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How to Plan Your Renovation or Remodel Project

Let’s face it. We don’t all have the vision required to created a beautiful new kitchen, bedroom, or overall home experience. We can’t all choose the perfect combination of colors, furniture, appliances, and materials to completely transform our space in the the one we dream about. We might install a beautiful tile in our living room and then buy a beautiful set of furniture to go along with it only to realize they don’t compliment each other well at all! Unfortunately we can’t all be interior designers and because of this simple fact, it can be quite difficult to plan and design our own home renovation projects without choosing from preselected designer “sets” or just hiring a designer to consult or handle the project for us from start to finish.


Tools of the Trade

Thankfully there are ways to overcome these obstacles that can help you avoid finding out too late that your design isn’t coming together the way you hoped it would. Nobody wants that. That can be quite an expensive endeavor. Too expensive for most to risk. A good plan is the best way for any project to succeed, especially if you are doing this without the help of a professional. Outlining a solid plan is crucial to keeping you on track and ensure the outcome closest to the vision you began your project with. When it comes to renovating your interiors, one of the most basic tools can also be one of the most powerful! That tool being mood boards.


Mood Boards?

Yes! Mood boards! Think about it. Every design related magazine you’ve ever read is essentially one big mood board. It’s not always a beautiful image of the finished product. Sometimes it looks like a catalogue or even a scrapbook of different items, materials, or colors that compliment each other in order to inspire you and imagine the final product. 


The fashion industry relies heavily on mood boards. Sometimes it can be as simple as a scrapbook filled with cutouts from different magazines, a set of red bottom Christian Louboutin shoes, paired with chic Gucci bottoms, and brought together with a gorgeous Saint Laurent top and Prada bag. It’s a mix match of seemingly completely unrelated items that provide the inspiration for the final product. 


Even Graphic Designers are known to take pictures of scenery like cities, forests, or even sunsets and make beautiful color palettes by breaking the scenes down into a set of 4-6 colors that they can build entire brands or visuals out of. These color pallets can define entire themes or vibes. Take Miami for example. Miami has long been defined by Art Deco styling which was heavily influenced by the 20’s and 30’s. At the same time if you think of Miami colors, the neon pinks, purples, cool turquoise, and coral colors of South Beach instantly come to your mind – and what do you know? You have a color palette and architectural styling to work with now!


Make it count

Mood boards, scrapbooks, color palettes – whatever you want to call them – can make a world of a difference when it comes to planning out your renovation. They can help you choose a color theme, choose specific styles for your furniture, appliances, or tile, even give you an idea of how specific items will look together if you are using them as references for a mockup of your project. The possibilities really are endless – just think of it as creating a mockup. It doesn’t have to be crazy – maybe you just want to decide on the right colors or maybe you have no idea what style of furniture you want. Maybe you do know what style you want but you don’t know what material of tile to use for the install. All of these problems can be solved by creating a simple mood board.


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