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DIY Peel and Stick Tile What You Need To Know

Installing tile. The idea alone can be a pretty intimidating one for the average person or anyone really, regardless of skill level – beginner, seasoned DIYer, professional, etc. It’s an endeavor few people jump into headfirst without a second thought. Some people might decide not to pursue it at all and settle for simple painted walls. Others might decide to make a little bit of effort and decide on using wallpaper as an alternative to tile to avoid the laborious installation process.


But what if I told you that there was an “in-between” option where you can get a solid compromise or quite literally – the best of both worlds?


A Solid Compromise

Compromise? Tile? How? The invention of peel & stick tile has made tiling your home so much more accessible to the masses. From first-timers, casual DIYers, and even to renovators on a budget – everyone. Peel & Stick tile allows us to remove parts of the process such as applying mortar to adhere your tile to the wall. Less mess and no stress. In practice, this saves you money both on material and labor. If you’re doing the job yourself, then you save time – which in today’s world, is still equivalent to money. Another benefit of Peel & Stick tile is that it provides 2 options within its own category.


Adhesive Backed Tile

The first option being what you might initially expect upon hearing the name “Peel and Stick” tile. A regular sheet of tile that has an adhesive backing which you simply peel and then stick directly onto your surface of choice. Doesn’t get much simpler than that now does it? No more making a mess prepping your surface with mortar or mastic and worrying about even applications or overall consistency. All while still providing you the features of real tile. All of its textures, finishes, colors, patterns, and overall aesthetics. The only real labor still required (other than peeling and sticking) is cutting your tile down to size for the parts of your installation where a full-size sheet no longer fits or where you need to accommodate fixtures such as power outlets and such. After cutting and installing your tile, you can simply finish it off with your preferred (and manufacturer specification approved) grout, clean, and finally – enjoy. A nice thing worth mentioning is that, while extremely adhesive, the tiles are still adjustable as you begin sticking them to your surface until you apply a firm final press of pressure to give the adhesive a solid grip on your surfaces – so make sure you stick lightly until you’re sure of your placement.


Adhesive Vinyl Tile

Yes, Vinyl. You read that right. Today’s technology has allowed for the creation of vinyl peel and stick tile. The easiest way to think of this is almost essentially like wallpaper. It’s very thin and gives the appearance of a real tile until closer inspection. Installation is as simple as clean, peel, cut, and stick. No mortar, no grout, no nothing – simple as that. The main benefits, of course, being its no mess installation, lightweight, and lower cost. It truly is the best of both worlds – especially for those looking to make improvements without breaking the bank. It is definitely an ideal option for renters or even for people with alternative uses or living situations such as RV’s where weight is a huge factor. Everybody wins!


Given either option – which would suit your uses best?


Mosaic Tile Outlet – Your definitive source

Whatever your style or choice may be, you can count on Mosaic Tile Outlet’s massive variety of mosaic to fit any style you have in mind. Simple, neutral, traditional or modern, we’ve got you covered.


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