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Peel and Stick Tile Buying Guide

Are you looking for an easy-to-install backsplash tile to complete your new kitchen remodel? Or maybe you’re looking to upgrade a dated feature wall on a tight budget? Whether a complete remodel or just a minor refresh, peel and stick tiles can provide countless design options without breaking the bank.


Peel and stick mosaic tiles are surprisingly easy to install. Just as it sounds, you simply need to peel off the back lining and stick the tile onto the desired surface. These tiles are more affordable than other traditional types of tiles, and avoid messy adhesive typically used to fasten tiles to a floor or wall. Peel and stick tiles are ideal for DIY new installations or remodeling projects, as generally you don’t need to hire professional artisans to complete the installation.


What Are Peel and Stick Tiles?


As the name indicates, a liner is peeled from the backside to reveal an adhesive layer, and the tiles are simply stuck to a cleaned and prepared surface. This prevents the use of traditional tile adhesives and grout which can be messy and difficult to install without professional help.. Though the amount of preinstalled adhesive is sufficient for proper installation, some homeowners prefer adding an extra layer of glue to ensure the peel and stick tiles remain on the walls for a very long time.


classic linear grey white stone mosaic tile

Peel and stick tiles are made of lighter materials, like metal-surfaced plastic, gel, glass, and foam-backed vinyl. Thus, they are lightweight and require less adhesive and effort while installing. Most peel and stick tiles serve as stick-on backsplash tiles, but some peel and stick tiles are used for floors and countertops as well. The lightweight composition also helps reduce shipping costs compared to traditional heavier glass or stone tiles.

What Factors Should Be Considered While Buying Peel and Stick Tiles?


Choosing the best peel and stick tiles requires striking a balance between various technical, aesthetic, and commercial considerations. You want to bring out a new style statement for your space, wish to spend as little as you can, and would love to try catchy and elegant colors. Here are some significant factors to consider while selecting peel and stick tiles for your next renovation project:



    Most homeowners think of the budget by the end of their selection process for tiles. However, determining a targeted budget helps you search for the best possible options available in a typical price range. Peel and stick tiles are available in different styles, colors and materials at various price ranges.


    So, it’s better to calculate an expected project budget based on the amount of tiles needed and the varieties or styles that you’re interested i. This habit would help you control the overall cost of your new installation or renovation projects, and not consider tiles that will push a project over budget.


    Follow these steps to determine the overall budget of your renovation or new installation project:


        1. Measure the area of the surface to be tiled
        2. Determine the number of tiles based on the size of tile you select
        3. Based on the price of your desired peel and stick tile variety, you can easily calculate the overall budget for the project.
        4. Reference the “per square foot” price of the chosen tile to ensure your calculations are accurate.



      The purpose of buying peel and stick tiles plays a crucial role in the selection process. Most peel and stick tiles are low to moderate in thickness. Shop for a wide range of peel and stick tiles for the following applications:


      Beautify walls in any part of your home by installing the most beautiful peel and stick tiles from our outlet. You can create featured walls using vibrant and catchy colors in these tiles or buy tiles with neutral colors to get the classic appeal for your space.

      Using peel and stick tiles for stick backsplashes is already a trend across the globe today. You may use water-resistant varieties for bathroom backsplashes too. You can order peel and stick tiles, get them delivered to your doorstep and install your backsplash within a few hours following a simple and hassle-free installation process. Here is an example of peel and stick tile that adds glamour to your kitchen backsplash:


        peel and stick pebbles brown khaki beige glossy resin vinyl mosaic tile


        Fireplace Tile

        If you want to remodel or redecorate your fireplace, peel and stick tiles would be your go-to option when it comes to choosing easy-to-install, easy-to-maintain, and easy-to-remove tiles. These tiles take the aesthetic appeal of your fireplace to the next level. Buy our fireplace peel and stick tiles today to make keep your home warm, safe and stylish.


        In rare cases, these tiles are used as peel and stick tile floors. Ensure matte finish, water-resistant and anti-skid properties while installing peel and stick tiles for a bathroom floor, as the wrong tile could cause slips and falls.




