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Here 8 Creative Ways To Use Tile in Your Home

When you look at magazines or websites for interior design ideas, what is the one thing that stands out to you, time and again? For some homeowners, eye-catching style is due in large part to tile, which provides endless opportunities for a one-of-a-kind look to update your home. With so many patterns, materials, and shapes on the market, tile is one of the most versatile materials to incorporate in almost any room. If you need some inspiration, these eight creative tile ideas may encourage you to think outside the box.

Outdoor Spaces

Using tile for decorative touches can occur before you even enter your house. Take outdoor entertaining spaces, such as bars or kitchens: using tile for a countertop makes sense because it can handle moisture and is easy to clean. Stick with neutrals for a minimal look or go for bold colors to breathe life and personality into a hum-drum outdoor living area.


Hallways and Foyers

Imagine a guest entering your home and seeing a unique tiled floor pattern in the foyer. That would be a grand entrance, not to mention a smart way to bring style into an otherwise dull or constrained space. What if, instead of wallpaper in a hallway, you employed oversized tiles on the walls, similar to wainscoting? It’s not an outrageous idea, but by using a common household material in an unexpected way, you can showcase your originality.



If you are not sure about making a big commitment to tilework in a space other than a bedroom or bath, think about updating your fireplace with tile trim. This simple remodel can dress up a traditional focal point in a living room or den by adding character and charm. Consider investing in hand-painted or artisanal tile for this kind of project, especially if you do not have a lot of area to cover.



Some homeowners rely on tilework to add attention-grabbing details in surprising spots, such as kickboards or stair risers. Not only can these spaces benefit from some extra interest, but they can make hard-to-clean stairs easy to maintain. A stylish tile on a stair riser is a cinch to wipe down when it gets dirty and is just as simple to replace if it cracks or breaks.



When it comes to kitchen tile, you are only limited by your imagination. Flooring tile has always been a popular option because it is a breeze to clean, and in recent years, a return to patterned tile backsplashes has been increasingly more common technique to create atmosphere in a kitchen. Don’t forget the wall behind a stovetop or an island countertop for even more tile possibilities. Subway tile is always in style thanks to its sleek simplicity, but you can go in a different direction with unusual shapes, patterns, textures, and colors.



A bathroom without tile is like a fish out of water; it is the expected and obvious preference for material for flooring, shower walls, and around tubs. From that starting point, however, creative license can take over. Patterns and colors, sizes and shapes, mixing and matching – your only constraints may be space and budget. Whether you want a simple, traditional look or a complex, vintage feel, the choice is yours.



You do not have to commit to an entire room to try out your tiling chops. Some homeowners have embraced the accent wall trend, using an intricate tile to create a focal point in the room. Others may go for a custom mosaic wall to serve as an art piece, much like a mural.


How do you decide what tile is right for your artistic vision? Mosaic Tile Outlet has a full gallery of ideas to get you started. Visit our website to see what’s new and find the look that speaks to you.


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