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5 Areas To Use Deco Tile in Your Home

Tiles can be utilized in versatile ways to make your home a welcoming place. Whether you are using it for a decorative purpose or utilitarian purpose in your kitchen area or pool area, or the entryway of your home, installing decorative mosaic tile fits well with your home decor themes.

If you are planning for a house remodeling or want to beautify the nook and corners of your home, deco tiles can be a good choice. These tiles are suitable for the kitchen backsplashes, accent walls, shower area, fireplaces, swimming pools, and flooring, and bring a visual appeal to your space. 

However, before adopting deco tiles, knowing about them will help you have an in-depth idea about utilizing them for home décor and remodeling. Deco mosaic tiles are available in wide-ranging sizes, colors, materials, and styles; furthermore, these tiles are cost-effective and highly durable. 

Let’s watch this video from MosaicTileOutlet YouTube Page to get a glance of how our latest deco tiles: 



Most deco tiles are made of durable tile materials – ceramic and porcelain- that fit several tiling applications. Both porcelain and ceramic tiles are water-resistant, scratch-resistant, and have a better coefficient of friction. In this article,  we have discussed how you can implement deco tiles across various parts of your home to create a stunning effect. 

Redefine the Visual Appeal

Installing an art deco tile backsplash is the best way to restyle your kitchen. Deco tiles add a retro-style impact to your kitchen. You can choose from Spanish, French, Middle-Eastern, or Mediterranean designs to make your kitchen backsplash attractive. 

Our beveled 3D ceramic deco tiles in 6X6 size create a surprise element for your kitchen backsplash. As kitchen backsplashes are within the usual visual range, these tiles grab the attention of any person entering your kitchen.




Black Modern 6X6 Beveled 3D – Glossy Ceramic Tile – MTO0499


These tiles in black color create a great contrast against the white countertop, walls, furnishing, and cabinets. To achieve a designer look, you can choose black deco tiles for your next kitchen remodeling.

Creative Accents for Living Space

Experimenting with the tile shapes, colors, and designs helps you stretch your creativity. Let’s think out of the box – skipping the usual rectangular and square shapes.



Light Blue Modern 4X7 Glossy Beveled – Triangle Cement Tile – MTOZ0077


This light blue, beveled triangular cement tile in a deco pattern can add a unique accent to your living room walls. 


You can install the art deco wall tiles on the wall behind the sofa or your large LED TV set. 


The flower petal arrangement and beveled surfaces of these tiles add attractiveness to the wall surface and add value to your living room decor.

Add a Unique Dimension to Shower Area

Deco tiles made of porcelain and ceramic are perfectly suitable for wet areas like showers. They are water-resistant and durable. At the same time, they add the much-needed calming and relaxing feeling – with an enticing and charming aura to the space.


Green Teal Modern 4X4 – Distressed Glossy Ceramic Tile – MTO0567

As you browse through the wide range of colors in deco tiles, you can choose an appropriate aquatic theme color like green teal, as shown in the image above. If you install these tiles dividing the shower wall into some segments, you can make the shower wall much more elegant.


You can install square 4X4 tiles as the diamond pattern in one segment and the usual square pattern in another. You can install deco tiles of different designs and colors to differentiate between these two segments. 


This tile arrangement brings a unique visual dimension to the shower wall. The art deco bathroom tile will look better than the usual square tile implementation.

Incorporate Floral Designs for Flooring

When it comes to strategizing an art deco tile floor, you get multiple options, including beautiful floral designs. The most crucial aspect is matching the hues with a standard room’s visual elements. 

As you can see in the image below, the blue, beige, and gray deco floor tile looks excellent when surrounded by gray furnishing, white walls, and grayish window and door frames.




Blue Beige Gray Design – Modern 9X9 Porcelain Mosaic Tile – MTOE0037


These porcelain mosaic tiles in deco pattern and 9X9 square size add a touch of modernity and exquisiteness to your floors. The floral design in neutral colors elevates the visual impact. It makes the surface look similar to a lovely carpet on the floor. 


These tiles go well with a modern home decor style. Also, they are suitable with a mid-century retro style set-up, incorporating filament bulbs, wooden furnishing, and ceramic decorative flower pots in the room.

Attractive Waterline for Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is an exterior space that adds unique value to relish in your home during hot summer or have a pool party with near and dear ones. It is the space where you can relax and rejuvenate with your family and friends. 


Implementing modern deco tiles for swimming pools is indeed a fantastic idea. Our exclusive collection of multi-pattern deco tiles has many pool tile varieties. 


You can install a water line in the swimming pool using deco tiles. The distressed porcelain tile in a deco pattern is perfect for this application as porcelain is the least porous tile material. It doesn’t let the water penetrate through its thickness.


deco tile design ideas


Grey White Modern 6X6 Square – Matte Distressed Porcelain Mosaic Tile – MTO0343


Along with that, these distressed porcelain tiles don’t leave yellowish marks at the water level in the pool. The floral design in gray on white background looks appealing and makes the waterline look attractive. Combine deco tiles with stone tiles in a subway pattern to add a dash of creativity to your swimming pool tile installation

To Summarize

Modern deco tiles are versatile. They can be used for various tiling applications due to their marvelous aesthetics and durability. We have discussed five areas to use deco tiles in this article. We hope that the design ideas and the  properties of deco tiles will inspire you to choose appropriate tile patterns for your next home renovation project.



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