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How to make your Tile Installation Stand Out!

Covering your home with that new, beautiful, single tile might be all that’s on your mind now that you’ve finally decided on it. In your kitchen, your living room, your bathroom, even your bedroom. But should you? Should you really stick with a single tile to define your space?


There’s so much more you could do and most your options could come at minimal cost – at least, compared to the main tile of your installation. Most of these things are already present in whatever current installation you have in your home. Things you might never have considered.


It’s in the Details

When it comes to accenting your installation, the easiest place to start is with grout. It’s amazing to think that something as simple as your grout color could really bring out the details of your main tile. By using a lighter or darker color grout that contrasts against the main color of your tile, the shapes and material elements such as metals or glass could really pop out more bold or vibrantly.


Creating Boundaries & Borders

Defining boundaries and borders helps bring focus to specific areas. In effect this also helps emphasize your installation as the center of the room, whether it be your living room on a feature wall, a strip of floor tile, or even a simple backsplash in your kitchen. Boundaries or borders help draw the eye to a point of contrast within your installation as well. This can be achieved using a combination of grout, floor/wall/ceiling moldings, pencil liners, and even different style or material tiles altogether.


The key is to not overwhelm your installation with too much. Remember the goal is to bring emphasis to your main tile by enlisting these options to accentuate it using contrast with colors, shapes, and styling.


As with any installation always be sure to double check the manufacturer specifications to ensure proper use and installation of your tiles. Sure, the metal pieces in that accent tile might look gorgeous next to the main tile in your bathroom – but it might not last very long against any moisture it might come in contact with.


Mosaic Tile Outlet – Your definitive source

Whatever your style or choice may be, you can count on Mosaic Tile Outlet’s massive variety of mosaic to fit any style you have in mind. Simple, neutral, traditional or modern, we’ve got you covered.


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