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How to: Care For and Maintain Glass Mosaic Tiles

How to Care and Maintain Glass Tiles and Mosaics 

So you’ve finally found the perfect glass tile to accent your kitchen, spruce up your bathroom, or decorate your living room. Everything is great until it comes to keeping it clean, but don’t worry, with the right tools and the correct process, you can have your glass tile back in showroom condition in no time!

Glass Care Made Easy

At Mosaic Tile Outlet, we are here to help and, when it comes to maintaining your glass tiles in the best condition, there are a few things to keep in mind. Here are some valuable tips:

– Avoid abrasive cleaners or chemicals, and stiff-bristle or metal bristle brushes as they may scratch your new backsplash or mosaic tile.

– The secret to a beautiful sparkling shine is equal parts water and vinegar in a spray bottle.

– To remove hard water stains or soap scum, let it soak for about 10 minutes, scrub with a soft cloth or brush, rinse with cold water, then wipe dry.

– After washing, dry with a soft cloth for brilliant shine and zero streaks

A Simple Plan to Make the Most of Your Tiles

No matter the room where you’ve installed the tiles, nor what materials or the finish or texture you’ve selected, it’s important to maintain it as lovely as the day you’ve installed it. By spending a few extra minutes, you can protect against contaminants and stains, spills or the effects of time. To learn more about the best care and maintenance of your natural stone, always check the manufacturer’s recommendations and if you have any additional questions contact us,

At Mosaic Tile Outlet, we help you get and keep the look you want for your home with an impressive selection of products, and the always friendly customer care.




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