemporary terrazzo tiles are chip-resistant and affordable. This makes them popular materials for kitchens, baths and living spaces.

Choose a Quality Tile Outlet
Mosaic Tile Outlet specializes in premium quality mosaic tiles that add rich, lasting beauty to your home. Our history as a tile manufacturer turned direct-to-customer business means our customers get the best products at the best prices. Contact us today to place an order or to ask questions about our tile collection. We are always here to help!


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