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12 Penny Tile Design Ideas for Your Home

The serenity and a sense of security we feel at our homes are undoubtedly unparalleled. We, the modern-day homeowners, wish to make our homes satisfying to ourselves, our family, and the guests. 

When we wish to change the current home decor theme, we plan a renovation. In this article, let’s discuss some creative penny tile design ideas to beautify various parts of our homes.

Penny round tiles are an excellent option if you want to diverge from the usual subway, rectangular, and square tile patterns. These tiles provide a joyful, pleasing aesthetic appeal to almost any space.

Penny tile designs were considered a Retro-kind idea, as it is majorly found in historic homes. However, thanks to the designers, who deliver some spectacular colors and finishes in a penny round tile pattern. Today, penny tiles are a go-to option to modernize and glamourize our homes.

Let’s glance at 12 penny tile design ideas for different parts of our homes:

Spice-Up The Kitchen Backsplash with Penny Round Tiles

Glazed ceramic mosaic tiles in a penny round pattern are a durable tiling option for  kitchen backsplash.

glazed ceramic mosaic tiles
Gray White Contemporary Penny Round Bubbles – Glazed Ceramic Mosaic Tile – MTO0208


The neutral white and gray hues go well within an all-white kitchen. You can also produce a catchy contrast by keeping the kitchen countertop black.


The circular bubbles in various diameters, placed randomly and closely, will add a touch of pleasant surprise to  the kitchen backsplash.


It is among the most fascinating kitchen decor ideas that adds the ‘’wow’ factor to the kitchen.

penny round tile


White Blue Silver Modern 1″ Penny Round – Metallic Glossy Glass Mosaic Tile –  MTO0520

This image showcases a penny tile kitchen backsplash implementation. The color shades may be similar to the first penny tile design idea. 


However, the twist in the story is the uniform diameter of the penny rounds. Another factor that adds glamor to this installation is the eye-catching finish.


The shine due to a metallic glossy finish of these glass mosaic tiles adds a catchy dash of visual appeal to the entire kitchen.

Glamorous Penny Tile Design Ideas for Shower

Restyling the bathrooms is tricky sometimes. Here, you must select the perfect water-resistant tile material for long-lasting elegance.



White Gray Copper Modern 1″ Penny Round – Metallic Glossy Glass & Stone Mosaic Tile MTO0518


The glass and stone mosaic tiles in white, gray, and copper color shades add a unique personality to our bathrooms.


The wall behind the mirror looks stylish due to  the installation of penny-round tiles of this variety. 


With these tiles you can generate a harmonious aesthetic appearance, as shown in the image.  And on the other walls you can choose white cabinets, golden faucets, and white-colored large-format tiles.

 white contemporary penny round tile


Gray White Contemporary Penny Round Bubbles – Glazed Ceramic Mosaic Tile – MTO0208


Stretch your creativity to combine penny round tiles with other tile patterns. The simple way is shown in this image.


The penny round is an intricate tile pattern, so you can easily merge it within a large-format tile. Most importantly, matching the color and finish is crucial.


The contemporary penny round bubbles in white and gray color shades match with large, rectangular, gray tiles. 


That’s a small storage space within the shower wall. Penny round tiles add a touch of glamor to that plain-looking gray shower wall.

Penny Tiles To Spruce Up Swimming Pools

Glass mosaic tiles in a glossy, iridescent finish are suitable for swimming pools.

penny round iridesecent

Blue Modern 1″ Penny Round Iridescent – Glossy Glass Mosaic Tile – MTOD0166


The tile has eye-catching aqua theme colors.  Blue, aquamarine, green, and other shades are most suited to decorate a swimming pool. 


The finish and colors make this tile perfect for a breath-taking ambiance. The shimmering effect makes the water in the swimming pool look more attractive. 


