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Porcelain Tile Design Ideas for Kitchens, Bathrooms & Pools

It’s no secret: One of the most difficult and frustrating parts of home renovations is selecting the most suitable tile to purchase and install. Whether it’s kitchen backsplash tile, bathroom wall tile or floor tile, or swimming pool tile – choosing materials, colors, patterns and finishes is a daunting task. When it comes to what tile materials to consider, Porcelain Tiles are a reliable choice for their versatility, durability, and availability in an exciting range of aesthetic styles.

Let’s take the discussion further to focus on various aspects of porcelain tiles in a bit more detail. It is one of the most popular mosaic tile varieties for some very good reasons. Consider the multiple factors discussed here, browse through our exclusive collection of porcelain tiles, and get in touch with one of our tile experts before making the final selection of tile material for your next home renovation project.

How is Porcelain Mosaic Tile Made?

Porcelain mosaic tile is made by following a unique process that’s evolved and been refined over decades. The latest technological developments have brought precision and ease to the manufacturing process. With these modern production methods, you get a hardened and highly dense tile that goes well on almost any surface. Porcelain tile has been used for ages, but modern porcelain tile is far more durable, visually and dimensionally consistent, and available in exciting colors and finishes not available years ago. 


Here are the main steps in the manufacturing of porcelain tiles:


    • Tile manufacturers mix various raw materials, like feldspar, silica, and fine clay with water. Then they use a spray dryer to remove excess moisture and ensure the mixture reaches the desired consistency.
    • They make greenware (initial tile body) using a press. There would be punches for all different sizes and shapes of porcelain tiles.
    • The greenware is cured in a dryer.
    • Today, modern inkjet printers are used to apply the desired color and design on the tiles. They apply a glaze (in glazed ceramic tiles) after printing and drying the tiles. This glaze serves as a protective layer.
    • Finally, the tiles are passed through a kiln for the firing cycle. The tiles are heated at a predetermined temperature to form a hard and dense tile body. 

Why Are Porcelain Tiles Suitable for Various Tiling Applications?

The ingredients and the manufacturing process adopted to make porcelain tiles make them highly durable and aesthetically appealing. Significantly, the glazed ceramic tile would look as glossy and catchy as glass tile. Porcelain tile can be made in various patterns and in eye-catching vibrant or alluring neutral colors too.

Thus, porcelain tiles are truly versatile. You can implement them on almost any surface, such as in wet areas as shower tiles, pool tiles, indoor applications like floor tile, kitchen backsplash tile, tiles for accent walls, and outdoor tiling installations.

Selection Factors to Consider While Choosing Appropriate Porcelain Tile

It is vital to consider some significant techno-commercial factors while choosing porcelain tiles for your installations. These factors help you refine your search and find the perfect porcelain tile to beautify any part of your home.


The following are some crucial selection factors: 


Try striking a balance between the color palette you decide for your home decor. You can either create harmony or contrast through the colors of your tiles, furnishing, cabinetry, countertops, walls, and other elements like curtains and carpets. Choose porcelain tiles in the appropriate colors to go with the flow. Our collection offers porcelain tiles in various attractive shades.


Porcelain tiles are suitable for various applications such as walls, floors, backsplashes, pools, fireplaces, and outdoor installations like decks, patios, fountain areas, etc. Consider your particular application while selecting porcelain tiles for your next project. You can use the filter on your left-hand side to refine your search accordingly.


Consider which particular repeated geometric outlines make your space look gorgeous. We offer enormous patterns in porcelain tiles.


What kind of finish suits space and your aspirations? You can have glazed, polished, glossy, matte, and many other types of tile finishes. You can make your walls look like wood, shower areas have the elegance of glass, floors like natural stone like marble, and more. The tile finish plays its role in deriving the aesthetic appeal.




Do you want a traditional, contemporary, vintage-style feel for your bedroom, or would you like to display modernity in your living room? You can choose porcelain tiles as per your styling needs.


Set a budget for your tile purchase in advance. You can measure the area to be tiled and determine the number of tiles you need for your renovation project. It keeps your spending in control.


What sort of glamour do you wish for your outdoor space? Do you want your interiors to look vibrant or neutral? Consider these factors while choosing porcelain tiles.

Overall Compatibility

Consider the size of the room, tile size, pattern, and the overall effect porcelain tiles may create post-installation. Look at our lookbook for more design ideas that go compatible with your desired decor theme.

Ease of Installation

Are the porcelain tiles you are about to purchase easy to install? Of course, you may need to hire professionals for the tile installation. If you are fond of DIY projects, select tiles that let you tile your space within the shortest possible time.

Ease of Maintenance

Most porcelain tiles require regular cleaning and wiping. Consider the skills, resources, and other factors needed to maintain your tiles while you make a purchase. That helps to retain your tiles for years to come in a hassle-free manner.

