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How to Coordinate Wall and Floor Tiles

It can be funny sometimes how often we miss little details in a new project. Maybe we forgot to consider the color or style of appliances we already had installed. Maybe we forgot to consider the current color of the cabinets or the paint on the walls. Maybe we forgot to consider the fact that the tile we are deciding to install doesn’t match our current interior at all, to begin with.


More often than not, we catch these small details. The one detail that eludes the attention of most people, however, tends to be coordinating the wall tile with floor tile, or vice versa.


The Problem

Wall tile vs Floor tile. Floor tile vs Wall tile. Tile vs everything else. It can be a battle at times in regards to getting them to cooperate in terms of aesthetic. Most installations don’t involve replacing both at the same time. Usually, we’re only working with one while the other has already been preinstalled. This can make things a little tricky because, if you are paying attention, you realize that getting them to coordinate can, at times, severely limit your available options. Of course, this is depending on existing styles and styles you are hoping to incorporate into your project.


Strategic Planning

Of course, we hope you ponder this dilemma at the beginning of your project rather than halfway through it, or worse after all is said and done. Being aware of whatever challenges you do and/or could face is quite frankly the most important aspect of any project – big or small. This allows you to consider any and all options you have available to achieve your vision and goals, all while hopefully making as few compromises as possible. Compromises can mean deviating from your original idea, which honestly isn’t always such a bad thing. The problem is sometimes it can also mean scrapping your plans altogether and starting back from square one.


If you realize you could have an issue coordinating your mosaic floor tiles and mosaic wall tiles with each other, you are immediately faced with two options. First option being, you can replace both your floor and wall tile at the same time. This tends to be a great option for those looking to do a larger project or renovation because both tiles can be purchased together with the specific purpose of complimenting or or accentuating each other. This option isn’t so ideal for those on a limited budget or who were only wanting to replace just the wall tile or just the floor tile if they were already happy with what was currently installed. If you choose the first option, then hey, problem solved. It’s just a matter of choosing the right tile overall for the space your project from our exhaustive collection of mosaic wall tiles and mosaic floor tiles.


However, if you’re left with the latter option. We have a few ideas for you to consider before proceeding.


Contrast and Depth – Make it Bold

A little contrast never hurt anyone. It’s a perfect way to add some depth to your space by providing some layering and accentuating different fixtures. For example, a dark wall tile would be excellent to pair with a light floor tile. The darker backdrop of the wall tile would help make anything in the foreground stand out against it as a support against the lighter floor tile. The opposite holds true as well, a dark floor tile would really help define a space with a bright or light wall tile bringing focus to everything inside that space by functioning as a well-defined boundary of sorts.


Go with the Flow

Don’t go against the grain. We’ve all heard some variation of that saying. It holds true in just about any situation. If you are unsure, it essentially means to go with the natural flow of things, it’s much easier to follow the current of a river than it is the cut straight across it. The idea can be applied quite literally when it comes to tiles.


For peace of mind, it’s recommended to go with tiles of similar patterns, styles, materials, and even finishes. This would help create a natural flow and transition between your wall and floor tiles without disrupting the feeling of the space in question. You wouldn’t want to use a green wall tile with a blue floor, especially if your fixtures are made of wood or similarly styled in material or color. Trust us, it is not a good look.


That’s not to say that being adventurous and bold by mixing opposite materials or patterns isn’t possible. It definitely is, but we highly recommend following proven design trends, color palettes, or styles to ensure a beautiful outcome, unless of course you are more experienced or working with a designer to help make your choices.


Mosaic Tile Outlet – Your definitive source

Whatever your style or choice may be, you can count on Mosaic Tile Outlet’s massive variety of mosaic to fit any style you have in mind. Simple, neutral, traditional or modern, we’ve got you covered.


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