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Helpful Tips For Pool Remodeling

Tile is tile, right? That’s all you need to know when choosing a new “floor” for your swimming pool. Just pick something that looks good. These statements sound correct, but they couldn’t be further from the truth: few surfaces can offer as much color variation and as much versatility as tile, and different types of tiles are used for different purposes. Tile that protects the bathroom wall from the fine mist of your shower, for example, is not the same look or material as the kitchen tile you navigate every morning in your socks. Glass mosaic tiles offer unparalleled texture and shine when placed underwater. If you are re-tiling your swimming pool, or if you have just broken ground on your new pool project, do yourself a favor and first educate yourself about different types of tiles and which are ideal for an underwater area. Below are three steps that will make your upcoming decisions easier:

Choose Pool-Friendly Glass Mosaic Tiles

The fact that a slippery surface like tile cannot be submerged in water might surprise you; however, not all mosaic tiles that can be used in wet areas – such as in a shower or around a pool – can be placed in a pool. If you don’t heed this warning, you might end up with a pool full of water-damaged tile that does not retain its beauty beyond a few years. Be sure to do your research and select the right kind of mosaic tile for your pool.

Select an Affordable Design

Tiling a pool doesn’t have to break your budget. Mosaic Tile Outlet offers a handy pool calculator for those who are tiling a new swimming pool or renovating an existing one. You’ll enter the dimensions of your pool, including the depth of the shallow and deep ends, in order to calculate your pool’s square footage. From there, you can multiply this number by the price of your potential tile selection so you can estimate your tiling budget. This might sound like busywork, but it wouldn’t be a good idea to purchase a mass quantity of tiles and then have a lot left unused. Similarly, you wouldn’t want to run out of tiles halfway through your project. (If you do find yourself miscalculating and coming up short on tiles, though, it’s easy to order more).

Pick the Perfect Color and Pattern

Aesthetics are important. Now that you’ve done your homework and picked a tile that is underwater- and budget-friendly, make sure to consider the design of your pool when you’re narrowing down the shape and color of tiles within your selection. Will you pick white tiles to enhance the brightness of the outdoors, or will you choose blue to enrich the color of the sparkling water? Some people even choose mural-like designs – flowers, sunbursts, or even dragons – to populate the depths of their pool! Regardless of the look you prefer, it is possible to find something that both enhances your pool’s natural look and dimensions and shows off your creativity to your friends and family.


Several glass mosaic tile options are available for your perusal at Mosaic Tile Outlet: you can scroll through to see the numerous pool tile designs, including blue-green finishes to showcase the shimmer of your water and browner earth tones for those who prefer a more neutral theme. While browsing, please be sure to choose a mosaic tile that can be submerged underwater (not just splashed outside the pool!), do the math to make sure it fits within your pool design budget, and then decide what you want it to look like when it’s finished. When you’re ready to design your dream pool, contact Mosaic Tile Outlet to place your order.


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