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How To Mix Up Your Tile Installation With Patterns

We as humans naturally look for patterns to help understand and interpret the world around us. Whether it’s in the sounds or songs we here, even to the colors and details we see. This of course becomes very apparent when dealing with tile. Every tile either is used to create or complete a pattern, or is made up entirely of a pattern of some sort such as paintings or carvings. It’s easy to think that once you have a pattern, that’s it. That’s all there is.


Thankfully this is not the case, with the right amount of flair and an open mind you can mix patterns together to create an exquisite installation.


Getting Started

First and foremost – trust your instincts. As we stated before, we as humans naturally – consciously and subconsciously – search for patterns. It’s an interesting bit of psychology. There’s more to patterns than just fabrics or textiles. Take into account the surrounding walls, floors, cabinetry, trims, etc and use them to your advantage. Today’s growing maximalist trends are perfect for maximizing on patterns and layering them for added effect. No single pattern should stand above the rest, instead they should weave together – like a pattern of patters – define the entire installation as a single scene.


Mixing It Up

We get it, sometimes it’s a little easier said than done. Here’s a few tips for getting the most of your interior using patterns.


  • Coordinate your colors – regardless of how many patterns you use, as long as they fit together inside of a nice matching color palette they should blend together almost seamlessly.
  • Adding definition – black trim pieces of your existing decor help emphasize your design aesthetic and add increasing levels of sophistication. Think Modern.
  • Symmetry – With a good amount of symmetry your install will be able to “breathe” freely and flow smoothly. It will be easy to take it all in at once rather than feel bombarded with so much going on with clashing patterns or colors that take away from the impact of mixing various elements together to create your scene.


Start Small

It can be a daunting experience adding patterns to your overall design. A safe bet is to start slowly with a single main pattern and then building upon that. Take stripes for example, simple, straightforward, classy, and modern. But strips are more than just simple lines. Lines provide direction, create motion, define space. Using multiple instances of a lined pattern within your design can help compartmentalize sections, create flow from one space to another, or help define where something begins and ends. Then if you want to add a little panache you can incorporate patterns that are similar to wallpaper like prints – or even dots! Break it up!


With the right amount of each pattern, a good choice of complimenting colors, and a dash of your own creative flair – you’ll have a masterpiece!


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