          Our outlet offers a wide range of colors in peel and stick tiles. Order the right color for your backsplash installation based on your personal preference, creating harmony or contrast with the other decorative elements in the kitchen, bathroom, or any other part of your home. The other decorative elements include paint on the wall, your furnishing, appliances, and countertops, and more.


          Here is the list of colors you can choose from at our exclusive mosaic tile outlet:


              1. Beige
              2. Black
              3. Blue
              4. Brown
              5. Gold
              6. Gray
              7. Silver 
              8. White



            As you take a glance at a tiled surface, the repetitive geometric outline you notice in a particular interval is known as the ‘pattern’ of the particular tile. Peel and stick tiles are available in wide-ranging patterns to choose from.


            The pattern plays a vital role in deriving the aesthetic appeal of the tiled surface. Again, the pattern also determines the styling element, as you would be looking to attain a particular feel through the tiles you install. Buy the most appropriate pattern to make your installation stand out.


            Peel and stick tiles are available in the following patterns:


            Brick Pattern Tile

            If you want to achieve a traditional brick-like appearance on a wall in any part of your home, brick pattern Peel and Stick tiles are available in several materials, colors and finishes.


            Hexagon Tile


            Implementing a hexagonal pattern on your backsplash or wall adds a modern dimension to the space. Hexagon Peel and Stick tiles are available in different shape variations and exciting color combinations, providing infinite design options for any part of your home.


            peel and stick hexagon grey white glossy resin vinyl mosaic tile

            Linear Pattern Tile

            The linear pattern is a solid selection if you want to introduce more intricate detail to your tiled surfaces. Linear pattern peel and stick tiles consist of horizontal arrays of rectangles in varying widths, separating these tiles from other rectangular patterns like brick or subway. Choose the color scheme based on the colors of paint on walls and ceilings – as well as other elements in the room like flooring, furniture and appliances.

            Mosaic Pattern Tile

            Mosaic pattern peel and stick tiles are a great choice if you’re looking for tiles with smaller, intricate mosaic-style patterns. Available in countless material and color combinations, Mosaic Peel and Stick tiles can add a touch of elegance to any feature wall or backsplash.

            Pebble Pattern Tile

            If you want to emulate the appearance of river stones being adhered one by one to your backsplashes or any other surfaces, Pebble Pattern Peel and Stick tiles have you covered.

            Pencil Tile / Accent Tile

            These tiles are pencil-thin available in different profiles and colors to add an exceptionally attractive accent to your backsplashes or other tiles surfaces. Peel and Stick Accent tiles are usually made of molded glass and are used to ‘cap’ the area where tile meets painted walls.

            Square Pattern Tile

            This pattern consists of perfect 1″ x 1″ or 2″ x 2″ squares in rows and columns to provide a classic yet eye-catching appearance. Square Pattern Peel and Stick tiles are available in solid colors or complimentary multi-color mosaics.

            Rectangular Pattern Tile

            Rectangular Peel and Stick tiles provide a blend of traditional and modern aesthetics for your backsplashes and other walls. Similar to subway tiles, rectangular pattern tiles mimic laid brick.

            Subway is a classic tile pattern which is now available in Peel and Stick varieties. The pattern may be traditional, but countless color and finish options can bring modernity to any room where you install them.

            peel and stick subway gray glossy vinyl mosaic tile

            Circle Mosaic Tile

            In need of a retro-modern tile pattern to complete your funky wall or backsplash? Circle pattern peel and stick tiles, also known as “Penny Round” tiles, combine attractive colors in a bubbly, circular mosaic.


            The style refers to the overall theme you wish to execute throughout your home decor. Our tile outlet offers various tile styles that elevate the elegance of your stick panels.

