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Shower Tile Trends Continuing into 2022

Fashion and interior designs are something that represent personal attributes of an individual. The way fashion trends return after a few years the same happens with interior designs too.

The design trends in the Interior Design and Architecture industries evolve as time passes. A retro look for parties is admired. Though the clothing takes us to an era before a few decades, if you could recreate the design adding some modernity, the style becomes a new trend again! Isn’t it?

The modern color palettes, innovations in the manufacturing process of various building materials, and the inspiration designers take from the Mid-Century retro style elements add exquisite designs from time to time.

Tiling a shower was a simple task with limited options once upon a time. However, your shower areas are not left behind from the touch of glamour and modernity today. Some excellent shower tile trends are forecasted to be carried forward in 2022 due to their immense popularity and the timeless appeal these shower tiles create.

Let’s go through the top shower tile trends that would continue winning the hearts of the style-conscious homeowners in 2022:

Large-Format Spanish Shower Tile Pattern

One style statement that will continue with its popularity in 2022 is the large-format Spanish mosaics pattern. Larger mosaic tiles help you make a small shower area look more prominent. These tiles enhance the aesthetics of your shower area due to their unique texture and elegance brought through their glossy finish.

You get the freedom to mix and match various neutral colors to create your own color palette for your shower area and the entire bathroom. Combining the shades of blue, gray, and white creates a soothing aura within your shower area.

Blue Modern Large Format 10X30 Glossy

Blue Modern Large Format 10X30 Glossy – Spanish Pattern Porcelain Wall Tile – MTO0448

Large-format Spanish shower tiles help you execute various creative shower decor ideas, and the trend will continue through the next year and beyond.

The Elegance of Hexagon Geometric Tile Pattern

If you want a Mid-Century modern style or retro looks (as popular in the 50s and 60s) in your shower area, adopting hexagon mosaics in eye-catching colors could be a better option. Combine the hexagon pattern with another pattern like the subway (Refer to the image below). Pencil tiles for borders keep the patterns separate and still help you create a harmonious aesthetic appeal.

Gray Modern 2X2 Beveled Hexagon

Gray Modern 2X2 Beveled Hexagon – Glossy Metallic Glass Mosaic Tile – MTO0303

Hexagon tiles have been trending for the last few years for their straight lines and accurate angles. When you choose the color and finish of the mosaic tile wisely, these tiles can create a pleasant accent within your shower area.

Most importantly, style is not a barrier when you decide to install hexagon tiles. You can implement industrial, traditional, and contemporary interior design styles by choosing suitable colors and designs from the range of hexagon shower tiles.

Matte Finish Honed Marble Mosaics

Marble mosaic tiles in a honed finish can beautify your shower floors. Marble is a trending tile material for its stunning aesthetics and excellent durability. To bring a glimpse of modernity, you can choose a basket weave pattern combining white and gray colors.

Matte Etched Marble Mosaic Tile

White Gray Modern Basket weave Honed – Matte Etched Marble Mosaic Tile – MTO0119

The intricate basket weave pattern and the unique texture and finish of the marble mosaic tile make your shower area a place you would love to visit again and again. The trend of marble mosaics and clever experimenting while selecting the pattern, design, finish, and colors of shower tiles will continue in 2022 and beyond.

Complement the Aqua Theme

The shower area is the place you utilize to bathe and freshen up your mind. As water is the most crucial element in the process, have you ever thought of adhering to the aqua theme while choosing shower tiles colors?

Blue Brown Aquamarine Blend

Blue Brown Aquamarine Blend – Modern Modular Glossy Glass Mosaic Tile – MTO0091 

Color shades such as blue, aquamarine, and different other shades of blue represent the color of the ocean and sky. By installing blue shower tiles, you can add spice to the overall feeling within the shower area. You get blue shower tiles across various materials like glass mosaics, ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, and more.

The image above shows a waterfall installation in the exterior space. You can implement a similar accent wall within the shower area or extend one side of your bathtub to install these glass mosaic tiles.

The blend of blue, brown, and aquamarine colors complements the water flowing through the shower. Thus, you will experience a unique decor theme for your shower area.

Neutral Combinations In Marvelous Tile Patterns

Apart from the vibrant and bright colors, even the neural tones have their own beauty. The trend of neutral color combinations presented in beautiful tile patterns will rule the hearts of homeowners through the next year and beyond.

As shown in the image below, the glazed ceramic shower tile grabs the attention of every family member or guest using your bathroom. The modern fan fish pattern makes the multiple neutral colors look more attractive.

From the interior design perspective, various colors, including the shades of white, beige, taupe, ivory, gray, black, and more, are without color, and that’s why these shades are referred to as ‘neutral’ colors.

Scale Gray White Modern Fan Fish

Scale Gray White Modern Fan Fish – Glazed Natural Ceramic Multi-Color Mosaic Tile – MTO0242

However, the undertones of these hues help you attain a soothing visual impact.

Implementing these color shades for shower decor, choosing the most beautiful tile patterns will enhance the overall aura of your shower area.

The Final Thoughts

Selecting shower tiles is a crucial exercise to ensure elegance and style for your shower area during a bathroom renovation project. We have discussed the most popular shower tile trends that will continue in 2022. We hope this article inspires you to choose the most elegant shower tiles from our exclusive collection and make your shower area and bathroom glamorous.


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