Porcelain Tile Vs. Ceramic Tile

Both porcelain and ceramic tiles go through a similar manufacturing process. Its clay-based construction makes porcelain tile a subtype of ceramic tiles. However, the difference in molecular structure, hardness, porosity, and aesthetics make porcelain tiles better than ceramic tiles in many ways.

Porcelain tiles are more rigid, denser, and less porous (thus less water-absorbent) than ceramic tiles. Therefore, porcelain should be a preferred tile material for various tiling applications. You get porcelain tiles in wide-ranging textures, making them similar to wood, concrete, marble, and other natural stone. You can choose the suitable finishes, textures, shapes and derive an exclusive style implementing porcelain tiles.

Porcelain Tile Design Ideas

After a brief discussion on porcelain tiles’ selection factors and features, you must have understood why modern-day interior designers prefer porcelain among various other materials to form mosaics. Now, here are the trending designs that rule the hearts of our customers.

Here are some design themes implemented using porcelain tiles that would inspire you to redesign your house creatively:

Tile Ideas to Glamorize Your Kitchens

The kitchen is obviously the most active part of any household. You strive to make your kitchen well-functioning, well-organized, and good-looking. We try to help you in your kitchen remodeling endeavors through our exciting range of porcelain tiles for kitchen backsplashes.

Here are some of our picks that help you implement marvelous designs adding elegance to your kitchen:

The 6X6 deco pattern and a beautiful floral design in off-white, gray, and black colors create a fascinating visual appeal for your kitchen backsplash. If you are fond of displaying that antique-kind aesthetic in the kitchen, this porcelain tile could be a perfect choice.


6X6 Deco Pattern Tile




Trendy subway patterns fused with the most beautiful blue color palette adds glory to your white cabinetry and countertop. These porcelain mosaics come with unique textures. Along with that, the rectangular shapes of tiles in various shades of blue would make your kitchen backsplash a gallery of joy. These tiles are also ideal for bathrooms.

blue subway pattern tile




Our distressed porcelain tile in matt finish also adds a vintage look to your kitchen. In the image below, one of our customers has installed it for the kitchen backsplash. These square, deco-patterned mosaics look stunning when combined with white cabinetry and a similar countertop. However, you can try this with other color combinations also.

porcelain mosaic tile




Bathroom Restyling with Porcelain Tile

Restyling your bathrooms is another application for which porcelain tiles could be the right choice. Porcelain tiles are water-resistant and slip-resistant compared to other materials. Here, you can see a beautiful implementation of interlocking glazed porcelain tile in gray color and a wood grain finish for the bathroom flooring. Thus, you can make your wet areas look glamorous and have an appearance similar to wood without compromising durability.

glazed porcelain mosaic tiles




Porcelain tiles are available in wide-ranging patterns, including arabesque, which is a growing trend these days. The Arabesque pattern showcases the influence of ancient architecture from the middle east. The color combination of beige and white further beautifies the space. Your bathroom walls and backsplashes would look gorgeous as you install these porcelain tiles.


glazed porcelain mosaic tiles




Large-format porcelain tile is another tile pattern that is being appreciated by our customers in recent times. The texture on the surface and the elegance these tiles offer make our customers fall in love with these porcelain tiles. You can be creative and install these tiles on a bathroom wall as an addition to other tiles or paint on the bathroom walls.

glazed ceramic




Shop for the best quality porcelain tiles for backsplashes in your kitchen and bathroom, browsing through our exclusive collection today!

Porcelain Pool Tile that Enhances Appearance

Pool tiles need to sustain moisture throughout their lifespan, as they are supposed to remain underwater for years. Porcelain tile is one of the fittest tile materials for this application, along with glass tile. A deco pattern porcelain tile with floral design in off-white, gray, and black colors makes your pool and other outdoor installations more attractive.


white matte porcelain tiles




A distressed porcelain tile in matte finish adds a traditional touch to your pool. The floral design in white and gray colors and its square shape (deco pattern) play a vital role in creating a rare visual impact as you install these tiles on your pool walls.


Distressed Porcelain Mosaic Tiles




There are many porcelain pool tiles in various other patterns. Blue tiles are preferred for tiling pools. Browse through our exclusive collection of porcelain tiles for swimming pools. A short tour of the varieties we offer may help you shop for the appropriate tile to beautify your pools in the exterior area.

Your Trusted Online Store for Porcelain Tile Varieties

Mosaic Tile Outlet has been a trusted brand for porcelain tiles and other mosaic tiles for over 20 years now. Our online shopping portal for mosaic tiles offers a tremendous range of varieties in mosaic tiles. Select the tiles browsing through our outlet and add glory to your kitchens, garden, open decks in the exterior, and any other type of tiling installations.

The Takeaway

Porcelain tiles are among the most widespread mosaic tiles for their durability, aesthetic appeal, and other features. The article covers various selection factors to help you choose suitable porcelain tiles and some fantastic tile ideas to help you restyle your kitchen, bathroom, and swimming pool. We intend to help you succeed in your next home remodeling project. Go through our porcelain tile collection today to buy the most stylish and durable tiles for your next project.


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