            Selecting the style to follow throughout the furnishing and decorating of your home allows you to carry a consistent aesthetic throughout. The following are the peel and stick tile styles you can choose from:

            Classic Tile Designs

            If you wish to implement a traditional or vintage style backsplash or wall in any part of your home, browse our classic tile designs to find the classic look you need.

            classic linear brown stone mosaic tile

            Modern Tile

            If a more modern, contemporary aesthetic is what you’re looking for, we offer countless varieties of Modern Peel and Stick tiles. The blend of different colors, patterns, and beautiful glossy or matte finishes make these tiles the most preferred selection for people passionate about a modern home decor theme.


            Do you wish to showcase the evolution from a traditional to a modern style statement? Transitional Peel and Stick tiles would be a perfect choice to attain such a style on any tiled surface, like your backsplashes. Bright or neutral colors, matte or glossy finish, and numerous pattern options provide infinite design options. Order these tiles today to display your unique taste.


              The finish on the peel and stick tiles is a significant consideration as it determines the appearance and feel of the surface you tile. Peel and stick tiles are available in a wide variety of finishes to suit your decor theme-specific aspirations. Order the perfect kind of finish to enhance the appeal of your space.


              Peel and stick tiles are available in the following finishes:


              Glazed Ceramic Tile


              When it comes to beautifying your space by installing a vintage yet elegant backsplash or wall, Glazed Ceramic Peel and Stick tiles are a perfect choice. These tiles have a glazed top surface, usually with a matte or semi-gloss finish, to add a pleasant look to your kitchen, bathroom, or other parts of your home.


              Glossy Tiles


              If you wish to have a shiny, brilliant backsplash or a feature wall, buying Glossy Peel and Stick tiles are an ideal choice. A wide variety of patterns and color combinations can add shimmering glamour to your kitchens, bathrooms, or other parts of your home.


              Metallic Mosaic Tiles


              modern assorted rectangles grey metal mosaic tile

              Linear Silver Metallic Peel and Stick Mosaic Tile


              Do you want to match your Peel and Stick backsplash with your new stainless steel appliances? Order Metallic Peel and Stick Mosaic tiles to strike a brilliant harmony in your kitchen. These products are also perfect for bathroom wall tiles.


              Natural Finish Tiles


              This tile finish helps you maintain a natural, unfinished appearance on your backsplashes or walls. Natural Finish Peel and Stick tiles display the natural element effectively – Plus, you can enjoy the freedom of installing a backsplash within a few hours.


              Resin Tiles


              These Peel and Stick tiles allow maximize the ease-of-installation by utilizing one of the lightest tile materials. Resin tiles are affordable, attractive and easy to maintain.


              peel n stick contemporary mini hex beige golden resin vinyl tile

              Hexagon Beige Gold Vinyl Peel & Stick Mosaic Tile


              Wood Grain Tiles


              If you want your walls or backsplashes to display the beauty of saw-cut and chiseled wood, our Wood Grain Peel and Stick tiles are the right products for you. The different shades of browns and tans, and a rough texture on the tile surface, provide a truly unique appearance.


              What are Peel and Stick Tiles Made Of?


              Peel and Stick Tiles are made of almost 100% polyester material, which is lightweight and durable. The tiles may also feature common tile materials on the surface, such as resin, vinyl, glass, gel, stone, and light metals.


              These tiles have a layer of adhesive on the backside, covered properly for ease in transportation. All you need to do is remove or peel this cover and stick the tiles on the desired surface. A wide range of variety is available in Peel and Stick tiles to select. Thus, these tiles are versatile and attractive – ideal for residential, educational, and office environments.


              Lastly, these tiles deliver excellent acoustic performance. They promote a focused environment. Peel and stick tiles offer the best finish that is free from marks, stains, irregularities, and unwanted blemish.


              Pros and Cons of Peel and Stick Tiles


              Peel and Stick tiles are a great alternative to paint as they are made of polyester materials. They offer complete creative freedom for your renovation and restyling projects. To help you make an informed buying decision, we’ll take you through the advantages and disadvantages of installing peel and stick tiles for your stick backsplash, countertops, floors, and more:




              • Fantastic aesthetic appeal

              As mentioned earlier, peel and stick tiles are available in wide-ranging colors,  patterns, and finishes. These tiles serve as a great alternative to paint. The latest printing technology makes these tiles surprisingly catchy and alluring.