Choosing this tile for your next pool renovation project can surely take the elegance of our swimming pools to new heights.

blue gray modern penny round tile

Blue Gray Modern 1×1 Circular Penny Round – Glass Mosaic Tile – MTO0750


Blue is a universally accepted tile color for swimming pools, spas, fountains, and waterfalls. We can increase the aesthetic elegance by adding a gray shade.


The penny round tile blending blue and gray shades makes our swimming pools and other installations look glorious.


Glass mosaic tiles last for years underwater. The modern outlook, the gloss, and the aura of this penny-round tile remain undamaged for years to come.

Elegant and Vibrant Accent Wall Designs

Gray penny round tile with an iridescent finish makes any wall look unique. The shine due to the finish and the gray color shade brings sophistication to the visual appeal.


penny round tile

Gray Modern 1″ Penny Round Iridescent – Glossy Glass Mosaic Tile – MTOD0181


You can install these tiles in the living room, in the bar, behind the coffee-making desk, bedroom, and many other parts of our homes.

The unique texture and spectacular blend of gray hues make this tile ideal for accent walls.

penny round wall tile

Black Iridescent Modern 1″ Penny Round – Glossy Glass Mosaic Tile – MTOD0167


You can install accent walls in various parts of your home to make it a welcoming space. The exciting visual appeal created through vibrant and dark colors can effectively serve the purpose.


The iridescent finish penny round tile, as shown in the image, grabs the attention of every visitor.


The catchy accent created by these appealing tiles will make any room look glamorous.

Adding a Touch of Vibrancy to the Walls Around the Fireplace

Red color relates to the warmth and energy of the fire. We can implement a terrific penny tile design idea by installing the red penny round tiles made of glass mosaics around the fireplace.

red penny glossy tile

Red Modern 1″ Penny Round Glossy – Glass Mosaic Tile – MTOD0173


The red hue merges well with the fire lit on the hearth. The penny round tiles in a 1-inch diameter add an intricate pattern on the wall around the fireplace, making it more stylish and modern.


Notably, glass mosaic tiles are appropriate for this application, as they are adequately heat-resistant.

glass mosaic tile

Black Modern 1″ Penny Round Matte – Glass Mosaic Tile MTOD0177


Black penny round tiles would be a perfect choice for a retro-style fireplace with a glimpse of modernity.


Ensure the other decor elements in the room complement the black color of these penny tiles.


We can keep the frame of the fireplace, the furnishing, and decorative arrangements in black or dark gray and keep the color on the wall brighter to have a beautiful contrast.

Exquisite Penny Tile Design Ideas for Floor

It is practical to adopt an intricate pattern like a penny round for interior flooring. Honed stone mosaic tiles in gray, wooden beige and white colors bring a beautiful ambiance to almost any interior space.

penny round honed stone tile

Gray Beige Wooden White and Athens Gray Classic 3/4″ – Penny Round Honed Stone Mosaic Tile – MTO0687


You can attain a classic style flooring in almost any room by installing these tiles. These tiles are durable and can sustain moderate to heavy foot traffic for years ahead.

penny round silver tile


White Blue Silver Modern 1″ Penny Round – Metallic Glossy Glass Mosaic Tile –  MTO0520


Let’s think out of the box to restyle our bathrooms. Keep away the common, rectangular, square, deco tile patterns and implement the elegantly intricate penny round tile pattern for the flooring.


The metallic glossy finish and a mesmerizing combination of white, blue, and silver make our bathroom floors look modern, lavish, and stylish.

This is among the most innovative penny tile design ideas for the floor. We can achieve a unique personality for our bathroom without compromising the aesthetic appeal and durability of the tiles.

The Takeaway

The penny round tile pattern can be implemented to beautify almost every corner of our homes. This article covers 12 penny tile design ideas, including different tiling applications. Browse through our exclusive penny round mosaic tiles collection to explore wide-ranging varieties in colors, applications, finishes, materials, and styles. 

We hope the penny tile design ideas discussed here will inspire you to choose appropriate penny tiles for your next home renovation project.


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