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2020 Trendy Bathroom Mosaic Floor Tiles Ideas

The bathrooms in your home are some of the most important rooms. If you are thinking about renovating, this is one of the projects with the best return on investment (along with the kitchen). As you think about the right bathroom for your home, you may wonder which floor tiles are the right choices. The following trends will play major roles in 2020-bathroom design and may help guide your decision.

1) Matte Finishes

Get that perfect, modern look with neutral colors and a matte finish. Having a glossier finish was the popular option for tiles for a long time. However, it seems that matte is here to stay.

They were already picking up steam in the past few years but are following us into 2020. Interestingly, not only do these bathroom floor tiles have a sleek look, but they are also easier to maintain. The low-sheen finish doesn’t show water marks or smudges as clearly as a more conventional, glossy finish.

2) More Whites

Neutral colors in bathrooms have been all the rage for some time. You can always expect to see grays in bathroom flooring showrooms around the country. However, some designers are pushing towards starker options. Specifically, they are using white tiles paired with black cabinetry and other accents.

This helps to create a really chic, contemporary look that you’ll love. Try pairing the white with some brass fixtures. Alternatively, choose a stark black for the floor tiles and save the white for the walls.

3) Marble in Large Patterns

Marble bathroom floor tiles are a great way to achieve an attractive, modern bathroom look. This also has the advantage of the timelessness of marble. It matches the modern color palette while having a classical elegance to it.

Look for soft tones for your marble floor tiles. Choose larger scale patterns to make a stunning look. This is an excellent option for any bathroom design project. The end result is an elegant tiled aesthetic that will pair well with any fixtures and cabinetry you choose.

4) Wood-Look Tile

Some people are starting to experiment more with wood for bathroom flooring. Unsurprisingly, a lot of other people love the look but are skeptical about the material choice. One great alternative is to use wood-look tile. This has the appearance of a wooden floor but the durability and easy maintenance of tile.

Choose this style if you want to get a more natural, organic look in your bathroom. Consider mixing a natural stone tile with the wood-look tiles. Alternatively, match small, pebble-like tiles for a light, organic feel that matches the wood gain aesthetic.

5) Stone-Like Tiles

On the topic of stone in a bathroom, consider using large, modern gray tiles that have a stone-like appearance. This perfectly blends the large patterns, matte finishes and neutral colors mentioned above. It also works well with the natural spirit of the wood-look tiles. This is a nice way to achieve a cool, modern look without being as stark as white and black.

Depending on how you use your floor tiles, you can create a feeling of an interior oasis. For example, you could use the tiles on the floor and walls to create a continuous pattern that provides a sense of space. Alternatively, pair the stone with some organic touches to create a more natural style.

Find Your Perfect Floor Tiles

Whether you want something trendy or a little more timeless, you can find the right bathroom floor tiles at Mosaic Tile Outlet. We have a diverse selection of options for your bathroom, kitchen, pool or any other home area in need of tiling. Check out our full catalog today or call 833-7MOSAIC to learn more.


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