              • No specialized tools needed for installation

              Peel and stick tiles are ideal for DIY.  You do not require any specialized tools for installation.  Trim these tiles using scissors and using an elevated flat surface.  Anyone with basic technical skills can accomplish installation for restyling and renovation projects flawlessly.


              • No additional adhesive and grout required to install


              Peel and stick tiles come with a layer of adhesive on their backing. Some homeowners prefer putting in an additional industrial glue. You need to peel the paper from the back and paste these tiles on the desired surface. Again, there is no need to put grout after pasting the tiles while installing.


              • Easy to clean and maintain

              Peel and stick tiles are easy to clean, as they usually possess a uniform, shining surface. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines while choosing your cleaning chemicals. They won’t be harsh on your tiles.


              • Cost-effective solution


              These tiles are affordable compared to other tile materials. Buy cheap peel and stick tiles without compromising the quality of your installation and the best decor properties you would achieve.


              • Easy to remove


              For restyling or rework needs, you can remove these tiles easily.


              • Scratch-resistant


              These tiles are resistant to scratches and other damages up to a great extent.




              • Not all Peel and Stick tiles are waterproof


              All the varieties of peel and stick tiles are not waterproof. Luxury vinyl tiles sold in planks are waterproof and suitable for flooring and walls or stick backsplashes in shower and tub areas of your bathroom. The water residue at the back of the tile deteriorates the value of the entire installation.


              • Direct sunlight and heat from your stove can create problems


              Most peel and stick tiles cannot sustain direct sunlight. So, these are not ideal for outdoor installation. Again, the heat dissipated by your stove in the kitchen may cause deterioration of some types of peel and stick tiles. So, better avoid them for kitchen backsplashes.


              • Require a plain surface for effective installation


              It is recommended to install peel and stick tiles on a flat surface. This tile type is not ideal for floors, walls, and countertops with humps and pits on their surfaces.


              How To Install Peel and Stick Tiles?


              Here are some simple steps to follow while installing peel and stick tiles:


                • Clean and prepare the surface to tile. The surface must be free from dust, dirt, and debris.
                • For flooring, you can add a layer of ¼” ply to the floor if you are not sure about the flatness and adhesion properties of the surface.
                • Pencil-mark the area based on the size of the peel and stick tiles you ordered.
                • Uncover and clean your peel and stick tiles.
                • See if any tiles need to be trimmed to fit in the corners and cut them using scissors, a utility knife, or snips. You can cut peel and stick tiles using a simple ‘score and snap method.
                • You can separate tile pieces along with the paper on the backing before you install them.
                • Peel the cover on the back of the tile and stick them as per the marking on the surface.
                • You should start installing from one corner and go on installing peel and stick tiles sequentially.
                • Apply a recommended caulk at the bottom edges of the tiles where they meet the countertop and on the sidings where they meet the walls. This process ensures the durability of the peel and stick tiles and the entire installation.

              *For installing Peel and Stick tiles on the floor, you can cut the tile to the desired shape and stick them on the surface through the self-adhesive backing.



              Peel and Stick Tiles – Things You Should Know


              • Which Peel and Stick tiles are the best for kitchen backsplashes?


              The solution to this question depends upon your preference related to the decor theme. If you wish your kitchen backsplash should match your stainless steel utensils, go for peel and stick tiles with a metallic finish.


              Again, if your other decorative elements in the kitchen, like countertops and cabinetry, are wooden or similar in appearance to wood, select wood grain finish peel and stick tiles for your kitchen backsplash.


              Thus, peel and stick tiles help you attain a rare sense of harmony in your space.

              Can I get Peel and Stick tiles as rolls?


              Some brands offer peel and stick tiles in large rolls or planks. However, these formats are more difficult to install and require more cutting. Our Peel and Stick tiles come in common sizes and thicknesses to maintain ease-of-installation.


              How thick are Peel and Stick tiles?


