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Need Help Choosing The Right Trim for Your Tile Installation?

Planning your project, wading through the countless options, and finally, choosing the perfect tile can be such a huge endeavor all by itself. A mission you have finally, and proudly, completed! Congratulations! But then you might hear the words “Tile Trim” or “Tile Finishing”. Great… Now what?


Don’t worry! All your hard work was not for nothing. The right tile trim has the ability to take your project to the next level. It can help you provide new layers of depth and complexity to your install. Or, simply function as an accent to help emphasize focus around your favorite tile of choice. But first thing is first.


What is tile trim? And how do you use it?

Getting started


Tile trim is tile that is typically placed along the edges of your main installation. In effect, this creates a more “complete” or refined overall appearance. Sort of like the tile equivalent of crown molding. Tile trim can also be used to join separate elements of your project together by functioning as a divider or as a transition piece. Typically between two different types of tile or even between a painted wall and a tile installation that stops short.


Main Types of Tile Trim & Finishing


The most common of tile trims are pencil liners and chair rails. Pencil liners, obviously enough, are named due to their pencil like appearance as long strips or pieces of very thin tile. Chair rails are similar but larger and far more decorative in appearance to pencil liners which, in comparison, are generally more plain in appearance. Chair rails offer many more options in profile and shapes. Pencil liners on the other hand can differ in overall thickness and available color options. In terms of shape, they can be squared or have varying levels of roundness. 


Using Tile Trim


Tile trim, when used properly, is meant for much more than just framing your install, or covering the exposed edges of your tile. Pencil liners, for example, are perfect for creating a solid border between two different but complimentary tiles that build off of each other to make their impact. They also help create low profile framing around small installations or more creative backsplashes. Chair rails, being much more ornate or decorative in nature, could be used to “cap off” the top of an installation that does not cover an entire wall and ends early. They are also perfect for creating tile “frames” around key features, such as fireplace surrounds, or commonly around mirrors. These frames being drastically more pronounced and bold when compared to pencil liners which may not stand out or draw as much attention.


These finishes, while minor in appearance, can completely change the impact of your overall installation by giving them a little extra finesse. This allows them appear to be far more than just a backsplash or a simple wall made up of a single repeated tile.


Making The Difference


Thankfully finding a tile trim that matches your main tile of choice can be extremely easy. They are available in the same colors and materials and are perfect opportunities to add a little extra flair as well as contrasting elements. All without needing to worry about it competing for attention with your main feature tile. Tile trim are like the laces to your shoes, belt to your pants, purse to your dress, or buttons to your shirt. They are such minor details that most forget to consider. But the right combination of these elements have the ability to bring it all together and create something absolutely head turning. All it takes a the smallest amount of additional effort and consideration, before you know it, you’ve got that “little something extra” that no one can quite ever put their finger on. But they know it is there, and they love it.


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Whatever your style or choice may be, you can count on Mosaic Tile Outlet’s massive variety of mosaic to fit any style you have in mind. Simple, neutral, traditional or modern, we’ve got you covered.


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