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Do’s and Dont’s Natural Stone Tiles

What are the do’s and don’ts for taking care of natural stone?

Natural stone is produced by mother nature from centuries of being compiled in mountains and underground.  There are different types of stones and they are categorized by their hardness.

The most popular stones used are:

Granite is an igneous rock and very durable.  This is the perfect use for countertops and high traffic floors.  It is heat, stain and scratch resistant

This is an example of a gray and white granite kitchen counter top.  The kitchen backsplash is a honed silver travertine with a small mosaic over the cooktop.


Marble is a metamorphic stone and comes in a wide variety of colors.  It typically has beautiful veins of minerals that adds to its beauty.  This stone is softer than granite and is widely used for walls, floors and some countertops.

Our Arabesque Carrara mosaic is a great example of using marble on a kitchen backsplash.  It is also a great product for any bathroom wall or floor.


Limestone is a sedimentary stone that is more solid in color.  The color range is limited but the simplicity of this stone gives it a timeless look.  It is not as dense as granite or marble and will scratch and stain easily. 

Limestone below is blended with white thassos marble to bring a beautiful element to any space.  This stone can be used on a kitchen backsplash, bathroom wall and floor or any space that needs some special.


Travertine is a type of Limestone that is formed in the earth with voids throughout the stone.  These voids are filled with a colored epoxy and is typically honed.  Travertine is used for floors, walls, fireplace surrounds and mosaics.

Below is an example of using travertine blended with glass.  These mosaics are perfect for any kitchen backsplash, bathroom or accent wall installation.


Natural Stone needs to be maintained and care for the life time of the product.

Here are some do’s and don’ts:

DO wipe up spills immediately.  It is recommended to blot the spill and not wipe because the damage might spread.

DO clean with a mild cleaner

DO seal your stone according to the manufacture’s recommendation.  Depending on your sealer you might have to re seal your stone every year.

DO use a protective surface when using any type of product that has acid in it like lemons or nail polish remover.  Acid will etch your stone and might leave a stain.

DO enjoy the beauty of your stone and appreciate the time mother nature took to create this one of a kind 

DO NOT use any abrasive cleaners including products like Soft Scrub and Comment.

DO NOT use any type of vinegar, bleach or ammonia cleaners.

DO NOT cut on your stone

DO NOT forget to use a mild stone cleaner to wipe your countertops and shower walls


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