              For most applications, 4 mm-thick peel and stick tiles are better. You find peel and stick tiles up to a thickness of 6 mm (about 1/4”).


              How to clean and maintain peel and stick tiles?


              It is recommended to wipe your peel and stick tiles with a wet cloth and a mild soap so that the moisture doesn’t enter the back of the tile. Again, the soap should never be harsh on the tile surface.


              How long does it take for Peel and Stick tiles to set?


              Peel and stick tiles take a few hours to set, depending on conditions like temperature and humidity. The maximum setting time would not be more than a day.


              How long do peel and stick tiles last?


              The durability of peel and stick tiles highly relies on the way they are installed and maintained. Perfectly installed and well-maintained tiles last for an average of 5 to 25 years. Protect your installation from direct sunlight, water if the tiles are not waterproof, and excess heat to keep them on for years to come.


              Ready To Discover The Best Peel and Stick Tile?


              Buying peel and stick tiles online makes the selection process easy for sensible customers like you. Forget about taking your car out during the busy hours, finding your way through the busy roads, and finding parking space near the outlets. A wide range of variety made available at your fingertips is another bonus when you buy peel and stick tiles at our online wholesale and retail shopping portal.


              Mosaic Tile Outlet has been the most trusted brand for peel and stick tiles and other tile types ideal for floor, wall, backsplash, and countertops. We are in the business of manufacturing and wholesaling a wide variety of mosaic tiles for more than 20 years now. We continuously research and innovate different types of mosaic tiles for various applications.


              Our products get an average rating of 4.8/5 on our e-commerce website and other internationally acclaimed online shopping portals, like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Houzz, and Wayfair. The rating indicates the excellent quality of our products and our success in achieving the highest level of customer experiences and satisfaction.


              How to shop for peel and stick tiles at our outlet?


              Log on to, and click on the ‘SHOP’ option from the menu displayed at the top. Then, click on the ‘MATERIAL’ option from the left side drop-down menu and select the ‘PEEL N’ STICK’ option. You would land on our ‘PEEL AND STICK’ collection page.


              Now, you can refine your search using the vertical menu on your left-hand side. The menu helps you choose the particular range of peel and stick tiles, as per your desired Color, Application, Pattern, Finish, and Style. You can also sort the products based on price in ascending or descending order, new arrivals, best-selling products, and names of the peel and stick tile products in alphabetical order.


              Do you wish to examine how a peel and stick tile looks before ordering the complete lot? Order a sample of the desired product. When you are satisfied with the quality and appearance of the tile, place your order as per the number of tiles you need to complete your installation.


              Our Peel and Stick Tiles are Praised Regularly


              The reviews and ratings from the existing customers tell our success story prominently. As mentioned earlier, our products receive an average rating of 4.8/5. The reviews help you choose the best peel and stick tiles for your renovation projects or new installations. Best ratings encourage us to serve you better through the best quality products and customer-focused service and support.


              Here is a review about a peel and stick tile from our existing customer:


              Great service!

              “The customer service was great. This company responded to my request promptly. I would highly recommend this company for anyone to do business with in the future. Excellent company!”


              Name of the customer: BRENDA T. (OH, United States)
              Date of Review: February 20, 2019


              Would you like to take a glance at the beautiful peel and stick tile this customer had ordered and found it up to the mark? The tile combines various color shades like white, beige, and gray. It looks glamorous and luxurious when combined with wooden cabinetry and the countertops of corresponding colors.


              Here is the product that received appreciation:


              peel and stick linear beige gold white grey glossy vinyl mosaic tile


              Linear Beige Gold White Gray Vinyl Peel and Stick Mosaic Tile


              Mosaic Tile Outlet is committed to delivering the best quality peel and stick tiles and other tile varieties at wholesale prices. We ship all your orders for free! Always choose Mosaic Tile Outlet as your shopping destination for peel and stick tiles and other tile varieties. We bring a wide range of mosaic tiles to cater to your styling, finish, and aesthetic needs. Browse through our product range until you find the best-suited mosaic tile for your renovation and installation projects.


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