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Subway Tile Design Ideas in 2022

Choosing the right mosaic tile for any new installation or renovation project is always tedious.   Mosaic tiles are available in different patterns, materials, colors, and finishes. The tile pattern indicates a repetitive geometric outline on the tiled surface. Therefore, the mosaic tile patterns you select are pivotal in defining the styling and aesthetic appeal of any space across various parts of your home.


What Is a Subway Tile Pattern?


Usually, the subways beneath the roads have a typical brick pattern installed on their walls. The Subway tile pattern brings a similar classic style to any wall in any part of your home. The arrangement of tiles is similar to bricks in an unplastered wall. By stretching creativity, you can try different sequences and combinations too.


Thus, ideally, you should utilize a subway pattern if you wish to create a vintage-style aesthetic appeal to your kitchen backsplash, fireplace, bathroom, swimming pool, exterior, and interior countertops – even floors as well. A simple, classic pattern like subway tiles can be utilized for a wide range of applications.


Trending Subway Tile Ideas in 2022


The subway patterned mosaic tiles are available in different materials, colors, styles, and finishes. A unique aesthetic appeal can be created by ‘mixing and matching’ different materials  and colors within the classic subway pattern.


Some homeowners feel that the subway pattern is old-school and has no place in modern homes. However, a touch of modern ‘flare’ can be achieved through contrasting durable materials and adopting catchy colors and finishes. Unique combinations have maintained subway tiles’ status as a still-trending product in 2022.


Let us take a tour analyzing the popular subway tile ideas in 2022:

We are discussing some subway ideas for various applications. We intend to portray the best implementation of subway patterns across your homes. After going through the latest trends, you would gladly agree to the versatility of the subway pattern. The subway pattern complements the modern-day home decor themes effectively.


Restyling Kitchen Backsplash


Your kitchen is undoubtedly the most active part of your home, and the homemaker spends most time in this region. The subway pattern can be utilized to complement the modernity of today’s kitchen. The kitchen remodeling idea using subway tile pattern blends with the overall aura in your kitchen, making a remarkable value-addition indeed.


Usually, the blue color resembles the ocean and sky. So, blue-colored tiles can be seen in swimming pools, shower, bathtub areas, and spas. However, when the other decor elements in the kitchen, like your countertop and cabinetry, are white, blue subway mosaic tile with a glossy finish beautifies your kitchen backsplash bringing a stunning aesthetic appeal to it.


modern brick blue glass mosaic tile


2X6 Blue Glossy Glass Subway Mosaic Tile


Complementing Wood Grain

Another trending subway idea for kitchen backsplash takes you to a different decor theme altogether. Wooden cabinetry for the kitchen is an emerging trend today, as it takes you back to the vintage-style kitchen decor. To complement the wood grain aura, you can order and install a glazed ceramic tile in a subway pattern.


classic rectangular beige natural ceramic tile

The implementation image above shows the installation of a herringbone subway pattern. You can also try the usual horizontal subway arrangement. However, the herringbone pattern arrangement makes your kitchen backsplash stand out. The texture on the tile surface imitates natural lines on a wooden piece. So, the backsplash resembles wood effectively.

Beautifying the Space Installing an Accent Wall


You must be passionate about making every corner and part of your home look glamorous. Aren’t we all? Subway pattern offers you the freedom to elevate your creativity to bring out a rare sense of elegance for different parts of your home. Implement a subway pattern to create an accent wall.


The faceted beveled glass mosaic tile with a metallic finish adds glamour to your walls to a great extent. The subway pattern installation merges the wall surface with the wood grain floor and the decorations on the wall behind. It also complements the beautiful lamps hanging through the ceiling.


modern subway beige glossy glass mosaic tile


Make Your Swimming Pool The Focal Point


Your swimming pool is a significant part of your exterior space. It is practical to remodel it to add elegance to it and add value to your entire home. Order the most beautiful glass Murano tile with blue and white stripes on it.


Tile your pool with this spectacular subway pattern tile and see the difference! Its transitional styling element goes in harmony with the modern and traditional decor in your exteriors.


transitional subway light blue white unglazed glass tile

Modernize Your Bathrooms


Is bathroom renovation on your cards in 2021? Along with replacing your tub, faucets, and other fittings, beautifying the walls and floors in the bathroom would help you bring an all-new look to your bathroom. Add a touch of modernity to the backsplash by installing gray multipattern subway mosaic tiles with a glossy finish.


modern 4x12 gray subway multi pattern glossy porcelain tile

The gray color and glossy finish melt together with the white bath fittings, washbasins, countertops, and gray cabinets. Again, the texture on the tile creates a marvelous appeal reflecting luxury and a different style statement altogether.

Blue that contrasts

Another trending subway idea is to make the most effective use of the glossy metallic finish on a blue-colored glass mosaic tile with a subway pattern. This faceted beveled blue subway mosaic tile helps you create a contrast with the paint on your wall and other bath fittings in the bathroom.

modern subway blue glossy glass mosaic tile

The faceted beveled tile surface generates fascinating appeal as it reflects light in different directions. Thus, the tiled surface becomes additionally eye-catching. The finish on this tile blends the virtue of glass and metal beautifully. Thus, your entire bathroom becomes truly modern as you install these tiles for the backsplash.

The Takeaway


This discussion uncovers some of the subway ideas that are trending in 2022. You must have realized that the latest technology in tile manufacturing leads to some of the most beautiful tile products that cater to the needs of modern-day homes.


So, focus on the material, color, style, and finish while placing your orders for subway tiles from our outlet for your next renovation or new installation project.


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